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RIP Neil Armstrong

CINCINNATI–Neil Armstrong, the soft-spoken engineer who became a global hero when he made “one giant leap for mankind” with a small step onto the moon, died Aug. 25 following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures. He was 82.
MSTies will remember that Joel and the bots paid a tribute to him and the other astronauts of Apollo 11 in a host segment in episode 111- MOON ZERO TWO.

His A.P. obit is here.

22 Replies to “RIP Neil Armstrong”

  1. darthservo says:

    RIP Neil.You made your country proud.


  2. The Bolem says:

    And in one small step, every existing sci-fi movie about lunar exploration looked just a tad sillier and riper for riffing in hindsight. For that, we cannot thank you enough. R.I.P.


  3. Neptune Man says:

    He has started another journey. Now, it’s time for his legend to live on.


  4. AlbuquerqueTurkey says:

    My dad worked at Mission Control during the Apollo years, and I grew up around NASA. I don’t recall ever meeting Neil Armstrong, but I did
    (as much as a 9-year-old kid can) know a few of the Apollo astronauts. As you can tell, the space program has always been in my blood. I feel we lost of one the great ones today, and I thank Neil Armstrong for his simple heroism and lifelong dedication to science and engineering education. RIP, sir.


  5. NoTrafficAccidents says:

    “I walked on the Moon.”

    -Brian Regan

    As a child of the Space Age, I consider Brian Regan’s comedy routine concerning The Space Age the best tribute to Neil Armstrong ever.


  6. itsspideyman says:

    I grew around the Mississippi Test Facility, had an uncle and a next door neighbor who worked there, and I was plugged in to Apollo and loved it any everything about space. My mother, with my knowing it, wrote to Neil Armstrong’s wife and had him, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins sign a photo for me (sadly I don’t have it, lost in Hurrican Camille).

    They are my heroes. Good men, brave men, and worthy of our respect and admiration.

    Rest in Peace, Commander Armstrong.


  7. Kenneth Morgan says:

    I’m in Orlando for the big “Star Wars” convention, and I went on a tour of Kennedy Space Center this past Wednesday. I was very moved by the presentation on Apollo 11, including a taped message from Armstrong on the importance of the space program and the inspiration it gave to future generations. And, though he didn’t say it, he was pretty inspirational, too.


  8. mst3ktemple says:

    An honest to goodness hero. Not just a spoiled sports star or someone paid millions to insult others on TV that for some reason are the “heroes” to so many today. This man actually did something for the advancement of mankind. There aren’t that many of his kind and Neil will be missed.


  9. Ms. BigLargeHuge says:

    This implies absolutely NO disrespect to Mr. Armstrong and his own iconic words, but I feel that Gypsy’s eulogy (mostly taken from Romeo and Juliet) says it beautifully –

    “Give me my Neil Armstrong. And when he shall die,
    Take him and cut him out in little stars,
    and he will make the face of heaven so fine
    That all the world will be in love with night,
    And pay no worship to the garish sun.”

    No one, human or machine, could sa it better. Be at peace, son of Earth.


  10. snowdog says:

    You came closer to Heaven in life than any of us. RIP Neil Armstrong.


  11. GregS says:

    RIP to one of my childhood heroes…


  12. sauron says:

    Still the most amazing thing in my life when he stepped foot on the moon.
    Always think of it when I see it.


  13. John M Hanna says:

    One of the earliest memories my dad has of me was in 1969, holding me when I was 6 months old and watching the moon landing on TV. Hard to believe its been that long ago.
    RIP Neil.


  14. James Cimarusti says:

    “Flag on the Moon…Who put it there?” RIP Neil


  15. BIG G BERGER says:

    a true hero in the stars,rest in peace


  16. Cambot J. Nelson says:

    Death is but one small step for a man like Neil. RIP, astronaut to the moon. It’s still real to me.


  17. fatbarkeep says:

    There are not very many “famous” people that I would be sincerely honored to meet.
    Mr. Armstrong would have been one of them.
    Deep respect for this man.
    Godspeed Neil Armstrong.
    Now can we get back to the Moon before I die please!
    It’s a shame to waste what this man helped to pioneer.


  18. darthservo says:

    The deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston get 24 hr news coverage, but the death of a true american hero and pioneer is left to the last news story on the major networks.

    I think I’ll go outside and look at the moon tonight and remember.


  19. handmade says:

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  20. big61al says:

    Neil Armstrong…..American Icon.


  21. I live in Cincinnati, and for many years Mr. Armstrong taught engineering at the university here. RIP, sir.


  22. Matty'O says:

    In a thousand years, when names like Michel Jackson, Kim Kardashian, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, and Steve Jobs are long since forgotten and the land is as alien as the Dark Ages are to us now, the name Neil Armstrong will still be known and taught in schools. It is our privileged to be able to say we lived in the age of Neil Armstrong, one of the few human beings to truly achieve the closest thing to immorality we will ever know here on Earth.
    Rest in peace, o’ traveler to the stars.


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