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In an Amusing Coincidence…

We are doing episode 508- Operation Double 007 in the episode guide this week, and, out of the blue, the lady who owns one of the inventions in that episode, Sara the Bobbin’ Buzzard, contacted us wondering what it might be worth. We had no idea, and Susan (the lady who owns it) doesn’t want to commit to sell on e-bay just yet. She’s just kind of testing the waters to see what it might bring. (She paid a few hundred when she bought it).
Here’s a couple of photos…


She says…

The Bobbing Buzzard was in the invention exchange in episode 508- Operation Double 007. Sara was a novel take on the perpetually drinking duck novelty. So
instead of bobbing into a glass of water she bobs into a plate of carrion, which looks mostly like some sort of intestines (yarn, string, crumpled up paper painted red and glued to a red plate.) She has a length of fishline attached to the back of her head to help her ‘bob’. Originally she had some red water in her posterior but it dried up before I purchased her. She was made in 1993. I have an authenticity certificate from BBI.

Wanna buy it? Have an offer? You can reach her at audge76 at gmail dot com.

16 Replies to “In an Amusing Coincidence…”

  1. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    Oh the many uses the Tom Servo head.
    Don’t leave home without it.


  2. nick says:

    Take it to Pawn Stars.


  3. Neptune Man says:

    I can give all of my yearly flav-o-flav rations in exchange for such wonderful contraption.


  4. Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    Bobbin’ Buzzard! CAW! CAW!


  5. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    #2 They could get it for the old man. The grizzled, grumpy old Buzzard.


  6. JimmyBruce says:

    Seriously, I’d go as high as $100. Sorry.


  7. GizmonicTemp says:

    I would take a flight to pick it up, but the airline charges too much for a carrion.

    Thank you!


  8. Darkknight08 says:

    Man, only a $100? I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, it’s just I remember when this stuff was being auctioned off and it went for pretty decent money. I bought the “most complete” Observer costume for about $400.

    Since we’re doing a little bit of Antiques Roadshow: MST3K Edition, I’ve been contemplating selling my MST3K signed cast poster. It was the one they sold through the fanclub and it had a limited run. It was from the later years, it’s got Mike, Kevin, Bill, Mary Jo, and it looks like Patrick Brantseg for Gypsy, and it shows Peals mini-van as the focal point. Anybody know anything else about it? I haven’t been able to find anything about it online through my research.


  9. Th1rt3eN says:

    i would buy it but i dont have any where to display it.

    i would maybe go as high as 150$ If it was a bot puppet or a variation on one (like crow melted on the thaw-master) I could see paying much more but it is just an one episode prop. If it were the big head that would be a different story.

    “that’s right go ahead, take a long steamy gawk at the circus freak!”

    “whos that guy with the great big head?”


  10. K3TSM says:

    “Take it to Pawn Stars.”

    Nah, they will only pay you a fraction of it’s value. Best to sell it elsewhere.


  11. WTF says:

    I contacted you months ago about what I feel is the original source of the VERY iconic “Push the button” reference but it doesn’t even get a comment on here. Somebody wants to know how much they can profit on a prop and it gets a whole thread? WTF? :sidefrown:


  12. Tarantulas says:

    I all the years I’ve been chasing MST props there are a couple of constants:

    1) Everyone “paid too much” when they bought their item, which now means the value of the item is artificially inflated in their minds.

    2) No one sells unless they’re just absolutely desperate to get rid of something, and even through they’re desperate there is always some crazy terms of sale attached (aka “I can’t mail this tiny prop, you must pick it up from my house on the Moon and pay only in Quatloos.”)

    3) Everyone wants too much for “non grail” items or items where they have lost the COA.

    eBay is the best bet if she just want to sell it, because the market will truly decide it’s worth. But honestly if this lady is trying to get her original investment back, again it might not be possible (depending on how crazy she got bidding on it on the old BBI auctions).


  13. GizmonicTemp says:

    WTF #11 – I’m not being critical, I’m genuinely curious about what you have that is the source of the phrase “Push The Button”.


  14. bobbingbuzzard says:

    Hi I’m “the lady that owns” The Bobbin Buzzard. If anyone tried to email me I probably gave Sampo an incorrect email addy. I can be reached at

    Thanks everyone for voicing your opinions. Lots of good ideas, funny comments, interesting feedback about prop values, and general commentary about owning or buying MST3K props. There are also a few wild assumptions in these posts.

    First, to WTF, I can appreciate your frustration about wanting feedback on your own question, but what is wrong with folks discussing owning, selling, buying props from the show? It’s a legit subject for discussion among fans of the show. I was as curious to see what dialogue this would generate as I was looking for comments which might be for my own benefit. I hope you get your “Push the Button” question answered someday.

    Tarantulas, wow, sorry you’ve been dealing with so many people out of touch with reality. A rule of buying I learned from a really smart antique dealer was that you buy what you love and pay what you’re willing to for something because it makes you happy to have it around. Period. Resale of anything is a crapshoot. Even if you have valuable antiques you may never make a good profit unless the auction market for that particular stuff is hot at the time, and selling directly to a dealer often doesn’t get you much either. Pop culture stuff is even more iffy as an investment.

    I can’t speak for the “everyone” you refer to in points 1-3, but I will say I’m not desperate to sell it, or planning to attach any conditions to the sale.

    eBay can be a bad route to go because of their double dipping fees, etc. unless something is worth so much that it makes the eBay cut worth the hassle. is free, and there are probably at least a few other sites where you can advertise your items for free, sell them directly, and post links to other places where potential buyers are apt to be online. Plus, other sites will harvest and post your posts from eBay classifieds, so you might get exponential exposure. Darkknight08 I hope this info is helpful to you.

    Cool to hear about the other MST stuff people bought and to be reminded of some of the other props like melted Crow.


  15. Tarantulas says:

    Glad to hear that you’re a level headed seller.


  16. Tarantulas says:

    Just dropping a note before the thread is locked…

    I tried for several months to work out a price on this prop, but was put on hold due to her being busy… which happens. But eventually she stopped responding to my emails… even to tell me if she had sold the prop or just lost interest in selling.

    Did anyone out there end up buying this, and she just didn’t feel like telling me?


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