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Webcast Breaks Some Cinematic Titanic News

A webcast called The Well-Fed Guide to Life had Trace Beaulieu as a guest in its most recent episode. He revealed that the movie that will be riffed at Saturday Night’s live show in Minneapolis (tickets still available) will be “Blood of the Vampires.” (I’m guessing it’s this?)
He also said the next two movies will be a Christmas movie he would not name which will be riffed in St. Louis Nov. 1, and an “Italian Frankenstein movie” (maybe this?) which will be riffed in Chicago in December.

Trace also mentions that he’s seen people with MST3K tattoos. If you have one, send us a photo!

33 Replies to “Webcast Breaks Some Cinematic Titanic News”

  1. MST3Kelly says:

    I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo of the Shadowrama outline/form, but I’m too chicken. Seems like it would make a cool tattoo.
    Nice informal dinner interview with Trace. I missed hearing his velvety voice.


  2. Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    Yeah I’ve wanted to get a Crow and a Servo tattoo of some kind forever. I just haven’t ever gotten around to it and don’t know in what form they would be. Actually that cool painting of Crow smashing the little Servo’s with his thumb would make a cool tattoo. :)

    I’d probly end up going with something illustration-y though sort of like this:


  3. Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    Oh and I don’t know this person, but I came across their Servo tat before.

    Apparently she also done got herself a Crow one too.


  4. maclen says:

    I found the most astounding story in this podcast with Trace was when he answered the question as to how did CT come about. According to Trace, Mallon called Joel about possibly bringing that ol’ Mistie gang back together. When Joel then called Trace about it, Trace was kind of wary over it because of the issues with mallon…(it seems Joel was not the only one with issues regarding mallon!)…and advised they wait and see… but instead, eventually, Mallen decides to go with the Mst3k website and the flash adventures of crow and servo! Wow, just unbelievable…


  5. Bob says:

    What is up with Mallon? I’m still not over Joel leaving the show and as others trickled out after him one has to wonder how Jim Mallon could not have at some point said to himself, “maybe it’s me?” or “could I be doing something better?” or even “maybe I should be the one that leaves rather than everyone else?” Amazing.

    Going from the east coast to MN for the live show on Oct. 25. The announcement of the movie generated a fun conversation here at home. My wife is originally from the Philippines and some of the actors in this stinker of a film apparently appeared in “A” movies there and are known actors. But then, Legacy of Blood had John Carradine, Faith Domergue and Jeff Morrow and it is an absolute abomination of film making. Sometimes good actors do bad things!


  6. Ransom says:

    MST3K tattoos you say, well sonny. I might have one.

    here is the front side:

    and the inside:

    its not quite finished yet.


  7. Ransom says:

    Bobo “BuckDat” Briggs you should definitely get the Crow smashing servo’s painting as a tattoo, that would beat mine by a mile. I’ve always thought that painting was just about the coolest “prop” they every made.


  8. Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    I dunno. I’m not really into big tattoos and I would want to do that painting justice. Seems like one that would require your whole back but then again i’ve seen some artists pull off some amazing stuff on people’s elbow alone.

    Also, when asked if they would ever be re-doing a MSTed movie he says “That’s a really intriguing question and I really can’t answer…Or have I?”
    He was probly just messin around but what if he was referring to the Christmas movie he mentioned earlier during the dinner? Doubt it but it would be something I’d love to see from CinTit OR Rifftrax.

    As far as the NEW MST/Mallon thing, I think Trace was obviously kind of simplifying things but it really was a good question that Mallon posed. Like in the interviews he did around Comicon. Who would be involved, etc.? Is it really MST3K without Mike and Kevin, at least as writers?
    It’s like the new version of the band Helmet. Yeah, it still rocks and Page created it but Bogdan and Stanier were an essential ingredient to it’s original sound.


  9. Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    Oh and by the way, Ransom, those tattoos are awesome. Be sure to show us when they’re finished too. I never thought about a screenshot like those . Something colorful from Godzilla Vs. Megalon like Jet Jaguar doing the “up yours” sign would be hilarious. :twisted:


  10. MarkW says:


    Sure. Probably a lesser version, but still MST3K. You could say the same thing “Is it really MST3K without Joel and Trace?”, but most people accepted the show after they left.

    I wonder if the Rifftrax guys would have been open to being contributing writers to a new MST3K that featured Joel, Trace (as Crow & Forrester), Josh (Servo), Frank (as TV’s Frank), and Mary Jo (as Pearl)?


  11. Dames Like Her says:

    Screen shot MST3K tattoos! How about one of Joe Don Baker’s meaty mug from Mitchell? Or perhaps you’d choose the “tender, peeping Torgo” scene? I really like the idea of one of Jet Jaguar. Or Trumpy, perhaps? The glowing blob from The Space Children? Puma Man, aloft? A shot of Mike Nelson dolled up as Michael Feinstein? I wouldn’t know where to stop!


  12. MarkW says:

    Sorry, my above comment was meant as an answer to the question “Is it still MST3K without Mike and Kevin?”


  13. HeatUpTheDeathRay says:

    Ransom! What great tattoos! :mrgreen: If only I had the courage to imprint something permanently onto my body, that’s the kind of thing I’d go for. That, or the Sino-Japanese character for “homosexual”. One or the other. And you’re the first person I’ve met who also has an MST-inspired e-mail address! Mine is :grin:


  14. Tarantulas says:

    Several people mentioned the painting Servo did as part of his art project (funded by Crow). It’s hard to find decent quality pictures of it online, and as far as I know, these are the best examples.
    (this one was from the eBay auction when they sold the original)
    (screencap from a tour video)
    (screenshot from the episode it was featured in)
    (long shot I think I from someone’s tour pictures)
    (this one a friend painted for me)



  15. Tarantulas says:

    HeatUpTheDeathRay wins for “Most Random Comment Ever” :)


  16. Tarantulas says:

    I had a bunch of links to the painting you guys are talking about, but it’s not showing my post for some reason.


  17. jonnyfrag says:

    I am one of ‘those people’ that Trace saw a MST3K tattoo on. I will get one of the pics and send it in. (Mary Jo has a picture of it as well as she just took one of it at the Archon in St Louis)


  18. Vornoff says:

    A friend of mine has a very nice “Deep 13” logo, but I don’t have a picture. Actually, I curse him, because that’s probably what I’d get if it hadn’t already been done.

    Maybe the Gizmonics “G”?


  19. O'D says:

    I have the shadowrama outline going around my left arm, sort of my response to the massive amount of barb wire tattoos out there. I will try to upload a picture one of these days, but internet is crappy from Iraq.


  20. Cliff Weismeyer says:

    Thanks for your service, O’d. The tat sounds awesome!


  21. Ransom says:

    hey O’d what do you do in Iraq. I was their in OIF 06-08, I’m about to send a hard drive full of MST3K to my dad on Balad. Small world. I too find the tattoo selection that most other soldiers get to be somewhat lacking. They artist who did the SOL & planet logo said that my tat was one of the most original that he’d ever done. So here’s to everyone here getting MST3K tat’s even if someone has a similar MST3K one, at least its one less barbed wire (Pamela Anderson I’m talking to you too) or one less indiscript tribal band, or one less flash art tattoo.

    disclaimer: Ransom apologizes if anybody reading this has barbed wire, a tribal band, or flash art tattoos and had their feelins hurt. You can make amends by getting Torgo or Creepy Girl tattooed on your neck or left buttock.


  22. Sampo says:

    Wow, I really opened up a can of worms here! :lol:

    Thanks for your service O’d and Ransom.


  23. BIG61AL says:

    I want a MST3K Tattoo so bad….just got find the $$$.


  24. losingmydignity says:

    Wow…not single post yet about the movie choices. You guys live in a different world…or at least a different head space…than me.

    Excited about the Phillipino Vampire movie. Yeah, finally a Phillipino movie gets the treatment! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this one and it’s awful and if you’ve seen many films of the Tagalog persuasion you might know they tend to be on the surreal side (hope they do that one with John Carradine and that’s two movies spliced together as well…the title escapes me at the moment). I’m excited!

    As for the Xmas movie…Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny anyone! Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope…let the speculation begin.

    Italiano Frankenguicci? Hmmmm…Sampo is probably right. Although the Paul Naschy Dracula vs Frankenstein (yes, I know the man was Spanish) was partly an Italian prod. There is one other film that is a possiblity but now I’ve forgotten it.
    Interesting thing is this movie is listed as having nudity. Will they edit or use and edited version? Will Joel intervene, a la City Limits? Will they move in a more adult orientated direction? Well…hmmm…at least they’re not doing the Jess Franco one…
    What do you think, guys and ghouls?


  25. Bob says:

    >> not single post yet about the movie choices.

    Untrue. My post above (#5) was about the movie. I have no comments about the other topic going on here that most participants would want to hear.

    I’m writing this from Minneapolis tonight! We got here this morning and had a fun day at the Mall of America. Can’t wait for the CT show on Saturday night!


  26. Captain Cab says:

    Me and my best friend are heading over to Minneapolis early Saturday (live in Fargo). Cannot wait to experience a live riffed movie and hope I get to meet them! :) Interesting re-clarification of sorts from Trace on the whole continuing rift with Mallon.


  27. majorjoe23 says:

    I’m heading up from Des Moines on Saturday morning. I can’t wait.


  28. losingmydignity says:

    Re 26:
    Sorry, Bob…I saw mention of Jim Mallon and must have too quickly skimmed down to mention of Legacy of Blood. My speed reading skills failed me! :oops:


  29. crowschmo says:

    #15 – Tarantulas – Who actually did Servo’s painting of Crow, do you know?


  30. Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a Pantsleg Painting. Of the Patrick persuasion. :)


  31. noelle says:

    my boyfriend and i are planning to get mst3k tattoos to take up most of an arm. we’re going to have servo, crow, and the satellite of love floating in space! i’m sooooo excited!


  32. noelle says:

    my boyfriend and i just got ours started. i have a sweet looking crow colored in right now, and i can’t wait to get servo started.


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