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Edie Adams, RIP

LOS ANGELES–Tony Award winning Edie Adams, the blonde beauty who played the television foil to her husband, comedian Ernie Kovacs, died Oct. 15. She was 81. MSTies from the KTMA era will remember her as Joyce in episode K-15- SUPERDOME.

Read her obit here.

4 Replies to “Edie Adams, RIP”

  1. MST3Kelly says:

    it is thanks to this remarkable woman that we have the work of Ernie Kovacs to enjoy. Kovacs was a true television pioneer and an amazing artist. his body of work is still as fresh and funny as it was fifty years ago. Edie Adams saved recordings of his show from being destroyed, and I thank her for this. she was a talented singer and actress and a real beauty. theirs was a real love affair. I hope they are reunited at last.


  2. ck says:

    All of what MST3Kelly says above.
    Plus, she was in the first sexiest commercial
    I recall, Muriel Cigars I believe. :grin:


  3. awfulgoodmovies says:

    ‘It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World’ is my favorite movie of all-time.

    I’ll watch it tonight in her memory.


  4. lpydmblb says:

    Can’t underestimate the whole Ernie Kovacs factor; an increasingly unrecognized influence on television comedy. And, oh yeah, he was very very funny.

    Did MST3K ever do any Percy Dovetonsils riffs? I forget.

    Plus, Edie Adams also occasionally wore one of the gorilla suits in the Nairobi Trio bits. Professor Bobo influence, anyone?


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