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Jean Jackson, RIP

sunday Picasso Tooloose nighthawks

We are saddened to report the passing of Jean Jackson. Jean was a stalwart MSTie, an incredibly funny person, a talented artist and one of the most sensible people I’ve ever encountered. She will be greatly missed.
Many of you purchased her witty and wonderful MST3K-themed paintings (four of my favorites are shown above)–she was our first and longest-running advertiser. Her ebay store is down, and I have no idea if her prints will ever be available again. If and when we find out for certain I will let you know.

38 Replies to “Jean Jackson, RIP”

  1. Robyn says:

    I loved her paintings – they were so clever. Now I wish I had saved the money to purchase a print.



  2. syferdet says:

    I have a print of the Master’s painting.
    It’s sad to hear about the loss of such a talented person.


  3. mst3ktemple says:

    This is truly sad news. She was very talented and I am proud to own one of her prints.


  4. radioman970 says:

    Unique paintings. Sad to see such a talented artist go.


  5. Barth Gimbal says:

    I was fortunate to get most of them and I had always planned on getting them all, but now…. Truly a great loss for all MSTies.


  6. Dr. Batch says:

    Sad to hear. Great paintings. (I don’t see the MST connection in the first painting, though.)


  7. Sampo says:

    Dr. Batch–The painting is called “Sunday in the Park with Frank.” Look in the center of the painting.


  8. Rachel says:

    Yikes! :( I just bought a print of Cezanntillite of Love in October, and it’s proudly hanging over my MST collection. RIP Jean.


  9. Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    I have been looking at these prints for YEARS and have always wanted to buy one (or more). Saddened to hear of her passing. RIP, Jean. You’ve left a mark on the world, made people smile, made them happy, and in the end, isn’t that all any of us want out of life?


  10. snowdog says:

    RIP. I’ve been meaning to buy a print of “Night Mads” forever.


  11. Stacia says:

    Terrible news. I didn’t know Jean well, but ran into her online regularly starting in I think the late 1990s, on RATMM. Her prints are wonderful. My sincerest condolences to her family and friends.


  12. Jay says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her on a couple occasions — first at GatewayCon, several years later when she and her husband came out here to Vegas. We had a grand old time with that one. Now excuse me while I finally get my copy of “Crow vs. Mitchell” framed.


  13. big61al says:

    how sad….:(


  14. PTomreeves says:

    Her work made us happy. Rest in peace.


  15. Zee says:

    Sad news. Always wanted one of those prints, and have had several of them as my computer wallpaper over the years.


  16. JC says:

    So sad to hear this! I wanted to buy one of her prints for when I moved into my own apartment, partularly the Nightmads piece and the one of a giant Crow in the sky. She was a very talented artist and seemed like a hoot to be around. Rest in peace, Jean.


  17. Sandra Nelson says:

    So sorry to hear of her passing. Is there anyway to buy prints of her work now? I love this and would love to buy something of hers.


  18. No One Important says:

    What a huge loss- her work was beautiful and always brought a smile to me- even on very, very dark days. I’ve never been able to afford a piece by her but I have been a fan for a long time.

    If the family would like donations made in her name- I would love to know about it and gift what we can.


  19. Brandon says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. What did she die from? Wasn’t she young?


  20. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    This was so sad to see, I hope all who knew her take the time to think of all she did and hold onto the funny, creative kind person she was. A person who like all of us here have a love for a certain “cow town puppet show” that in it’s own way gave us all the ability to laugh and escape into a world created by creative people as Jean Jackson was. Like a lot of people on here I planned to buy a few of her things for my MST room and never got around to it, and if her prints are available I plan to get a few. But I know when I see them I’ll feel happy about her creativity and sad about her passing. For all of us that waited and never got around to order her stuff the lesson to learn is best summed up with the closing words of Ecclesiastes 9:11-Time and unforeseen occurrence befall them ( us ) all. Things happen fast in this world and we’re always left with that feeling of I only wish I got to – say – do – thank – that person for bringing a smile or touching us in some way. I hope if the family allows we can see something on here about her life and her other creative things shes done. If not, we all have some great memories of what she did with works of art and our “cow town puppet show” Like a candle that burned brightly in a dark room your creativity lit up our lives and now with your passing Jean the room is dark.


  21. Gary Bowden says:

    Very sad to hear this.She was one talented lady..RIP


  22. Dr. Batch says:

    Sampo: I thought that looked like Frank, but wasn’t sure.


  23. Happenstance says:

    Very sad. Jean Jackson had great talent, she understood parody, and she “got” the ‘Bots and their humans.

    Twenty-eight samples of her MST work (watermarked) can be seen over at I hope someone can make an online shrine of her work, with references to the famous paintings being parodied for us art-illiterates (as she used to have on her original homepage).


  24. MikeK says:


    This is the first I’ve seen of the Nighthawks-inspired painting. It’s bad enough having pizza delivered by Torgo, imagine what’s in the coffee! Never mind the scrambled “eggs”. :shock:


  25. MSTJon says:

    First thing I did when I finally moved out on my own was hang my framed Night Mads print. Clearly she was a skilled artist and she will be missed, though her talent will never be forgotten.


  26. GizmonicTemp says:

    Oh man. I just now had time to catch up on MST3KINFO and am moved by her passing. Obviously she was a talented artist who celebrated timeless classics of art, and honored them by re-imagining them into something else she was passionate about. I was on the fence for so long about ordering a print or two and hope I haven’t missed my chance.



  27. Very talented lady. Rest in peace.


  28. Rocky Jones says:

    I’m very sad to hear this. Her artwork embodied exactly the same elements that made MST what it was…sly and smartass…intelligent…meticulously crafted…and uproariously funny. Mankind has lost one bright, beautiful soul.


  29. Andra M. says:

    Jean, my mom, passed away very quickly and painlessly, we believe from a blood clot to either her heart or her brain, so quickly in fact she didn’t have time to press her Life Alert button. I think we wish we could all go that way, and I know it’s how she wanted to go.

    It was unexpected to be sure. It’s a lot to process, and even a week later I still expect that occasional phone call, funny email, or a happy hello whenever we go to her house.

    All of you meant the world to her. She talked about many of you, and considered MSTies her family. Her biggest joy besides painting (which she started at 12 years old) was bringing you joy with her artwork. Many times I caught her staring into space, and I would smile because I knew she was thinking about what she would be painting next.

    Her final wishes did include giving Satellite News her remaining prints (of which there are hundreds) and electronic copies for even more prints, because she wanted to continue to make all of you happy even after she was gone.

    The best part is reading here and a few other sites about how much you enjoyed her and her artwork. As her daughter I didn’t get to see all the things she did in her life, and it’s both inspiring and touching to know how much of a positive difference she made in people’s lives. I’m thrilled to know her legacy — her joys and her passions — will continue for many years to come.

    To me that makes her still very much alive to me, and I have you to thank for it.

    God Bless,



  30. Andra M. says:

    Oh, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  31. Lori Holuta says:

    Andra, thank you for taking time to tell us more about your mother. She was such a fun woman, and I loved her dearly! I know that along with her talent for painting, she was also a fine writer. Every Halloween I go back and read a little silly story she wrote called “Porch Pals”, it’s become one of my traditions.

    I’m sure everyone will be grateful to be able to obtain a print of a favorite painting. That’s good news that they will be available. I have one we purchased years ago, and I treasure (Sunday in the Park with Frank).

    Take care, and know that lots and lots of folks appreciate your speaking up, and care about you. Big hugs as you work through this emotional time.

    Lori Holuta


  32. Brandon says:

    Was a blood clot why she was in the hospital, or another reason? I’m so sorry for whatever caused that.

    How old was she?


  33. JC says:

    Hi Andra,

    I am so terribly sorry to hear of your loss. Your mother seemed like one hell of a gal, and your memories of her brought tears to my eyes. I absolutely intend to buy one of her prints once they become available again. Also, is there a charity or cause that she favored most? I’d like to donate something in her name.

    All the best and God Bless,



  34. robert says:

    Not just visually talented but verbally witty… The Dorothy Parker of MST3k fandom. She will be missed.


  35. Jason says:

    So sorry for you family’s loss Andra. Bought several prints many years ago and they are proudly framed in my office; they never fail to bring a smile to my face. She was a funny lady, and always so sweet and kind in our exchanges. Godspeed, Jean.


  36. Andra M. says:

    Thanks again for your thoughts, everyone.

    Brandon: The blood clot was the reason she went into the hospital. She was only 65 years old. I like to believe that she’s in heaven now painting to her heart’s content. That alone will take an eternity, because she loved it so.

    JC: We have an idea as far as giving to a charity, but we need to set some things up first. I will let you what that is when we get it all figured out. It’s gonna be awesome, I think.


  37. Andra, I just wanted to chime in as another who would like to know whenever you get the charity details sorted out. I also wanted to invite you to a Facebook group that I set up some time ago, where there are many of us who remember Jean fondly. The group is listed as “closed” but our policy is open admission – “RATMMers on Facebook,”

    Thank you so much for taking the time to check in here. You have your mother’s generous heart.


  38. Tarpo says:

    Thanks for writing and letting us know about her Andra. She was loved. I was such a fan of her work and she even reached out to me after I posted a link to her prints and sent me my personal favourite Gamera at the Vet. I was so saddened and shocked to hear she was gone but to hear it was peaceful and quick gives me a little comfort. She was a special wonderful woman. I hope knowing so many of us share in your grief and loved her so much can bring some comfort to you and your family.


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