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Episodes That Will Be on Vol. XXVI

They will be…


Street date and extras to be announced. You’ll know when we do.

111 comments to Episodes That Will Be on Vol. XXVI

  • 1
    Kevin says:



  • 2
    Pete says:

    Super sweet! Alien from L.A. alone said, “ka-ching”, sold!


  • 3
    Sitting Duck says:

    Great to see Magic Sword get an official release.


  • 4
    Graboidz says:

    Very cool set, nice blend of Sci-Fi and CC eps!


  • 5
    Blast Hardcheese says:

    Alien From LA sells it for me–but the other three eps are all winners, too. Thanks again, Shout!


  • 6
    Rob says:

    Wow, terrific episodes spread well across seasons and I never thought Magic Sword and Alien from LA would get official releases. People might whine about only one Joel episode, but I’ll be too busy listening to “My Wild Irish Ireland” to care. Even without extras, great job, Shout Factory!


  • 7

    Wow! Volume XXV is still in shipping and we already know XXVI??

    Nice! And I have not seen any of these before. Still, I want me some Puma Man…


  • 8
    Wetzelcoatl says:

    Finding out what will be in the next set is always my favorite part of the set releases.


  • 9
    sol-survivor says:

    Wow, four more that were once thought to be next to impossible. Excellent!


  • 10
    Gary Bowden says:

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting an announcement right now,but glad I clicked on here..The Magic Sword and Danger! Death Ray!?? Kaa-ching!! And Alien from LA,too? The Mole People is good,too.Looking forward to this one.Of course I look forward to every box set..Thanks Shout! You never cease to amaze us!! Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile


  • 11
    dsman71 says:

    Sweet set – I look forward to this one..we must be getting close to the Joel shortage due to one episode this time around in this set, but Im so glad these titles are being released …good choices..


  • 12
    Stacia says:


    I don’t generally buy the sets anymore due to all my money packing its suitcases, putting on its little fedora and walking out the door, but for this set I will make an exception.


  • 13
    Alex says:

    Aw man, only one Joel episode?Thinking bummer.

    Eh, well to say to dsman71’s comment – alot of episodes from Joel era look like unlikely to be released (*cough cough* Godzilla vs the Sea Monster The Amazing Colossal Man It Conquered the World *cough cough*), though hopefully they aren’t running out of easy Joel episodes to release just yet. If anything I think maybe they’re just balencing out the episodes from Universal and MGM.

    But anyway, awesome set! I’ve seen all but Mole people. Danger Death Ray is a really funny one. Baba-da-da-da-da. Can’t wait to see it Smile


  • 14
    insidemyhead says:

    A great bunch of episodes!

    (I’ll admit that I was hoping for The Deadly Bees, The Screaming Skull, or Space Children, but these are fantastic, too!)


  • 15
    Nicholous says:

    An interesting list of episodes I really enjoy, but none I would call a favorite. Danger Death Ray is tons of miniature fun. Watching Alien from L.A. (hugs and kisses) is like watching the Super Mario Bros movie with a thick layer of dust on my glasses and with mice squeaking in my ears, but has a cracked charm. Oh, Kathy…

    I’m more of a Joel/CC-era person, but I’m glad Shout is taking advantage of their license with Universal. I wonder if there is a limit to the number of Univ. eps they can have in one set? I’m hoping Terror From The Year 5,000 and The Thing That Couldn’t Die are on the horizon.


  • 16
    snowdog says:

    Now that I have that “Danger! Death Ray” theme music wedged in my head for the rest of the day, I’d like to say, “Thanks, Shout!”. We need more John Agar to help keep us informed. Steve Allen may have thought of everything, but it took Agar to really talk it all out.


  • 17
    tinaw says:

    The Mole People is one of my favorite episodes. It’s one of the few I remember watching (and taping!) on broadcast. I’ve only seen Alien from L.A. 3 times, only because Kathy Ireland’s voice is quite shrill and hard to listen to in that movie. Otherwise, Deep Roy is in it, so that’s a good thing. What I’m really hoping they release is Agent for H.A.R.M. Some of the movies that were thought to be impossible to release have come out, so I’m hopeful that all my favorite episodes, like the Deadly Bees, Squirm, and several others will find their way into future sets.


  • 18
    Goshzilla says:

    I should be excited – and I am – but I can’t help worrying: What about Leech Woman? Should I rush to get XXV before Revenge Of The Creature gets recalled? Eek!


  • 19
    Mitchell "Rowsdower" Beardsley says:


    These are all 4 ones that I have on less than desirable quality tapes.

    Magic Sword is one of the only Joels I don’t have a good, complete copy of.

    And if I absolutely had to pick one, I think I may choose The Mole People as my favorite Mike episode of all.

    Danger Death Ray is one of the funniest Season 6 eps.

    and Alien From LA is a solid one to round out the set.

    Only one Joel, but it’s a great one. Love this set list SHOUT!!!!!


  • 20
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    What an excellent selection of episodes! Though I’m always a bit disappointed if there aren’t more episodes from the earlier seasons of the show in this case the later episodes are all some of the best ones done after Joel Hodgson departed. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. The Magic Sword has been on my wish list for years. Alien From L.A. was fabulous fun with a particularly excellent musical host segment. Danger! Death Ray features a “death ray” built for “only peaceful purposes” and who doesn’t love that? Finally, Mole People was a staple of UHF TV channel weekends when I was a kid and I loved seeing it get the MST3K treatment. Great job again, Shout! Factory.


  • 21
    jjb3k says:

    YES! “Danger!! Death Ray!” Hands down, my favorite Season 6 episode! Finally! Grin And having just watched “Alien from L.A.” again recently and finding myself liking it more and more with each viewing, I’m psyched for that one too! Yay!


  • 22
    Andy says:

    I was worried that the Universal films was just a fluke for one set. If Shout has worked a deal with both MGM and Uni, then I am happy to see anything come out!


  • 23
    ck says:

    Great about The Mole People. I remember the gesture professor
    from films we’d show to classes in assemblies (for 1-4 grades,
    sometimes 1-5 grades) at a school I taught at.

    Pity how they killed off the girl at the ending because of,
    at time the film was made, fears of being accused of “miscegenation”—now there’s
    an icky, disused term.

    It would be nice to get Revenge of the Creature—for the return from the edge of the universe for all but Crow.


  • 24
    Blast Hardcheese says:

    Back to back collections with Agar….I’m lovin it!! These are 4 of my favs.


  • 25
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    My wife and I are cutting our spending down to the bone, but this will have to be an exception. Excellent news!


  • 26
    Jimmy Doorlocks says:

    “Watermelon maaaaaan…”


  • 27
    Max Keller says:

    Love, love, love when Shout announces a new box set, and it has two episodes which I don’t own!!!!!! This really swings!!!


  • 28
    eegah says:

    Bart Fargo Bart Fargo Bart Fargo Bart Fargo


  • 29
    Jose Chung says:

    #18 Mole People placed slightly higher than leech woman on the Rhino DVD poll so I imagine that they went with the more popular of the two titles.


  • 30
    Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    Shout! announcements always make me happy, this one is no exception. Alien from LA is a great episode, Magic Sword is pretty good too. Not really that familiar with Danger! Death Ray, I’ve only seen it once, 15 years ago. Mole People is another one I’m not too familiar with, and while it is GREAT to see early Season 8 episodes make it onto DVD, I’ve never been a big fan of that stretch of episodes. Still, I never look a gift horse in the mouth. THANKS SHOUT FACTORY, AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

    I was kinda hoping that INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN would end up on this set, as Shout! recently announced plans (through their very cool sub-label, Scream! Factory) to release a special edition DVD (possible BluRay) of the movie in 2013 sometime… Maybe it’ll be in the next set…..?


  • 31
    Droppo says:

    Fantastic set!

    Alien From LA and Magic Sword are among the very best of the series and I enjoy the other two as well.

    Shout! continues to do a phenomenal job.


  • 32
    kylehg says:

    Alright, now I can enjoy Mike and the bots tear John Agar apart whenever I want!


  • 33
    MikeK says:

    Ba-ba-da-da . . . Ding! What terrific set!


  • 34
    Laura says:

    I just hope I’m employed by then, though I highly doubt it at this point. I’ve had to miss out on the current sets this year because of my long-term unemployment. This seriously bites. Big Frown


  • 35
    radioman970 says:

    Radioman’s fav episodes:
    1. Time of the Apes. got it!
    2. Alien from LA. will have it!
    3. The rest. Tricklin’ in juss fiiiiiiine! In Love

    The Danger! Death Ray love is right on babeeesss!!!


  • 36
    radioman970 says:

    @Laura, come on over and watch mine sweetiiieeee…
    In Love


  • 37

    Great set! Maybe new interviews with Kathy Ireland and Gary Lockwood?


  • 38
    Kali says:

    It’s the Squeaky Factor!

    411- THE MAGIC SWORD (well, the sword squeals whenever it does its magic – close enough)
    516- ALIEN FROM L.A. (Kathy!)
    620- DANGER! DEATH RAY (Badly dubbed voices)
    803- THE MOLE PEOPLE (Arda, or whatever her name was — the one who ran into the sunlight for no readily apparent reason)

    Thin excuse for a theme, but we’ll take it. Hope we get a Mr. BIG documentary this time – if anyone can make this miracle happen, it’s Shout and Ballyhoo. I’d love to hear what he thinks of MST3K. According to Wikipedia, he’s still with us.

    Been wanting a decent copy of Magic Sword for a long time. Good job, Shout!

    Next stop, It Conquered the World!


  • 39
    Travis H says:

    Wow! Another impressive batch of titles from the ever-incredi-awesome Shout Factory! So glad to see MGM and more Universal, and DANGER! DEATH RAY has been extremely likely for awhile. Wee!!!


  • 40
    Brandon says:

    Danger Death Ray is a great Season 6 episode. It’s the episode where Cambot breaks down, and it’s the episode where they finally explain why you can’t see through Servo’s head in the theater.

    “Special effects by Billy!”


  • 41
    H says:

    Dull Surprise! Sounds pretty solid, and Magic Sword is a good Joel ep, so glad about that.


  • 42
    Mitchell "Rowsdower" Beardsley says:


    Kudos on the Time of the Apes love!

    (glass clink!)


  • 43
    Gorn Captain says:

    Been wanting The Magic Sword for a long time. It was the first one I ever saw, yet I was constantly thwarted by my crappy cable tv in recording it.

    The scary thing about Alien From L.A. is Golan Globus thought the world wanted a sequel! Rifftrax needs to do that one. Wink


  • 44
    AmbiguousG says:

    I’m surprised 802 and 305 didn’t come out on this one. But I’m still pleased!

    620 is one of my favorites overall. So when do we get our copies of Volume 25?


  • 45
    Laura says:


    Thanks, but no thanks. I’m taken. Grin


  • 46
    casterberus says:

    My reaction? Dull surprise.

    No, actually: surprise, yes; dull, heck no!

    This is AWESOME!!!

    Thank you, Shout Factory!


  • 47
    Kei says:



  • 48
    trickymutha says:

    Hurry up- my copies of Alien and Magic Sword suck. Danger isn’t much better.


  • 49
    Mitchell "Rowsdower" Beardsley says:

    Seems several of us have been stymied trying to record a good copy of The Magic Sword. Interesting…

    Thanks SHOUT!!


  • 50
    georgewendt says:

    Awesome!! I’ve seen Mole People but the others are new to me!
    Thank you Shout Factory!!
    I like it very much.


  • 51
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    I briefly wanted to know how Shout! Factory keeps managing to bag the rights to so many otherwise unavailable movies. But, I figure I’d be better off not knowing; it’d only spoil the magic.

    Now, if they could get “Pumaman” or one of the Susan Hart Four, that’d be utterly astonishing.


  • 52
    Larry says:

    Shout! never ceases to amaze (and surprise) me. I mean, really, when the latest release was announced it knocked my socks off, but man, so does this one. It’s such a great time to be a MSTie! The Mole People, yessss!

    Fingers crossed for Terror From The Year 5000, The Deadly Mantis and Horror Of Party Beach at some point. I actually just saw the whole ep of 5000 about a year ago (had seen maybe the first 45 minutes or so back when it originally aired), and laughed like an idiot the whole way through, so if that ever gets an official release, I’ll be all over it.


  • 53
    Dean says:

    Worth it just for Alien from L.A. Magic Sword and Death Ray are great also. Never have seen the Mole People, so I am looking forward to that. Keep them coming Shout!


  • 54
    John M Hanna says:

    I’ll have to dig down, down, down in my wallet for this one.


  • 55
    BIG61AL says:

    SHOUT! thank you thank you thank you….keep releasing the sets and I swear I will keep buying them……Grin


  • 56
    Ethan VS says:

    REALLY good set. Mole People is a classic. “Down, down…”

    I’m with you guys with regards to Magic Sword and Alien From LA. My copies are so bad that I’ve never been able to enjoy the episodes. I’d love to watch them without the stress inherent in audio and video glitches.

    I would like to make this request. PLEASE, PLEASE, Shout Factory, do a TURKEY DAY themed set. Collect ALL Turkey Day bumpers and promos and release it in time for Thanksgiving 2013. The episodes you choose won’t matter. They’re ALL good. Smile



  • 57
    losingmydignity says:

    Well, none of these rank super highly for me, but it’s great that Shout is getting them out there.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed for Horror of Party Beach and Pumaman.


  • 58
    Alex 2 says:

    “Mr. Golan Globus, this acting thing is hard.”


  • 59
    JustinT says:

    Not bad at all. The Magic Sword has been a favorite of mine so its nice to see that in there. Was hoping for The Leech Woman as one of the Universal choices but Mole People is ok.

    Danger! Death Ray and Alien from LA I have not seen before so Im looking foward to checking them out for the first time.

    I am looking foward to each set now more than ever thanks to Shout making deals with Universal and MGM for episodes. Lots more good stuff to come.


  • 60
    EricJ says:

    Darn, just finally got Vol XXIV!
    And three Mike eps–Oh well, still looks like there’s a copy of Magic Sword just saying “Have breakfast with meee-b-b-b-e…”


  • 61
    Joseph Nebus says:

    Well, all I can say about this news is bap-a-da-da-dada.


  • 62
    Creepygirl says:

    Looks like another wonderful set. Now if my copy of Vol. XXV will finally arrive in the mail!



  • 63
    Wormface eegah says:

    Nice set!! Sucks only one joel episode but hey there has been sets before that have been all Joel or all Mike or with 1 mike and 3 Joel or 3 mike and 1 Joel ..but who cares?! Both were great.awesome set shout!!..ohh btw here’s 4 eps I’d love to see for volume 27..Escape 2000,The Human Duplicators,teenage Crime wave..and either City Limits or The Being from another Planet.another Season one episode such as The Slime People or Black Scorpion would also be greatSmile and honestly not a big Puma man fan Frown sorry lol it’s all right tho.ohh 2013 is gonna be good!


  • 64
    GorgoSquirm says:

    Volume 27 should have Moon Zero Two,Jungle Goddess,Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell,and Village of the Giants..volume 28 should have Untamed Youth,the Day the Earth Froze,The Undead,and It Lives By Night..also would love to see Earth vs the Spider and Teenage Caveman sometime.but anyways..great set!! 2013 is gonna be amazing! Best series of all time MST-3000!!


  • 65
    Statskeeper says:

    Merry Christmas to me! I watched “Revenge of the Creature” last night and it left me wishing that “Mole People” would be released. Wish granted.


  • 66
    Penny G says:

    I’m just so gosh darn happy to hear about the latest news on volume 26. For the past 2.5 months I went a little wiggy and started overindulging on my MST3K craving and let’s just say I better not look for any christmas, b’day or mother’s day gifts for the coming year.
    @ 52 Larry: I had to smile when I saw your choices because it almost matched mine. If you had included “Space Children” that would have been exact.
    Also glad to see many on this board mention “Horror of Party Beach” .

    Hope someone takes note. (hint, hint)


  • 67
    dsman71 says:

    Let the speculation begin for Volume 27
    201- Rocketship XM
    420 The Day the Earth Froze
    519 – Outlaw
    802 – The Leech Woman
    I think we will get the Amazing Transparent Man and the Incredible Melting Man in a couple of volumes down the road..and Village of the Giants…all the MGM titles are coming as are the Universals – I will not give up on Rocketship XM, I have only waited maybe about 10 years now…since Rhino Volume 1 Grin


  • 68
    Yipe Striper says:

    Daaaaaaannnnngggg! Every episode is a classic!

    i cannot contain my joy over DANGER DEATH RAY!


  • 69
    ARCH HALL3 says:



  • 70
    Mitchell "Rowsdower" Beardsley says:

    I have to laugh at all the people that haven’t seen Danger: Death Ray yet.

    Be warned – you WILL have a song burned into your mind from this day forward.




  • 71
    Michael Howe says:

    I’ll enjoy the heck out of The Magic Sword (Joel: “You know, I was just thinking, this is pretty good for a Bert I Gordon movie.”).

    I’ll hate the holy heck out of ‘Danger Death Ray’ for its ridiculous premise, it’s horrible dubbing, the fact that the death ray only gets about 2 minutes of screen-time, and that stupid ‘you’re worse than an —-‘ line the boss gives out.

    I’ll try to stomach ‘Alien from LA,’ but I doubt I’ll be able to stand much of the helium-enhanced voice work.

    And, I’ll watch ‘The mole people’ for the first time.


  • 72
    radioman970 says:

    @42 You probably grew up with stuff like that too. Ultraman, etc. Smile
    @laura. I’m used to getting that reaction. But I think you’d probably just want to watch it with me and then go back to your main squeeze. I’d have pizza, beer and all… it’s a good deal!


  • 73
    Crow T. Robert says:

    Hurray for Universal! Sure they’ll milk this and we’ll probably only get one episode per box, but hey, keep them coming! Mole People is one I used to have taped but the tape got destroyed. Deadly Mantis, The Undead and Terror from the Year 5000 are the only Sci-Fi eps I was never able to tape and therefore have seen the least of. Of them, I think only Deadly Mantis is Universal but still.


  • 74
    JoeR says:

    Wow, nice selection! I’ll be getting this one for sure.

    I’ll admit, I didn’t like “Alien from LA” at first. But, I gave it a second chance and now it’s one of my favorites. Can’t wait to get it on DVD quality now!


  • 75
    schippers says:

    I’m most excited about Mole People, because of John Agar. He is one of my Four Horseman of the Awesomepocalypse.

    They are:

    * John Agar (natch)
    * Jeff Morrow
    * Rex Reason
    * Rod Taylor


  • 76
    schippers says:

    #67 – Man, I’m totally with you on Rocketship XM.


  • 77
    pondoscp says:

    @76 me too. One day we’ll get it and Jungle Goddess and Rocket Attack USA and it will be glorious!


  • 78
    Mike Donovan says:

    I work at a store that sells dvds and blue rays. I won’t say where or what the name is. But I swear, that a guy who looked and talked just like Torgo came in asking for the new collection, which we don’t carry. He didn’t move or dress like Torgo. At least, he didn’t move like Torgo in his original incarnation. Like Torgo the White, he stood up and walked straight.


  • 79
    Kathy says:

    Another great set!

    The Magic Sword? Don’t tell Gary Lockwood…

    (now watch Shout! pull off the unimaginable and one of the extras on the set is an interview with him)


  • 80
    Dr. Batch says:

    The only one of those I’ve seen is The Mole People, and that was just when it aired. This is great.


  • 81
    schippers says:

    #38 – Man, I’m really thinking hard here but am all thunked out, but I KNOW there is an MST disc (I believe it’s a Rhino release, so may be hard to come by these days) that has an on-camera interview with Mr. BIG himself, his daughter, and Joe Turkel (Turkel was the slimy beat guy in Tormented). Anyway, so I just remembered it’s the Tormented disc, but I can’t remember what box set that one’s in. Anyway, check it out, if you can.


  • 82
    cvn says:

    Another great collection . . . of course, I feel that way about all of them, just hoping against hope that the well doesn’t run dry . . .

    So, what are we down to after Vol. 26? Sixty-two more episodes? Five or six years? Is that enough time to wear down Susan Hart, and track down the owner of the Pumaman rights to his cabin up the Amazon, or atop a mountain somewhere?

    I know the chances of all of them getting a release are next to not at all, but who could have predicted that Shout would unlock the door to Universal and MGM? I won’t put anything past those guys, they’re miracle workers.

    Now, if “The Day the Earth Froze” could just get a berth in a 2013 release. We need us some Sampo!


  • 83
    jedicrippler says:

    Hey! My “gateway drug” episode finally sees release. We didn’t have Comedy Central until after MST3K left it. However MTV one day was airing Alien From L.A. And the rest is history.


  • 84
    Nissa Darkstep says:

    First time poster, but I felt I had to chime in. This is, without a doubt, the finest news I have heard in many (MST) years. I own every official disk and/or set, and have all other episodes on DVD-R, but… three of my all-time favorite episodes on one release? How could they know? So damn sweet…

    …and Alien From L.A. is really good, too!


  • 85
    Mike "ex-genius" Kelley says:

    Laura? You’re taken?

    Then have HIM get you these sets! IIRC, there’s a holiday coming up rather soon. (Otherwise — if I were you, I’d find someone else. Actually, a significant other who doesn’t understand how important MST3K is? That’s a showstopper without a second thought).

    (But please don’t tell me HE’S unemployed as well — because that’s another showstopper ).


  • 86
    Crow T. Robert says:

    Now all we need are some sticks, some marshmallows, and some… outside.


  • 87
    Vadinho! says:



  • 88
    Warren says:

    It’s not my ideal set of episodes but the set is still definitely worth getting. I hope Shout can get down, down, down further into the universal vault for Riding With Death.


  • 89
    dsman71 says:

    Because of the times we are in , I can imagine someone pronouncing The Mole people as in Chicken Mole Grin


  • 90
    The Bone Ranger says:

    Next set, 502-Hercules please…



  • 91
    William Ball says:

    Nice! One of the better sets in terms of episode selection. I will be getting this one for sure, if just to get high quality versions of Alien From L.A. and Danger: Death Ray. The online/DAP uploads of these episodes are quite poor, video-wise.


  • 92

    I havent been able to collect the sets, but Alien From LA? Thats a must. It was the second ep I saw. (The first was Cave Dweller)


  • 93
    radioman970 says:

    @85. If he’s unemployed then I may have to add a few things to my prize package. Laura, do you smoke? (meaning legal) I’m old enough to buy those. I don’t but you can! I’ll bet “he” doesn’t allow!


  • 94
    ck says:

    Btw, is The Mole People where Mike Nelson first
    became a planet destroyer?


  • 95
    FordPrefect says:

    CK @94: Nope. Mike Nelson destroyed his first planet in the following episode, 804 – The Deadly Mantis.


  • 96
    Mike "ex-genius" Kelley says:

    #93 — I don’t think you need to add anything. If Laura’s fellow isn’t a MSTIE, or if he doesn’t love her enough to get her something she so obviously NEEDS, then he’s not a keeper.

    (My wife would dump me in a hot New York minute if I was like that, and we’ve been married for many decades now. If I didn’t enjoy the show as much as she did I doubt whether we’d have lasted even a year).

    Laura — I promise you that you’re worth it (I can say this without knowing anything else about you except you love MST3K. That’s a quality sign in and of itself).


  • 97
    Canucklehead says:

    Another wonderful lineup! Thanks Shout Factory! Smile


  • 98
    Crow T. Robert says:

    I stand corrected -didn’t realize Kitten W. Whip was also Universal. Go Universal, that much more!


  • 99
    Canucklehead says:

    @98 Crow T. Robert – I just realised that too. I’m hoping that the agreement with Universal means that we’ll get to see San Francisco International and Riding With Death soon. Smile


  • 100
    heckubuss says:

    Puma Man, Puma Man, come onnnn, Puma Man.

    Another great set coming up, as I haven’t seen any of those episodes. But come on…..I need me some Puma Man.

    “Help, I’m falling at a 60 degree angle, breaking all the laws of physics!”


  • 101
    Dean says:

    Volume 26 is already up for preorder on, release date is March 26, 2013, for $41.98.


  • 102
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Thanks for the heads up Dean! I am pre-ordered. Just have to wait 4+ months…


  • 103
    Doug says:

    I know “Alien From L.A.” sold everyone else, but for me, the kicker is “Danger! Death Ray”

    “These are not toys!”


  • 104
    radioman970 says:

    @96, I hope she’ll report back about this thing. A deprived Mystie is a sad thing indeed.


  • 105
    StarDustMaiden says:

    Add me to the list of people who are buying this for Alien From L.A.

    Hope we see Track of the Moon Beast and/or Puma Man soon.


  • 106
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    DVD Release Date: March 26, 2013


  • 107
    Deep13_Is_My_ManCave says:

    Another great list from Shout! I seriously have to start catching up with these sets!!


  • 108
    Watch-out-for-Snakes says:


    New Interview with The Magic Sword director Bert I. Gordon
    New Interview With Alien From L.A. director Albert Pyun
    Untitled The Mole People Doc
    Life After MST3K: Mike Nelson
    4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance


  • 109
    Unsung zero says:

    Haven’t seen Alien From LA or Danger Death Ray yet, so I’m looking forward to those. I’d like to see Jungle Goddess, The Painted Hills, and Outlaw in the next few sets.

    I predict for Volume 27:

    108 – The Slime People
    422 – The Day the Earth Froze
    802 – The Leech Woman
    901 – The Projected Man


  • 110
    Old Muley says:

    The Mole People is one of my all time favorites! I can’t wait to get “down, down, to the very center of the Nipple” with the gesture professor.


  • 111
    Yipe Striper says:

    Hurry up, March 26th!!!!