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MSTory Folks We Lost This Year

• 01/07 Hideaki Nitani (age 81), who we think played Harold Atari in the movie in episode 314- MIGHTY JACK.
• 01/09 Andrea Bosic (age 92), who played a bank manager in the movie in episode 1013- DIABOLIK.
• 02/06 Peter Breck (age 82), who played Mooney in the movie in episode 415- THE BEATNIKS and Steve Curan in the movie in episode 106- THE CRAWLING HAND.
• 02/13 Frank Brana (age 77), who played Burt in the movie in episode 303- POD PEOPLE.
• 04/07 Mike Wallace (age 93), narrator in the English version of the movie “Ilya Muromets,” seen in episode 617- THE SWORD AND THE DRAGON.
• 04/18 Robert O. Ragland (age 80), who composed musical score for the movie in episode 908- THE TOUCH OF SATAN.
• 04/29 Joel Goldsmith (age 54), who composed the musical score for the movie in episode 706- LASERBLAST.
• 05/29 Dick Beals (age 85), who probably provided Gumby’s voice in the short ROBOT RUMPUS, seen in episode 912- THE SCREAMING SKULL.
• 06/02 Richard Dawson (age 79), who was impersonated by Crow in a host segment in episode 502- HERCULES.
• 06/04 Herb Reed (age 83), member of the singing group The Platters, who performed in episode 601- GIRLS TOWN.
•06/04 Stan Jolley (86), production designer for the TV movie “The Stranger,” seen in episode 305- STRANDED IN SPACE.
• 06/19 Richard Lynch (age 72), who played Noel in the movie in episode 904- WEREWOLF.
• 07/09 Ernest Borgnine (age 95), who played the grandfather in the movie in episode 1003- MERLIN’S SHOP OF MYSTICAL WONDERS.
• 07/17 Morgan Paull (age 67), who played Salvatore Mistretta in the movie in episode 512- MITCHELL.
• 07/20 Tony Epper (age 73), who played the “terminating hood” in the movie in episode 516- ALIEN FROM L.A.
• 08/08 Kurt Maetzig (age 101), director of the movie in episode 211- FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS.
• 08-24 Steve Franken (age 80), who played Henry Maitland in the movie in episode 305- STRANDED IN SPACE.
• 08/25 Neil Armstrong (age 82), to whom Joel and the bots paid a tribute in a host segment in episode 111- MOON ZERO TWO.
• 09/30 Barbara Ann Scott (age 84), who appeared as herself in the short JOHNNY AT THE FAIR, seen in episode 419- THE REBEL SET.
• 10/12 Norman Grabowski (age 79), who played Skin, one of Mamie Van Doran’s gang, in the movie in episode 601- GIRLS TOWN.
• 10/13 Gary Collins (age 74), who played Steve Bancroft in the movie in episode K19- HANGAR 18.
• 12/26 Gerry Anderson (age 83), producer and creator of the TV series “Stingray,” episodes of which were incorporated into episode K01- INVADERS FROM THE DEEP and the TV series “Captain Scarlet,” episodes of which were incorporated into episode K02- REVENGE OF THE MYSTERONS. He was also the producer of the TV series “Space: 1999,” two episodes of which were incorporated into K10- COSMIC PRINCESS.

23 Replies to “MSTory Folks We Lost This Year”

  1. trickymutha says:

    It was a tough year- we lost some titans, for sure. Yet, it is better to have lived, and been mentioned, or appeared in a puppet show, then to never have been born at all. Carry on, carry on.


  2. trickymutha says:

    • 01/07 Hideaki Nitani (age 81), who we think played Harold Atari in the movie in episode 314- MIGHTY JACK.- according to wiki- he did. Makes me think of breakfast. Or, keeping my eyes closed.


  3. spork says:

    You forgot Charles Durning, whose name is mentioned in the ‘alternate credits’ host segment of “Cave Dwellers”.


  4. trickymutha says:

    Hey hey chickenhead


  5. big61al says:

    Every year the living alumni of the films on the show gets smaller. :sad:
    The constellation MST3K is ever-growing with twinkling stars.


  6. Sampo says:

    Spork–We take these “passing mentions” on a case-by-case basis and in this case we’re taking a pass on Durning. Nobody actually says his name (the same reason we deleted Ann Blythe–her name appears on the side of a tank, but nobody actually says her name) and also if we included him we’d have to add ALL the people in that list into MSTory, and we don’t think that’s a benefit to our readers.


  7. Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    I hope killing that fat barkeep won’t keep Peter Breck out of heaven..


  8. Kenneth Morgan says:

    Some enterprising and far-more-talented-than-I MSTie should put together a video tribute to the ones we’ve lost, like TCM does for the departed every year.


  9. porp0ise says:

    thx, Sampo for this reminder.


  10. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    Song by Jim Carrol


  11. ck says:

    Two WW II medal winners gone, Ernest Borgnine (navy) and
    Charles Durning (army—including D-Day).

    Wow! Ernest almost made a century. Just think if he’d been
    in better shape when he made that movie ( not Merlin’s Hop but a single
    (not pieced together movie) about a lonely butcher who hangs
    out with a bunch of other single guys until he meets just the right lonely
    woman and together pursued by an evil monkey they lead a bunch of rock hard
    ex-convicts behind German lines in exchange for their freedom and Ernest also
    leads a bunch of people out of a huge, sunken ocean liner and at some point someone
    pledges their love from here to eternity and then (it’s so hideous) someone
    yells “McHale!”

    Now if only Ernest, in his stories to the kid, had had Shack appear he would
    have taken care of the evil monkey. No evil monkey rides on Shack’s train all
    the way to Portland, Oregon!

    And it’s all one movie.


  12. Yipe Striper says:

    i like this year end reminder.
    Let’s work on getting this list shorter next year, people…

    the 2 richards hurt…


  13. Magicvoice says:

    Somewhere in the other realm, a Fat Bar keep is being stabbed…


  14. spork says:

    RE: Charles Durning

    Well, it’s your site — which I value and appreciate.
    But I respectfully disagree about the omission.

    The Brains mentioned him visually and specifically in the credits, and it was funny and memorable enough to stand out to me, and I assume others: To me, he’ll always be a part of MST lore by this.


  15. Basil says:

    One other note about Charles Durning: his is the third name listed on the scroll of Doughy Guys. That’s two lists in which BB mentioned him. Please reconsider.


  16. Basil says:

    If I could impose upon you to allow me to list one additional bit of Charles Durning/MST3K stuff. He was mentioned in three riffs during Experiment 307 – Daddy-O.


  17. trickymutha says:

    Go Basil


  18. Richard the Lion-Footed says:

    Do we still have a day where no MSTie Alumni have past away?
    We use to have several, but I can’t remember the last time I saw the died today area blank.


  19. snowdog says:

    Drinking one last NEW Years shot for Neil Armstrong.


  20. Twiggins says:

    Geeze, 22 deaths listed and 21 of them were of the male persuasion. Go figure.


  21. thedumpster says:


    I think some day in February there are no deaths. Not sure which one, but keep an eye out for it.


  22. Dan in WI says:

    And it was just over this long weekend I was watching the recurring SNL sketch “What Up With That” on Hulu where Borgnine had a walk on cameo and he was introduced as a “93 year old sex machine.”


  23. Miles says:

    You forgot to mention Gore Vidal from the intellectual bikers skit.


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