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The Episodes in the Next Set Are…

110- ROBOT HOLOCAUST with short: COMMANDO CODY PT 9 (partial)
508- OPERATION KID BROTHER (aka OPERATION DOUBLE 007; they couldn’t get the rights under the other name)

Stay tuned for details.

175 comments to The Episodes in the Next Set Are…

  • 1
    Chris says:

    Whelp, I was expecting about zero of those episodes to ever see release.


  • 2
    Andy says:

    *faints* Hello, Universal!


  • 3
    Imapotato says:


    Operation Kid Brother…classic


  • 4
    sol-survivor says:

    I like all these, although I didn’t think any of them would be out any time soon. It certainly seems to bode well for Universal. A very clever way to get 508. I wonder if it might be possible to get some other episodes under alternate titles as well.


  • 5

    I’m fairly slackjawed at the selection in this set. Can’t wait for it to come out!


  • 6
    Josh says:

    #4 I think it comes down to the whole “James Bond as a liscenced charachter” preventing the title. I don’t know if any other movies have that type of situation, save for Godzilla vs the Sea-monster.


  • 7
    GarrettCRW says:

    As someone a little less than satisfied with Shout’s (and Rhino’s) Transformers and G.I. Joe DVD box sets, I’d like to know what the title issue for Operation Double 007 means for the episode as broadcast. As it is, I’m not sure that Eon Productions will be particularly happy with MGM/UA or Sony (presuming the rights still lie with UA) when they get word that this particular Bond imitator is getting an official release.


  • 8
    snowdog says:

    *Rubs hands together in evil glee*


  • 9
    ck says:

    I’ve seen others comment on Kitten with a Whip. Will be
    interesting to see it. And finally, for egret and Frank
    Sinatra fans everywhere, on dvd the return from the edge of the
    universe of Mike and bots (except for Crow). Btw, exactly why
    would they give up apparently eternal nirvana for reliving in
    the SoL? Oh wait, you should really just relax. And who could
    have predicted they would be orbiting a planet where apes
    evolved from people!


  • 10
    CWW says:

    I haven’t seen any of these episodes! I’m very excited!


  • 11
    Tork_110 says:

    Everybody should watch Robot Holocaust, if only to see Angelika Jager’s (Valeria) acting.


  • 12
    trickymutha says:

    Now-let’s go to the room of questions.


  • 13
    Seltaeb9091 says:

    Being that Robot Holocaust was the first episode I ever saw, I’m excited about this set. I was flipping to the Comedy Channel one Saturday morning and caught it just as it was starting; Joel had just made the “Six Flags over Armageddon” joke, and the rest is history. I was a little confused at the end as to why the bots liked the fact that the movie was in color, but like I said, my first episode. Another can’t wait moment for me! (Provided there’s no late legal tangles over Operation Kid Brother, anyway).


  • 14
    Sharktopus says:

    HOLY. SH!T.


  • 15

    I’m thrilled about all 4 of these!! The earlier 3 have all been on my “Want to see released” list, and I’m very vocal about wanting more season 8 in general, as that has the LEAST amount released so far.

    WOOO!!! Keep it up, Shout!


  • 16
    Slartibartfast, maker of fjords says:

    How did they obtain “Revenge of the Creature.” ScoreSmile “Leech Woman next????


  • 17
    Gary Bowden says:

    Operation Double 007? Kitten with a Whip? Robot Holocaust? Revenge of the Creature? Do my eyes deceive me? Can it be true? Oh,yes,it’s true..Thank you Shout!! Thank you!! Yes Yes Yes


  • 18
    Rob says:

    “Shout Factoryyyyyyy loves me!” Great set news, 007 has always been a fave of mine along with Kitten With A Whip. And while I don’t love Revenge of the Creature it’s obviously a very important episode. Robot Holocaust alone is worth it just for all the times they reference it. Well done, Shout.


  • 19
    Jason says:

    Robot Holocaust is a classic of Season 1 and it’s so great to see it released. Revenge of the Creature is, of course, a complete surprise, and the implications of Shout! getting the rights are hugely exciting.


  • 20
    lancecorbain says:

    Really? Holy cow, the Universal flicks were the ones I thought would never, ever…so Mole People will get an official….sorry, I’m in shock. Dare I hope for Day The Earth Froze someday?


  • 21
    Bat Masterson says:

    Whoa whoa whoa!!!! I can’t believe it! The next volume had ought to be 802 – 805… just in case!!!!


  • 22
    Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    I’m with Sharktopus (#14) and all the others, sweet mother Mary and Joseph, what a release set!

    Just trying to imagine the extra features boggles my mind..

    Neil Connery interview??????


  • 23
    JohnnyRyde says:

    I actually said, “Woah!” out loud when I saw 801 on the list.

    This is excellent news!


  • 24
    Disco 3:16 says:

    Simply amazing. Of the 70 episodes unreleased on DVD as of XXIV, MGM and Universal have 21. This opens a huge number of eps, including so many of the sci fi shows. Just awesome!


  • 25
    Manny Sanguillen says:

    Wow, didn’t see that coming (Revenge of the Creature)!
    Good line-up!


  • 26
    mst3ktemple says:

    I wonder what they’re going to call the set?


  • 27

    Wow! I’m not too jazzed about any of those titles except Revenge, though. OKB is an okay episode. Never got through Kitten with a Whip.


  • 28
    Bryan says:

    #26 – Vol XXV, perhaps?


  • 29
    jedicrippler says:

    Wow. Just wow. That’s a hell of a line-up there. Two of the major studios “cracked”. What a wonderful Vol. XXV set this will be. And (if Shout! keeps to the usual schedule) it’ll be released in November, just in time for Turkey Day. Or X-Mas at the latest.


  • 30
    Dan in WI says:

    Here’s an idea for an extra: An interview with the Shout! Factory negotiator who cracked the Universal safe. #801 yay!


  • 31
    Greasyfries says:

    Shout! is releasing several Universal titles on their new Scream Factory imprint, so I’d presume more Universal experiments will be on the way…


  • 32
    big61al says:

    I am with Sharktopus on this set “HOLY $#!7”

    508- OPERATION KID BROTHER (aka OPERATION DOUBLE 007; they couldn’t get the rights under the other name) STUNNING!

    WOW WOW WOW I am stoked! I can only hope this means more Universal releases.
    SHOUT! THANK YOU! Rainbow Rainbow That’s right, it’s a double rainbow set!


  • 33
    Luna Mas says:

    Now if they can only get the mole people and riding with death.


  • 34
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    Holy flaming cow! First, a deal is reached with Sandy Frank. Then, Universal seems to have come on board, to an extent. Makes you wonder if Corman might become agreeable sometime soon.


  • 35
    dsman71 says:

    OMFG !!!
    Thats AWESOME !!!
    Unreal – how has the MST3K tide turned, I expect everything to come out at some point. These are all fun fun episodes. Holy cow, Im speechless


  • 36
    Colossus Prime says:

    As I mention here often, I can not get through Kitten With a Whip because the basic plot device of the movie is so painfully stupid. But that will not slow me down for one second on getting this set.

    I just really, really hope they don’t have to do any audio tinkering to Operation 007. I can deal with an altered title card.


  • 37
    I don't know says:

    Sorry to get off topic, but:

    @34: Can we please stop blaming Sandy Frank for preventing “his” movies from being released for so long? They are not his works, he never owned them, and the whole idea of him getting upset over a few stupid songs and insults directed towards him seem to be nothing but rumors spread by you old school MSTies trying to point the finger at someone. None of those movies are even copyrighted (or whatever) under his name on the box sets they came out on. He even agreed to do an interview for Vol. XXIV*, which I’m sure the majority of us will have by tomorrow, right?

    *I’ve read a few reviews for the set and it sounds like he barely even says anything about MST. Sure, you can all still assume that this is more evidence that he’s still “upset”, but from what I can gather, the guy never gave a crap. He’s a businessman, not an artist.

    But whatever, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, Vol. XXV sounds AMAZING!!!!! I dig all four episodes, and Revenge of the Creature in particular is a personal favorite!


  • 38
    Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    What are they gonna call this set?



  • 39
    Captain Cab says:

    Wow, a Universal flick? Mind officially blown. And Robot Holocaust (finally) and Kitten With a Whip? Wow.

    So all they had to do in order to get Operation Double 007 (one of my favorite Joel eps ever) was essentially just change the title on the case? I assume they wouldn’t also have to alter the title screen in the theater as well? Sorry if that sounds odd, just trying to understand how this will work in the actual release.


  • 40
    Earl B says:

    That’s what I’m wondering too, Cap. Will they have to superimpose “OPERATION KID BROTHER” over the screen? I think the odds are pretty low (i.e. non-existent) of Joel & the ‘bots recording a a new theater open. Hopefully, they can leave everything as is, and just use the “KID BROTHER” on the box, the disc sleeve and the menu screen.


  • 41
    BathTub says:

    Always love news of the new releases. Shout!Factory continue to impress. Does that mean that Operation Double 007 will be edited?


  • 42
    MikeK says:

    I’m sure calling the episode “Operation Kid Brother” is just a legal formality for the DVD box. Shout! Factory isn’t going to go all “George Lucas” on the actual episode and replace the title in the opening credits.

    Revenge of the Creature is very promising. I hope it means that we’ll be getting the rest of those early Season 8 episodes. This also means that we’ll have every first episode from every era of MST3K on DVD.


  • 43
    JustinT says:

    HOLY S*** Indeed! Shout finally made a deal with Universal!! This opens up so many episodes!

    Episode lineup has two I like (Revenge and 007) and two episodes Ive never seen before so
    I’m looking foward to it!

    Shout Factory continues to do well for MST3K! Thank you!


  • 44
    Jason says:

    @MikeK: Don’t forget 201. That episode more than qualifies as a major transition point.


  • 45
    georgewendt says:

    Awesome!! I Love Revenge! The rest are all new to me. Hope we continue to get the Universal flicks.


  • 46
    Kali says:

    Wow. Finally, the last of the Cody episodes!

    And I honestly never expected to see Revenge of the Creature. This will be a good set.

    The next step: Close your eyes and pray for Corman.


  • 47
    Kali says:

    RE: #11

    “Everybody should watch Robot Holocaust, if only to see Angelika Jager’s (Valeria) acting.”

    Is that what we call it? I thought the term was PaulyShoring? Smile

    Yew und yer dotter orr duumed!


  • 48
    Jason says:

    On the subject of extras speculation, this would be an ideal release to include a compilation of all the BBI-produced Scifi promos, which as I recall were more plentiful during (if not exclusive to) Season 8. That commercial where Mike queries (paraphrasing) “Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the Scifi Channel – what could be better?” is particularly apt. Revenge of the Creature is also the ideal disc to include the behind-the-scenes portions of The Home Game special that led into the premiere.

    The ramifications of reaching some sort of understanding with Universal are staggering. I hope Shout! churns out any and all Universal episodes they can get their mitts on ASAP while the relationship is good. And let us not forget, any good terms achieved between Shout! and Universal could be a first step toward the eventuality of a special edition for The Movie. It’s wishful thinking but I’ll tell you what, Shout! has proven to be a shooting star with some decent returns.


  • 49
    losingmydignity says:

    Let me join the Greek chorus of surprise.

    None of the eps in this set are highly rated by me but the fact they got them bodes well for more Universal releases (Leech Woman!) and, well,about anything else. (Horror of Party Beach, please!)

    Maybe Shout can release the Corman and Susan Hart stuff by agreeing to not mention they are in the set and changing the titles…hmmmm.


  • 50
    dsman71 says:

    Ive been waiting for Rocketship XM ( & Jungle Goddess ) since these sets have been coming. Im not getting any younger Smile Those are the 2 biggest ones left in my collection…and Rocket Attack USA too.
    I expect more from Season 8 now for sure. Maybe 802 after this ?


  • 51

    “Yes, I’m a rare blue porgy, and- Oh. You’re looking at the ‘Gill-man’, of course.”

    Bill Corbett sounds so odd in these early eps!


  • 52
    MikeK says:

    I got used to Bill’s early version of Crow. His Crow is such a little weirdo.


  • 53
    pimpampet says:



    *regains consciousness

    *faints again

    This is a fantastic lineup, good work Shout! These are all great episodes. I do wonder what the title change of 508 means though. I guess they will have to make some edits? Question


  • 54
    Deep13_Is_My_ManCave says:

    I think this latest volume finally puts to rest which MST3K DVD distributor cares more about the show and its releases….Shout! has hit a new milestone with this one, and I highly doubt Rhino would have gone to these lengths to get all of these (once thought impossible to release) episodes the go-ahead! Hats off to Jordan Fields & Co.!


  • 55
    Mark C says:

    Whoa! I have a short list of titles that I’m thinking about getting on as grey-market boots and let’s just say the two Universal titles were on that list. Still waiting on PUMA MAN, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Again– whoa!


  • 56

    Holy cow, this must mean that RIDING WITH DEATH (made from two episodes of GEMINI MAN, a Universal TV show) is forthcoming!!


  • 57
    pondoscp says:

    The floodgates have opened! This is officially the best set ever! Not because of the movie choices, but because that’s some MGM and UNIVERSAL stuff, baby!


  • 58
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    Fantastic! Shout Factory does it again. A great collection. I’ve longed for a DVD of Robot Holocaust, it is MSTie required viewing with so many references to it in later episodes. Really funny stuff. I could go on and on about the Neil Connery movie and more, but I’ll save it for my Amazon review.


  • 59
    Magicvoice says:

    Wowzee, wow wow wow!


  • 60
    Captn Ross Hagen says:

    ( partial )—– MEANS???????


  • 61
    Captn Ross Hagen says:

    And please don’t be a smart ” S ” and give me the definition of the word PARTIAL.


  • 62
    Hamdingers says:

    Let me pile on with the gushing. Two of these are episodes I had on a tape that snapped (Double 007 and Kitten) so this is very exciting. This moves Riding with Death and The Day The Earth Froze to the top of my want list.


  • 63
    syferdet says:

    Captn Ross Hagen @ #60, The 9th episode of Cody was cut-off by Best Brains when the “film broke.” They probably got sick and tired of plowing through the same repetative nonsense like I did.

    Cody got tiring after awhile. I remember watching the whole un-riffed series on AMC one night and found that episodes 10 and 12 were exactly the same, except that they forgot to tell part of the story, so there was an episode 11 and then episode 12 was episode 10 all over again, except with a few seconds of added scenes.

    In a nutshell, Commando Cody was horrible.


  • 64
    Captn Ross Hagen says:

    #63 Thanks.


  • 65
    Zee says:

    WOW. Four great episodes, including my favorite season one episode!

    VERY happy Kitten With a Whip & The Revenge of the Creature are coming out… This bodes well for future Universal releases!


  • 66
    ck says:

    An existential question:
    “Doesn’t the fact that it’s Universal mean it’s international?” Smile


  • 67
    cityofvoltz says:

    Robot Holocaust? Perhaps Shout will get it a proper DVD release to boot! Shout Factory I owe you a drinkWink


  • 68
    Ericb says:

    I’d imagine that the current weakness of the DVD market had more than a little to do with Universal agreeing to release the MST3K version of their film. These days you really can’t let a few jokes stand in the way of making a few extra cents.


  • 69
    Faruk Alatan says:

    I was stunned to see these four episodes slated for official release. Years ago, I had made a pretty comprehensive pass through Travis Hosey’s “List Likely” on Ward E and had acquired several DVD bootlegs, including three of the four titles listed for the upcoming set. (My VCR now also has one less reason for existence).

    It’s definitely exciting to potentially be getting episodes deemed “Extremely Unlikely” for release. Certainly Shout! getting MGM and Universal titles for distribution is a major coup, but it’s nonetheless surprising that some frequent requests/fan favorites like Rocketship X-M, Horror at Party Beach and Puma Man haven’t had a release yet. Somehow Shout! keeps managing to top itself with each release, although for my money, The Gamera five disc box might never be topped.

    Then again, I could see Shout!’s final release being a comprehensive Corman box, including interviews and commentary from the man himself, heh.

    Kudos, Shout!, kudos.


  • 70
    trickymutha says:

    Next dream set:
    A “pair” of Mamies:
    112 and 601
    And a double dose of Ben Murphy:
    405 and 814


  • 71
    Captn Ross Hagen says:

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again “SHOUT ROCKS !”


  • 72
    Dan in WI says:

    I Don’t Know #37> Yes we can blame Sandy Frank. He owned the American rights to those films (and their derivitive works) for years and years. During that time he refused to renew Comedy Central’s license to re-run those episodes when the original agreement expired. (or least least he refused at a price Comedy Central was willing to pay) He also never licensed to Rhino for home distribution.
    So apparently he’s had some sort of change of heart recently and appeared in the Shout! interview. But that doesn’t change the facts of the past. When he held the rights he only ever signed the initial licensing agreement.


  • 73
    CT Himes says:

    God bless Shout! Factory


  • 74
    Dropo221 says:

    Good Job Shout! Factory!!!

    #110 Robot Holocaust–not in my collection, looking forward to more Josh!

    #801 Revenge of the Creature–not only Bill’s first episode as Crow, but we also get to see more of John Agar than we every wanted to!!!!

    The rest are frosting on the cake. MMMMM Did someone say cake?!?


  • 75
    sauron says:

    I reject my slave name!


  • 76
    Smirkboy says:

    I’m glad to see The Brains are working out the licensing issues!

    007 is trademarked so I bet the title will be blurred out on the DVD.

    The Universal thing is a huge thing and hopefully opens up the rest of the episodes.

    “They need to reproduce. . WITH JOHN AGAR!”
    -Frank Zappa.


  • 77
    Brandon says:

    ROBOT HOLOCAUST! Now I can look at hot Valeria and listen to her oddly attractive “accent”.

    Never seen Kitten With A WHip, but I’ve been dying to see Kevin in the embarrassing cat costume.

    Have never seen Operation Double 007.

    Revenge of the Creature….. woah. Okay, okay, now is a special edition version of MST3K: The Movie on its way soon?

    I wonder if the next “Life After MST3K”, will focus on Trace. Or possibly Bill. Those two seem the next logical choices considering the set. Or maybe Josh seeing as we got another season 1 episode.


  • 78
    Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    I’d comment, but I can’t stop weeping with joy. Maybe “The Thing That Couldn’t Die” next? Maybe Shout could release it UnMSTied, too? It’s like watching a sunrise.


  • 79
    Cheapskate Crow says:

    CT has changed a lot of titles on the movies they do so I guess that helps movie licensing along, for instance I saw Dynamite Brothers live but it released as East Meets West and I heard they had to change the titles on a couple of other movies like Tiki Island and I think War of the Insects was originally Genocide. It will be interesting to see if the title change is just on the box or there are changes in the actual episode. I don’t think these are great episodes so I won’t be getting this set but I will get whatever Corman sets come out.


  • 80
    Tom Carberry says:

    Very nice selection, indeed.

    I see that #108–The Slime People got bypassed.


  • 81
    Dougal M. says:

    I’m dying in a rush!


  • 82
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Captn Ross Hagen #60 – Yes, I also participated in looking confused when I read that. (Brainstorm) Perhaps CERTAIN C-Cody shorts are allowed and others not, so the reference to next week’s episode has to be edited out, perhaps in the same way the “Double 007” title might have to be edited out???
    As much as I love Shout, I hope this isn’t the beginning of chopping Mst3k up just to get it released. Yes, I’m glad to have 90% of an EP in DVD quality. Still, ARGH!


  • 83
    GizmonicTemp says:

    To amend my previous post, the C-Cody short shown with “Robot Holocaust” was the last one featured on MST3K, but NOT the last one in the C-Cody series. To keep costs down, Shout is probably just licensing the short they need and trimming out the few seconds that references the next episode. If correct, that’s dumb (not Shout, just that rule).

    I don’t know how this stuff works, so I’m just spit-balling.


  • 84
    jjb3k says:

    GizmonicTemp: I presume you haven’t seen “Robot Holocaust” yet. The Brains only showed half the Commando Cody short in that one because “the film broke”. (Which means they had gotten sick of watching the dull exploits of Commander Pumpkin Head for ten weeks straight and wanted to dispose of him as quickly as possible.) There’s no reason to fear that the episode will be edited.

    However, I am a little curious about “Operation Double 007”. Is Shout! required to paste the alternate title on to the episode, or can they just put “Kid Brother” on the box and leave the episode as-is? ‘Cause if they do the former, that kinda ruins a whole bunch of riffs that reference the film’s title (“Operation Double 00-Girl Scout!”, “Operation Double 00-Hee-Haw!”, etc.)


  • 85
    Brandon says:

    Um….. the short is “partial” because this is the episode where the film “breaks”.

    I guess episode 110 is one of the lesser seen Season 1 shows.


  • 86
    Mitchell "Rowsdower" Beardsley says:

    Wow, nice set.

    110- ROBOT HOLOCAUST with short: COMMANDO CODY PT 9 (partial): one of the better Season 1’s I guess. I don’t ever watch these, really.

    508- OPERATION KID BROTHER (aka OPERATION DOUBLE 007; they couldn’t get the rights under the other name): Great! Nice late Joel-era one. Add that to the collection!

    615- KITTEN WITH A WHIP: Ugh. As someone said above, the plot (and William Forsythe’s character) are so stupid it made me mad watching it. Oh well, it’s gravy.

    801- REVENGE OF THE CREATURE: AWESOME. Creature from the Black Lagoon vs MST3K. Pure awesomeness! Everyone said it would never come out. Hopefully this will lead to more Season 8’s. Love this one and Mole People especially.


  • 87
    Brandon says:

    Incidentally, while the subject of the movie is brought up, I wanted to tell a story regarding my cousin’s husband actually meeting Clint Eastwood about 6 years ago. He told Clint about Revenge of the Creature being shown on MST3K, and told him about the jokes made during his cameo, and in regards to the “This guy’s bad. This is his first and last movie” joke, Clint commented that he’d heard about that joke, and he thinks The Brains were referencing a comment he made in an interview many years ago regarding what Universal execs thought of him at the time, that this really would be his first and last film.

    Look who’s laughing now?


  • 88
    Joseph Klemm says:

    I’m with 31 here. With Shout Factory releasing numerous Universal Pictures sci-fi/horror flicks under the “Scream Factory” imprint, it looks like we may be seeing more of the Universal Pictures episodes in future sets (and maybe a special release of MST3K: The Movie).


  • 89
    big61al says:

    ooooooooo, A Clint Eastwood interview would be an excellent bonus item. Eek!


  • 90
    big61al says:

    @80 “I see that #108–The Slime People got bypassed.”
    Slime People, oh boy, this one hurts me to watch, all that smoke and fog makes it so hard to see what is on the screen. This is one that truly is painful to watch. The Mad must have been thinking of me when they selected this one. We’ll get you, Al, Slime People will drive you insane….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..Pain


  • 91
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Color me awestruck. I’ll have to agree with some others here: None of these episodes rank among my favorites but many were episodes I was afraid would never see the light of day again so I’m thrilled with the lineup.

    Bill Corbett, I’m guessing, is less than thrilled. He’s commented on how horrible he was first starting out doing Crow –He got a LOT better– so he’s probably about as happy we’ll get to see that first episode as the others would be at a KMTA reissue. (Actually, that might be a fun extra: Bill introducing the episode and apologizing for his shaky puppeteering, perhaps veering into hostility. “I had THREE DAYS TRAINING! Any of you smart-mouths think you can do better? Just come ahead on!”)


  • 92
    DeeJay says:

    I could picture them being pretty protective of the “007” name. Even more so after that highly successful Olympics opening!


  • 93
    stef says:

    YAY 3 of my favorite movies!


  • 94
    Brandon says:

    Since we have the first Sci-Fi Channel episode coming to DVD, a nice bonus feature would be MST3K: The Home Game.


  • 95
    GizmonicTemp says:

    jjb3k #84 – Ahhh, yes. I remember now! Yes, I have seen #110 (in fact, it’s my second-fave S1 EP) but I brain-farted and forgot about the film breaking.

    Brandon #85 – Yes, but why would the contents of the set be listed as “partial” if no additional editing is happening? “Mitchell” wasn’t listed as “partial” but they cut the entire scene where Mitch kills John Saxon. That’s why I’m worried that it’s “partial” Mst3k, not “partial” C-Cody.


  • 96
    Brandon says:

    It’s listed as partial, because that’s how Sampo has it listed on the episode guide.


  • 97
    Philip Frey says:

    @91: I don’t think they’d actually be *upset*. It’s not like the KTMA episodes haven’t been seen since they aired. And if Bill can survive the whole “Meet Dave” debacle, I think he’ll be okay with everyone seeing his debut again…

    Let me join in the chorus of “hoo-rahs” for this set, particularly “Kid Brother” Yes

    And, correct me if I’m wrong, but the Cody episode is listed as “partial” because only part of it was actually used in the show, not the entire episode.


  • 98
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Brandon #96 – Ahhh, I see. I thought Sampo was listing it how Shout was listing it. Thanks for the clarification.


  • 99
    Severen86 says:

    GizmonicTemp #95 – They list it as “partial” because they never aired the entire short to begin with. Also, none of the episodes have been edited for DVD release. I don’t know where you’re getting this idea of “partial” MST3K. It seems to be entirely in your head.

    And yes, they occasionally cut for time when airing an episode. However, they decided on which version of the movie they were going to use before they did any recording. All of the episodes released on DVD are as they were originally broadcast. There has been no editing of episodes for the DVDs. As for Mitchell, BBI didn’t do the editing on that. They just chose a made-for-TV version of the movie that was already cut for time and content. They never even riffed on the entire (R-Rated) movie.

    So, for the love of God, relax. You’re not missing out on anything.


  • 100
    schippers says:

    So super stoked about this set. Robot Holocaust because, really, you can’t get enough Tim Kincaid, and also the picture quality in my DAP copy sucks. I love the rest of the eps as well, even Revenge of the Creature, because it’s John Agar. John Agar!


  • 101
    Severen86 says:

    Now that I think about it, this upcoming set is like Rhino Vol. 9, where we got one episode from each era. A Season 1 episode with Josh Weinstein; a regular Joel episode with Kevin Murphy; a CC-era Mike episode, and a SciFi episode. I wouldn’t mind if they continued like this, though they’d have to have gotten through to Warner for that to happen. Here’s hoping!


  • 102
    hortense says:

    Right now almost every episode of MST3K is on YouTube (full length). I don’t how long that will last, but does anybody else feel guilty about spending money on the sets, when they could just watch them on computer?


  • 103
    Professor Gunther says:

    #66: Except for you, Ron.


  • 104
    casterberus says:

    I’m gobsmacked.

    Shout! Factory, you guys are just awesome!!!


  • 105
    Tim S. Turner says:

    Does this mean we’ll get the first half of season 8 now?!? WANT!!


  • 106
    Jason says:

    @102 – Wouldn’t guilt be more appropriate in the inverse scenario?


  • 107
    noordledoordle says:

    @102 – No, because the YouTube uploads are usually from the DAP and are terrible quality. They’re great in a pinch when you just need some MST on the fly, but watching them on YouTube versus watching the DVDs is like night and day. Plus for some reason some of the uploaders don’t deinterlace the video before putting it out there.

    And if anything, I feel guilty watching MST3K for free when I should be supporting them with monies!


  • 108
    me says:

    Kitten bonus feature–interview with miss -Margret wherein she talks about the movie AND her reaction to being Mystisized. That would be too great!


  • 109
    eegah says:

    Awesome set!

    Idea for the next set’s theme: The Moon
    Moon Zero Two
    Rocketship X-M
    12 to the Moon
    Track of the Moon Beast


  • 110
    wedestroymyths says:

    @102–I sometimes watch episodes on YouTube, but I’d feel horribly guilty if I wasn’t supporting the show I love by spending money on it.


  • 111
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Severen86 #99
    I don’t know where you’re getting this idea of “partial” MST3K. It seems to be entirely in your head.

    Thanks. I was kind of worried that there was nothing in my head. It’s also been wondered by others on this site, and I was simply opining what “partial” meant (that’s what a discussion thread is all about). Just because none of the past DVD releases have been edited, doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. One can’t help but wonder when a movie in the same set has to be renamed, so you can understand my query.

    As for Mitchell, BBI didn’t do the editing on that.
    Yes they did. I’ve seen all of “Mitchell” and there was quite a lot of editing done. Frank mentions (I believe in the ACEG) that they edited “Side Hackers” in the same way to skip over the violent death of Ross’s girlfriend.

    So, for the love of God, relax about my not relaxing.


  • 112
    Canucklehead says:

    Holy Mackinaw! Ann Margaret! Neil Connery! B.L. Creature! What an awesome set!

    Suddenly, a Mamie Van Doren set seems in the realms of possibilities… Smile


  • 113
    Josh says:

    #111 Actually they didn’t. They’re are two versions of the film, One with the Death scene and the television edit which cut a lot out. The version the MST crew got was the Television edit.


  • 114
    Severen86 says:

    #113 – Thank you, Josh. I mentioned that in my comment, but GizmonicTemp apparently didn’t feel he needed to read the whole thing before jumping the gun. He seems to have that problem.


  • 115
    ck says:

    Off topic, but I just had a thought: How about if
    the CT or Mike Nelson’s guys do the Paris Hilton epic:
    The Hottie and the Nottie.

    What do you think, sirs?

    Oh, and for Olympic underwater swimming, the Creature (from
    The Revenge Of) vs. Dr.Z (The Blood Waters Of).


  • 116
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    Re: the title change for “Operation Double 007”, I don’t think a lot of heavy editing would be needed. They’ll probably just use the alternate title (which was used during the movie’s initial release) on the packaging, and maybe digitally obscure the on-screen title. It depends on how much of a hassle Sony/MGM/Eon Productions would put up. The title-referencing gags (like “operation double-00-Hee Haw!’) should be OK, as acceptable parodies.

    Of course, they could also bleep out Forrester saying the title, and throw in a new intro (like the one for the “Giant Gila Monster” disc) where someone mentions they originally riffed on “Operation Double-mumblemumblemumble” but they had to change it.


  • 117
    Steve says:

    “So what part of John Agar HAVEN’T we seen yet?”
    “Oh, his buttcheeks!”
    “Thanks, John.”


  • 118
    Angie says:

    I haven’t seen Robot Holocaust but Rocketship X-M is one of my faves of the early seasons so it will be fun to see the real Valeria and compare it to Mike’s version. Kitten is good and Operation Double 007 and Revenge of the Creature are two of my very faves. This is very exciting!!


  • 119
    Alex says:

    Alright, more hard to reach episodes! Is Shout suddenly having a better relationship with the big studios? What I’m mostly excited about is Kitten with a Whip, my favorite Mike episode. Operation 007 is a funny one too. I haven’t seen the others, though. Look forward to it! Grin


  • 120
    kylehg says:

    I’m still really surprised that ‘Revenge of the Creature’ is getting a release (this now raises my hopes for ‘Riding with Death’), I was also half expecting a collection of all the Universal films they riffed, like their ‘Gamera’ set. Oh well, I still can’t wait!


  • 121
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Severen86 #114 – If you’re accusing me of jumping the gun to not take the internet postings of someone I am not personally familiar with as a reputable source to be the gospel truth, then I am guilty as charged.

    But, since you seem pretty sure they did and your intel is from a good source and Josh corroborates, then sure. Okay. I yield. They used a TV edit of Mitchell.

    Wanna go get a beer?


  • 122
    Alex Muniz says:

    That was an important submit! Individuals underestimate how much you need rest! Everyone sleeps. Few are lucky to rest and rejuvenate overnight. Every part you do in life you do higher with a greater nights relaxation, I imagine!


  • 123
    Travis H says:

    WOW! What a set! This is the biggest surprise (maybe even more than the GAMERA set) episodes-wise I’ve seen since working on the Likelihood-for-Release List. Shout Factory is MSTie-heaven for all of us to enjoy! HUZZAH!!


  • 124
    Akcoll99 says:

    Yes!! Revenge Of The Creature has become my personal favorite episode, so actually seeing it get released is beyond amazing. I actually did a fist pump when I saw it listed. Robot Holocaust is my favorite season 1 episode, Operation “Kid Brother” is a solid outing, and Kitten With A Whip is decent, though I do get frustrated with the horribly dumb decisions the lead character makes throughout the movie. But yes, this will definitely go down as one of their best overall collections…


  • 125
    Sloan says:

    Sweet! I cannot wait!


  • 126
    dsman71 says:

    Hey Travis I think now the Universal titles should be likely, while the 201 and 203 Id put possible, for some reason I think if Rocketship XM and Jungle Goddess could be have, they would have been released by now. There must be something holding those up


  • 127
    Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    Hey guys – I actually went ahead and asked Shout Factory on their Facebook page and they say that “Operation Kid Brother” only needs to appear on the box art. The episode itself will not be tampered with at all. Yaaaay!


  • 128
    Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    …boxed art (packaging) and menu, I should say.


  • 129
    Dr. Batch says:

    Another set where I have NOT seen any of the episodes. Oh Happy Day!


  • 130
    dsman71 says:

    Llewellyn Buntminkey (not that Bob ) A very thorough question and that’s cool. THE CT did that with the “Oozing skull” – that title wound up on their DVD, and the main title of the film *Brides of Blood* appeared in the film itself


  • 131
    Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    Oh, yeah – I’d forgotten about that.


  • 132
    CMWaters says:

    Shout is really pumping out these sets. I love it and love that they are getting unexpected eps.

    Though they’ll really surprise me if they can get Amazing Collosal Man and its sequel or Village of the Giants or Gorgo.

    Slightly off topic: those Shout rereleases of MST eps Rhino released, besides the Manos set, anything different from the original releases on the disc to make it worthwhile to buy again or no?


  • 133
    Happenstance says:

    “I’m cominnnnnnnnnnng!”


  • 134
    Neptune Man says:

    Nice selection, but you know what we want, the Pyuma-man!


  • 135
    Sitting Duck says:

    @ #132: The Shout re-releases are pretty bare-bones. They’re for those of us who failed to get them the first time around. So if you have Rhino release of a particular episode, don’t bother.

    And now that releasing Universal titles is no longer a deluded fantasy, perhaps Shout can do a Planet Killer set (The Deadly Mantis, She Creature, Riding With Death, and Agent for H.A.R.M.).


  • 136
    majorjoe23 says:

    Shout has pretty much killed my desire to get bootlegs of any episodes. It’s starting to feel like the entire series getting released is becoming more of a case of “when” not “if.”


  • 137
    Gary Bowden says:

    Maybe Shout could come out with a juvenile delinquent set with UNTAMED YOUTH,TEENAGE CRIME WAVE,HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT and GIRLS TOWN..Just a thought.


  • 138
    CMWaters says:

    135: Ah, OK, thanks.

    So the only exceptions I’ll make is if they re-release Time Chasers and especially if they re-release Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders.


  • 139
    Neptune Man says:

    139#: Does Girl in Gold Boots count as juvenile crime drama? They were only kids in their 35’s.


  • 140
    Bill Millican says:

    @136: I love my boots (great artwork and video/audio quality), but it’s bumming me out that these titles will begin to gather dust while Shout continues to impress.

    Since I don’t want ebay or Shout fussing at me, this has got to be the most appropriate place to pose the following question: anyone out there interested in some non-commercial MST eps on dvd?


  • 141
    BIG G BERGER says:

    it will be good to hear from the DAHG WUN, about Escape 2000 or City Limits.they would have made a great pots apocaliptic box with Warrior of lost world and robot holocaust.


  • 142
    EricJ says:

    @119, 132 – Given that Robot Holocaust had been held hostage by the late, lamented MGM/UA all these years, I wouldn’t count Amazing Colossal Man out either.
    Not sure if Roger Corman owns all the AIP’s (including the ones that weren’t his), so not sure who’s holding Glen now, but I guarantee I never expected Valeria and Dagwan in our lifetimes….Now, where isthat city?

    (And yes, @13, it was the first episode I ever saw, back when Comedy Channel was something you randomly channel-surfed onto for five minutes at a time. I’d seen an article on the show on TV Guide, but our system didn’t pick up the channel till the end of the season. Just remember late Friday night, “Hey, it’s the Kids From Fame!”, and someone taking the ring off a corpse: “This secret compartment of my ring I fill…”)

    And yes, we get “Kitten With a Whip”, but like a bad splinter, once it’s out, it’s over with. Smile


  • 143
    Tom Carberry says:

    @142 — I think Susan Hart Nicholson Hofheinz (widow of Jim Nicholson, of the Nicholson and Arkoff team that created American International Pictures) owns the rights to Amazing Colossal Man, and for some reason seems to be reluctant to grant rights to anyone for any reason. I understand she also owns the rights to some other 1950s classics, such as Invasion of the Saucer Men. It is my further understanding that she has legally pursued those she feels have violated her copyright.


  • 144
    Severen86 says:

    @142 – #143 is correct. Check this out to learn more about Susan Hart:


  • 145
    Neptune Man says:

    Susan Hart and Sandy Frank would make a lovely couple. The question would be who stabbed who first?


  • 146

    I saw Susan Hart interviewed in a documentary about AIP, It Conquered Hollywood! The Story of American International Pictures, several years ago. She didn’t quite seem like the type of person to behave so selfishly and irrationally. She actually sounded like she remembered the AIP days and Jim Nicholson fondly. Of course I don’t see the documentary on DVD anywhere, so maybe she sued them for portraying her as the Yoko of AIP.


  • 147
    JeremyR says:

    I just can’t watch Revenge of the Creature. For whatever reason, I don’t mind a bit all the people getting killed in it. But that poor pooch…


  • 148
    Neptune Man says:

    #147: You’re so deep, Ernie.


  • 149
    Jason says:

    Susan Hart is such a peculiar case, since it seems to be neither money nor an anti-MST3K sentiment that motivates her position on her films, that position apparently being that they simply not be made available in any form. Is she embarrassed of them? Does she get some sort of satisfaction out of the artificial scarcity? Has there ever been an attempt at an (extremely polite, well argued and heartfelt) appeal from MSTies lobbed in her direction? I mean, you never know.


  • 150
    Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    I wonder how we’d contact her, and if she’d have a sense of humor about it.


  • 151

    Wow, just saw this at WalMart for about two bucks less than the Amazon Price.


  • 152
    kent18 says:

    Kitten with a Whip is one of my favorite episodes of all time. Take THAT, haters! Razz


  • 153
    Tom Carberry says:

    The Susan Hart (Nicholson-Hofheinz) situation seems all the more peculiar, since those movies have been released on VHS or granted broadcast rights in the past. I think I got my copies of Amazing Colossal Man and Invasion of the Saucer Men when they were broadcast on Sci-Fi (remember when it was called that) Channel about the time MST3K Seasons 8-10 were still in rotation. I can only speculate that she is holding out for more money for DVD rights.


  • 154
    Travis H says:

    My 2-cents on the OPERATION KID BROTHER/OPERATION DOUBLE 007 title issue:

    OPERATION KID BROTHER is the films actual title (it was released as OK CONNERY in Italy); it’s also what all of the copyrights are listed under.

    OPERATION DOUBLE 007 was most likely an alternate title created for TV airings (“Hey, I wonder if that’s a James Bond movie?”), and MST3k, being a TV show, wound up with that version. I could find no copyright listings for OPERATION DOUBLE 007, except BBI’s. Wink


  • 155
    NewPetitionAgainstTax says:

    Great news on getting 801 since I’m a big Clint Eastwood fan Smile

    Favorite riffs from Kitten and Revenge:

    “This, to me, is the very definition of getting lucky.”
    “I got two 38s pointed at you!”
    “She looks like a Dodge Neon.”

    “Egrets, I’ve had a few.”
    “I’ve go to go make the lagoon a little blacker.”
    “The Charlton Heston fish locator.”

    Keep them coming Shout!


  • 156
    sdoogmoore says:

    Holy crap – I figured Revenge of the Creature was the absolute #1 impossible episode for them to get for release (followed by Marooned/Space Travelers). And Kitten With A Whip was pretty high on this list. And I think Robot Holocaust is the only CC episode I have never seen. I am stoked. Great job Shout!


  • 157
    Captain Cab says:

    Assuming the deal with Universal is far reaching (I don’t see how it couldn’t be since the Creature is one of their biggest “classic monsters” icons right up there with Frankenstein, Wolfman, ect.) Shout should strike while the iron is hot and try to release one or two jumbo box sets with all the Universal eps like they did with Gamera. Whattaya think, sirs?


  • 158
    Earl B says:

    I noticed this over on the Classic Horror Film Board:

    On 6/27, in reference to a Universal Sci-Fi Blu-Ray set expected next year, a poster dropped this tidbit (for what it’s worth):

    “I know Shout Factory will be releasing some of the MST Universal titles they spoofed on BD.”

    I’ve no idea if the poster means the MSTied or unMSTied versions will surface on Blu. There’s been no further mention made of this.


  • 159
    Brian Lafferty says:

    According to a comment on a fan post by Shout Factory on their Facebook Page, the new title will only appear on the packaging and menu. There will be no alterations on the episode itself. (click on “Recent Posts by Others” and scroll down a little bit)


  • 160
    Captain Cab says:

    @ #159

    Good to know, thanks Brian!


  • 161
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Wow! Didn’t notice this until just now. Consider my jaw dropped. And my money dropped, once it’s available for preorder.


  • 162
    Troy Thomas says:

    Oh my God. They’ve finally cracked the Universal can. I’ve been waiting for years for “Deadly Mantis” to be released, and now that “Revenge” is coming, the other Universal titles can’t be far away. Shout grabbed me, held me, and hasn’t let go since the 20th anniversary set, and believe you me, this isn’t changing my opinion in any way. I bought XXIV from my local Wal-Mart today, which is a wonderful change of pace for me. Now that the show is coming toward me, I don’t have to go on those god-awful pilgrimages to the nearest Barnes and Noble (which is usually about an hour-long drive to and from my house, not counting the time spent wandering around the place. I love B&N, but I hate the long drives). Anyway, back to the point, I can’t say enough good things about Shout. If they’re willing to go this far just to get a given episode released, they deserve to be enshrined as DVD company gods. I don’t know exactly what company owns 508, but if they could work out the James Bond deal with MGM, we might be getting some episodes looming under Leo’s shadow. These include “Village of the Giants,” “The Incredible Melting Man,” and “Squirm,” all of which have been long on my wish list. I also have a theory: Shout has been releasing a lot of cult property recently, particularly the uncut Gamera films and a lot of Corman product. This can’t be a coincidence. I think they did this to get on those rights-holders’ good sides, so they could release those respective episodes. Not just Corman, but the AIP stuff in general, because my dad has long been pining for “Attack of the the Eye Creatures” and “The Day the Earth Froze” on disc, and I’m pretty sure they’re owned by the same company that holds a lot of the Corman films as well. That’s all I wanted to say. And by the way, if I had been speaking that out loud, I never would’ve paused to breathe.


  • 163
    kent18 says:

    Still wishin’ and hopin’ desperately for my all-time favorite episode, Girls Town, to make it onto DVD someday! (“He’s back from fighting Nazis on the MOOOOOOOOOON!”) Grin


  • 164
    M "The Dogwan" Sipher says:


    Robot Holocaust was my introduction to MST3K. It remains an all-time favorite and unquestionably a highlight of early MST.



  • 165
    Zbu says:

    This is awesome! Shout is doing the impossible in a most amazing way. Yay!


  • 166
    rion-o says:

    Season 8!! (Secretly my favorite.) So excited. I hope we get more.

    Also, ANN-MARGRET!!


  • 167
    Laura says:

    Must be nice to have a regular income. Big Frown Gonna have to wait until I get a job. Along with a lot of other stuff I want to get. Cry


  • 168
    Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    Sorry Laura – I’m feelin’ ya (not literally, of course) – I just got laid off end of June and am looking for work, too. Best of luck to you.


  • 169
    FordPrefect says:

    Hmm. So it’s OK for Shout Factory to release Operation Double 007 as long as they refer to it as Operation Kid Brother, thus avoiding complaints from the “007” copyright owners? I wish this worked with other episodes. Maybe we’d finally get a box set with “Giant Lizard Vs. Megalon” and “Giant Lizard Vs. The Sea Monster”. See Toho? Everything is fine now. Wink


  • 170
    huggybear says:

    I am SO thrilled to see episode 801 “Revenge of the Creature” coming to DVD. Not only was it the first ep of the Sci-Fi era ( and yes, I refuse to say SyFy ), it was of course Bill Corbett’s first turn as Crow. I never saw the show on Comedy Central so I fell in love during season 8. To me Corbett was Crow. In fact the first time I saw Mst3k The Movie my first comment was ” What the hell is wrong with Crow’s voice”. Of course with the intro of Mst3k on disk I’ve come to appreciate Trace very much as well as Joel and TV’s Frank. But Season eight will always have special meaning to me. The first episode I saw was “The Deadly Mantis”. In fact the very first line I heard when I flipped to Sci-Fi was Crow blurting out “Screw you Greenland”. Great way to start viewing!


  • 171
    StarDustMaiden says:

    With all these “impossible” episodes coming out, could it mean that we may see some “Season 0” eps too?

    Just a thought.


  • 172
    Jimu113 says:

    Looking forward, as always, to the upcoming set. Never got to see MST3K (lousy frakkin’ cable companies!)While it was on. Now, if only they could release new collections quicker…


  • 173
    The Murdered Turtle in The Beguiled says:

    @69 – “The Gamera five disc box might never be topped.”
    No truer words ever spoken. The Gamera set was an alignment in the heavens that cannot be exceeded, ~ever~, simply because of the very nature of its complete turtledom.
    Also, its function as a totem animal in the world of business was another factor opening up doors previously believed permanently sealed.
    Thank you, Shout! Factory, et al.


  • 174
    Tarlcabot says:

    So excited about getting new studio movies, but…

    I cannot overstate my absolute HATRED of “Kitten with a Whip”. HATE, HATE, HATE that movie. Hate it. Can’t watch the episode.


  • 175
    The Murdered Turtle in The Beguiled says:

    The way many feel about “Kitten with a Whip” is how I feel about “Manos : The Hands of Fate.”

    Despite the crew’s skillful treatment, I barely BARELY made it through that film alive.

    But, “Kitten With A Whip,” I just keep thinking, “Hey, that’s Anne Margaret…” hubba hubba.

    Perhaps if Anne Margaret had appeared in “Manos: The Hands of Fate” . . . Skeleton