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Reminders: RiffTrax at SFSketchFest/”Best of RiffTrax”

RiffTrax will open this year’s SFSketchFest in San Francisco Thursday, Jan. 24, at 8 p.m. at The Castro Theatre with “Night of the Shorts IV: Riffizens on Patrol.” Mike will be there this year, along with Kevin and Bill. Joining them will be guest riffers Kevin McDonald (“The Kids in the Hall”), Adam Savage (“Mythbusters”), Kristen Schaal (“30 Rock”), Paul F. Tompkins (“Best Week Ever”) and frequent Rifftrax Presents team Cole Stratton (Pop My Culture podcast) and Janet Varney (“The Legend of Korra”). Tickets available here.

Many folks in the rest of the nation can also see RiffTrax on the 24th: Fathom will be presenting the first of two “RiffTrax Live” repeat showings in movie theaters, which they’re calling “The Best of RiffTrax.” On the 24th they’ll be showing the Aug. 8, 2012, riff of “Manos” The Hands of Fate,” featuring shorts “Welcome Back, Norman” and “At Your Fingertips: Cylinders.”
The following week, on Jan. 31, they’ll be showing a repeat of the Aug. 20, 2009. riff of “Plan 9 From Outer Space,” featuring the short “Flying Stewardesses,” hosted by Veronica Belmont with musical guest Jonathan Coulton. More info here.

10 Replies to “Reminders: RiffTrax at SFSketchFest/”Best of RiffTrax””

  1. Dan in WI says:

    I’m shut out on Manos get again. The original show was cancelled due to satelite link problems and that same theater is passing on the opportunity to make it up to the Green Bay WI area fans by just plain not showing the encore even though they couldn’t show the original showing.


  2. Kenneth Morgan says:

    I couldn’t get to both, since I work Thursday nights and I don’t figure on being able to take two consecutive Thursday nights off. So, I’m going to see “Manos”, since I can get “Plan 9” on DVD.

    One tip for viewers: arrive very early. The last couple of times, they’ve been showing test footage from other Rifftrax events before the into music/titles and ads.


  3. Goshzilla says:

    Once again my local AMC has a poster up for an event that they’re not showing. I’ll happily drive to accursed New jersey for a new RiffTrax live event, but not for a rerun. I will certainly be buying the Manos DVD when they offer it, though. Great fun, as always.


  4. Steelhawk says:

    I will probably have to turn in my Mystie Decoder Ring for admitting this, but next week will be the first time I have seen Plan 9 in any form. I just hope the theater is full so I can enjoy the full effect.

    Can’t wait to see Manos again this week. It’s going to be my reward for getting through my evaluation at work tomorrow.


  5. Criswell predicts... says:

    …that Steelhawk will have an excellent time next Thursday evening. But who knows what future events may befall us all in the future? Keep watching the skies!


  6. Anyone going to the Plan 9 show in Albany, NY? Let’s meet up; I’m going with my boyfriend and Eeon of the Canned Laser podcast (listen to them, they’re funny–I’m the guest on the Cutthroat Island podcast) and then go for tacos at Bomber’s Burrito Bar!


  7. Laura says:

    I can’t attend either show. My car is in the shop due to a bad oil leak, and I have no money to go anyway. :cry: :pain:


  8. Rachel says:

    Urgh, I wish they hadn’t scheduled these for the same night. We’re leaving for the live Rifftrax in an hour, but I really wanted to see Manos again! I hope they release it on DVD eventually.

    First world problems!


  9. GizmonicTemp says:

    Manos time! Again! With the wife! And friends! Euphoria!


  10. KidFlash25 says:

    Going to Plan 9 next week in Rochester, NY. Theatre TBD (both theatres that aired Manos/Birdemic are doing the honors here). The show is rough compared to the other live events, and have warned my Manos and Birdemic-loving buddy that it isn’t the same. (They really have got it down to a science at this point, though.) However, he’s never seen Plan 9, so if his class schedule pans out, he’ll be in.

    @Kenneth Morgan: when you say very early, how early?


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