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New VOD Title from RiffTrax…

Download it or see a sample here.

25 Replies to “New VOD Title from RiffTrax…”

  1. R.A. Roth says:

    Bought and downloading. Wings Hauser was the the Wings Hauser of his generation.


  2. Steve K says:

    Now that just makes no sense.
    If it’s at noon, it can’t be a nightmare.
    If it’s a nightmare, it can’t be at noon!


  3. Bigzilla2k says:

    I think rifftrax is doing some great work and these VOD titles of the past several months look incredible, but my current (and foreseeable) technological state prevents me from watching them in that format. Rifftrax has had no DVD releases since june. I have a $25 gift card and family asking what I want for xmas – will rifftrax have anything for the DVD buyer? I sure hope so, because as much as they put out I will pick up!


  4. Has the RiffTrax team explained why the DVD releases are so low priority? Not just lag-time with releases, but also incompleteness of the shorts compilations. I assume there’s more overhead involved– and maybe that isn’t covered by the price difference– but also inventory issues as well.

    Whatever it is, it’s too bad, because it’s nice to have a physical (and portable) copy. Not to mention those of us who aren’t tech-inclined enough to connect our computer to our television. (For me, personally, I’d rather watch planned things [as opposed to random videos I happen upon] on the TV [in my comfy chair] as opposed to on my computer [in a work-type chair] or on my iPad. Or even on the laptop in my comfy chair. Not to mention the coolness of having one’s collection on the shelf where one (and guests) can look at it. (Status, old chap. Status.)

    Furthermore, you seem to be on my lawn, and I would appreciate it if you got off it. Thank you, and good night.


  5. My Mom doesn't drink! says:

    Bigzilla2k-in the exact same boat here.


  6. littleaimishboy says:

    Dear Rifftrax:

    I will pay you extra money for ready-made DVDs.


  7. 21st Century Digital Boy says:

    I personally will never support Rifftrax ever again if they release another dern DVD! IT BETTER ALL BE DIGITAL OR ELSE! SERIOUSLY! LISTEN TO ME…

    Sorry just wanted to be on the other side of the debate. Rifftrax has plenty availible for the DVD buyer…as in buy the VOD and burn it to a blank DVD disc. Trust me you won’t miss “ready-made” DVDs.


  8. big61al says:

    I seventh the motion to release more titles on dvd by rifftrax….


  9. Gary Bowden says:

    I eighth the motion,too!!


  10. Some spaz says:



  11. cityofvoltz says:

    rifftrax could get a system like the warner archives, or i think some amazon titles, there they are produced on a dvdr case and artwork, on demand. consider it… won’t you?


  12. Goshzilla says:

    I’m still waiting for the Planet Of Dinosaurs VHS. What is taking so long? I got a great deal on a laserdisc player at the white elephant last week. too. I traded two Hummels and a case of typewriter ribbon for it.


  13. Gummo says:

    Really? Burning a DVD at home is THAT challenging?


    Anyway, this is one twisted little puppy. Only halfway through it but the violence and cursing definitely put it into the PG Rifftrax realm.

    But the gang are funny as ever, so all’s right with the world.


  14. snowdog says:

    Funny stuff! The movie is full of f-bombs, but the guys bleep their own rough language. I found the film kind of entertaining in its incompetence. But the riffing puts it over the top.


  15. WeatherServo9 says:

    I thought lunch at Taco Bell was the nightmare at noon.


  16. littleaimishboy says:

    yeah, “burning” our own dvds can be a pain. Cuz us is stoopid, duh-uh.

    Apparently just ASKING for DVDs to be made AVAILABLE is perceived as threatening to the superiority of the A/V club weenies of the world. Weird.


  17. Eegah's Club says:

    I want a nice box, so make a dvd and I will buy the pretty box. DVD optional, of course.


  18. pondoscp says:

    The dvd market is in the toilet. It’s too expensive to make dvd runs nowadays


  19. Matt D says:

    Now Blu-Ray is the wave of the future. Make me some Blu-Rays and “they will come.”


  20. JeremyR says:

    The trouble with DVDs is they cost money to make and they’d have to pay taxes on any inventory. Just being digital doesn’t mean they are out of pocket, nor do they have to pay taxes on what they haven’t sold (which is the reason book publishers stopped having big back lists years and years ago).

    While Rifftrax is apparently doing well enough that Kevin and Bill can afford to go to a tanning salon (based on their recent talking about videos on youtube at least), I doubt they are all that profitable, and they seem to have pretty fancy offices, with carpeting and wooden doors and desks

    Anyway, having slow internet, downloading the huge burn to disc wasn’t possible, but Windows 7 has a DVD maker that makes a pretty decent DVD out of a avi or wmv file, one of which is usually a download from them (they seem to change formats a lot)


  21. millej89 says:

    I feel compelled to chime in as well…I was in the same boat as many of you fellow MSTIES. I was anti-burning and I wanted my DVD copy. And I wanted those darn kids off my lawn, too. But honestly, the download to burn feature is pretty awesome. Stay with me here. All you need is a MODERATELY fast internet. I have the SLOWEST speed possible through time warner…also, my computer is a big honkin home PC from like 2005 with only windows vista…I know, what a savage I am! And a horse-drawn carriage in the driveway too!

    Anyways, the .ISO file you are given (the burnable file) downloads for me in about an hour. Not bad. And the program needed to burn them to a disk is called ‘image burn’. It’s the recommended software from rifftrax and it’s a free download. That takes about 2 minutes to burn to a disk and BAM, you are done. And you don’t have to wait a week or more to watch it! DVD cases are cheap to buy empty in bulk (if you must have it displayed) and you can just print the cover art (something Rifftrax should include with a digital purchase IMO). Just takes a little effort and some free software. Not hard to do.

    If you are still complaining at this point, you’re just too lazy to try it out. I tried it awhile back and now I love it!
    PS–Erik and Co. are really helpful if you get stuck or need help…they helped me group separate files for ‘Boy in the Plastic Bubble’ to make an ISO within about an hour of my email.


  22. littleaimishboy says:

    if making a DVD is so easy … why doesn’t rifftrax do it?

    PS – I don’t have an MBA, but here’s an idea:

    “instant download $9.99, physical DVD $12.49”

    It’s so crazy, it just might work!


  23. LittleAmishBoyIsACrybaby says:

    LittleAimishBoy…Seriously do you need a nap? I don’t think you need an MBA, just a bottle and your teddy! I’m sure the physical dvd/packaging/storage/shipping/etc costs aren’t worth the hassle when they offer the…wait for it…DIGITAL FILES! The asking for DVDs doesn’t “threaten” anyone, it’s just such an old and tired bore. Keep on trollin’ LittleAimishBoy, keep on trollin’!


  24. gargonshepard says:

    millej89 you say that it only takes you an hour to download a movie on your 05 PC. WOW that seems strange to me. I have a blazing fast sony VAIO and high speed internet and it usually takes me 8-10 hours to download. I am not calling you a liar but perhaps I’m not doing something right when I download. I always choose the burn to DVD option.

    On another note I love the VODs.


  25. millej89 says:


    Two things. I changed two things to get my download speeds up. I used to have a higher tier internet speed through time warner, but I used their cheapo rental modem and only had fair signal strength. It too me 6 to 8 hours to download a rifftrax .ISO file. When I changed my package through time warner I downgraded to the lowest speed available for high speed internet, but I bought a really nice wireless modem. That’s the key. Get a higher quality modem for wireless connections, so that you always have COMPLETE bars (excellent signal strength) and my download speeds increased by a ton!

    I also changed my browser from IE9 (crap) to Google Chrome (awesome) and my speeds increased again. I even overshot the download time I stated before…it’s really only about 45 minutes. But I’m not doing anything else on the computer. I just start the download and let it sit. Don’t surf around, don’t open any other programs, just let it be. If you have these requirements met, I gaurantee you can download a rifftrax .ISO file in about an hour or so. I hope this helps! :)


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