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Weekend Discussion Thread: Disagreeing with the Brains

Alert reader Janelle asks:

What references or assessments made in the show or ACEG do you disagree with? I mean, not everyone hates high energy prop comic Carrot Top or there wouldn’t be anyone going to his shows, right? Maybe there are MSTies that love Gallagher, Carrot Top or Jim Carrey. My personal disagreements with the writers are minor in nature. I may stand alone on this (like Tom and his affection for “Blanksy’s Beauties”) but Jim Varney was not as terrible as they implied. Of course the Ernest character was idiotic but he took it and made a very funny Saturday morning show back in the late ‘80s. It was on the air at about the same time as “Pee Wee’s Playhouse.” It only lasted one season and was silly at times, but also sly and satirical (sound like any other show you know of? Hmmmm?). My other dispute, even more minor, is that in ACEG Michelle from “Girl in Gold Boots” is referred to (I think by Paul Chaplin) as “zaftig’. Whenever I watch that episode, I think to myself ”I should be so zaftig”

I have one I mentioned in the episode guide: I’m a huge Counting Crows fan and, while Adam’s “wounded soldier of love” schtick can wear a little thin after a while, in general I don’t find it, or the band, repellant. The bit was still funny, though.

Is there any riff or observation where you disagree?

201 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Disagreeing with the Brains”

  1. SATURN2 says:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a disagreement with MST3K,but I want to weigh in with the Gallagher fans-Back in the 90’s I saw a number of Las Vegas comedy shows including a show Gallagher did at the Sands before they tore it down-Before the show he came out and talked to the fans,very friendly and thanking us for coming to see him and rather sheepishly asking us to help him cover the chairs with plastic-the Sands was obviously going to make him pay for the mess-It was BIG FUN,a great show and probably the best time I had at any of the shows I saw-Glad I spent $3 for the plastic raincoat! During this period I also saw Buddy Hackett who was drunk,not funny and nasty to the audience,George Carlin who was sober,not funny,and nasty to the audience-Carlin acted like we were some 1963 Vegas audience too straight to understand his hip humor,even though most of us were fans who knew his routines by heart-Very weird and disappointing.And this one’s for TV’s Frank:Another great show I saw was Don Rickles(with guest Debbie Reynolds!)at the Desert Inn-The legendary Keely Smith was playing in the small lounge,and the night I saw her Don Rickles and Richard Lewis came in to banter with her-this is when they were doing the Daddy Dearest show-Actually Rickles pretended to heckle her and Richard Lewis just stood in awe of this great Old Vegas moment!Mr.Conniff,Thank You for your contributions to this discussion,it’s exciting for us fans for one of the Creators to be involved-Please tell Mary Jo I always thought Pearl was sexy-evil sexy!Very amusing that the topic of disagreeing with MST3K jokes would lead to you having a disagreement here with mansquatch-I saw Yes in 1972-they were my favorite band-with the Eagles as the opening act-Dissing the Eagles is NOT baffling to me!Thanks again,Mr.Conniff!


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