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Updated: Joel’s Upcoming ‘Riffing Myself’ Dates

“An Evening with Joel Hodgson” aka “How to Have a Job Like Mine” aka “Riffing Myself”…

* has two shows scheduled at the Cinefamily Theater in Los Angeles, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 7-8. More info here.

* returns to the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, Pa., on Saturday, Dec. 22nd.

* comes to Dallas’ Texas Theater on Saturday, Jan 19th.

Oh, and: I found this. Go figure.

More dates when we get them.

7 Replies to “Updated: Joel’s Upcoming ‘Riffing Myself’ Dates”

  1. My Mom doesn't drink! says:

    Yikes, only 100 tickets for the signing? Guess what percentage of those go to friends and family. Good luck, everybody else!!!!!!!


  2. noordledoordle says:

    Noooo; he’s coming to a nearby city just as I’m going to be out of town! :(


  3. happyinmywork says:

    I love Joel, and I really hope he comes to Atlanta or Nashville or Ashville…somewhere within driving distance of me (I know he won’t come to Knoxville). He was my favorite host (although Mike is a VERY close second), and although he’s now old enough to be my dad, he’s still number one in my book.

    However, there is something in the back of my mind nagging at me, and it’s probably just me being an alarmist, but…do you think our beloved sleepy-voiced idea man is growing restless on CT? He seems to be doing quite a bit more solo things and it makes me wonder…if the CT bread and butter (live shows) are not happening as much as they used to, and more new DVDs are not coming out to make up for it, what’s left? After all, it has been five years since he announced the concept. I know he said he left MST because of Jim Mallon, but he only came out with that once CT was getting started, so it has always made me a little suspect he was trying to ease fans minds that he was not getting back into riffing out of default because he couldn’t do anything else, which may or may not have been the truth. It wasn’t like his employment had been stellar up until that point. I was not a fan then, and I don’t know the man, so I really can’t judge, but it was always a doubt I had. If someone can refute this fear, I would be beyond happy.

    I have been dying to see a CT show, and I hope it does not end because I love it. However, I want Joel to keep following his heart doing what he loves, and I don’t want him to feel stuck in the riffing world. I would love to meet him, but if he has to stop, so be it. I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but I just had to get this out.


  4. Cheapskate Crow says:

    The lack of activity with CT lately concerns me too, don’t they still have two DVDs to release from the three night stand in Minneapolis that was earlier this year or last year? I met him after a CT show in Seattle in 2009 and it was fantastic, he took the time to talk with everyone even though it made him the last CTer out of the theater and he was very friendly. It was great to see that a comedy idol of mine was a genuinely nice guy, the whole experience was definitely worth the short flight to Seattle, of course the show was great too. That was three years ago now, and I don’t think CT has been back to the northwest since. The place was packed in Seattle so I’m not sure why they don’t return.


  5. No One Important says:

    I would be more than interested in a long-distance learning course in riffing. Or a fabulous How To DVD that focuses on the process and comedy angles.

    For example- how many layers deep to make a joke? “How to be funny without being a jerk”, “How to sound like the opposite gender”, “When is local color too colorful?”.

    I’m thinking something like those Art Institute places- but for riffing.


  6. Goshzilla says:

    I’m amused by the pre-web-era photo strip juxtaposition on Joel’s webpage. I imagine he must have been too.


  7. Grant says:

    I attended the show Friday night in LA. It was sold out and really amazing. Fun seeing scans of his original notebook pages with his concepts for MST3K. Also fun was the breakdown of where some of the names of things on the show came from. Just a really fun and inspiring time. If he brings Riffing On Myself near you, go see it.


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