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23 comments to New VOD from RiffTrax…

  • 1
    Laura says:


    (Sorry. Thought of The Simpsons when I saw this Grin )


  • 2
    Mike "ex-genius" Kelley says:

    Actually, this is the only RT preview I’ve seen that actually isn’t funny at all.

    I think I’ll pass (and I buy EVERYTHING RT does, at least VOD. Weird, but this one seems to have missed the boat).


  • 3
    Droppo says:

    Um, seriously Mike Kelley? Odd.

    Bought it and can’t wait to watch.


  • 4
    Goshzilla says:



  • 5
    JCC says:

    Someone in this movie has to be one day away from retirement.


  • 6
    losingmydignity says:

    I don’t watch the previews at all anymore. I like a surprise.


  • 7
    Dr. Batch says:



  • 8
    Frank Conniff says:

    Steve James, an actor who died way too young, is in this movie, and he was a huge MST3K fan. I remember reading a fan letter that he sent to Best Brains way back when. You could tell from reading the letter that he was a really nice guy. Bet he would have enjoyed being riffed.


  • 9
    Travis says:

    According to Simpsons DVD commentaries this movie is the reason McBain wasn’t called McBain on the show for many years. If he was referred to as anything but Ranier Wolfcastle ever again after the first few seasons that is, I can’t remember


  • 10
    ToolAssist says:

    #9: Actually, Wolfcastle was originally named McBain (The first episode with him in it, The Way We Was, aired in January 1991.) After the release of the film, the owners refused to give Groening and 20th Century Fox the clearance to use the name, so they just gave him that name instead to sidestep the inability to call him his original name. However, when A Star Is Burns first aired, they were able to use McBain again. He’s still called Rainier, but his movies are now McBain again.

    I’m a geek Big Frown


  • 11
    PTomreeves says:

    Thanks ToolAssist! I always enjoy a little trivia.


  • 12
    Opus says:

    Magic ticket my ass McBain.


  • 13
    JCC says:

    That is amazing, Frank! I loved Steve James when I was a kid, he was badass in American Ninja 2 and really funny in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. I was surprised and saddened when I finally Googled him a few years ago and found out he had passed away.

    Even though I have childhood nostalgia for it, that doesn’t mean it(American Ninja 2) shouldn’t be mercilessly Rifftraxed or something similar. The close up shot where it’s clearly not Michael Dudikoff alone is worth a million laughs.


  • 14
    Droppo says:


    Thank you for letting us laugh at love….again.

    Seriously, you’re the best. Whether it’s MST3K, Cinematic Titanic or your hilarious tweets, you’re one of the funniest people on the planet.


  • 15

    I was sold on first sight. I don’t have to watch the preview or even like Rifftrax to know I’m now putting McBain in my home video catalog. Honestly, I’m amazed by how amazed I am.


  • 16

    This movie is a lot of fun. Like COMMANDO, it’s “bad” but awesome.


  • 17
    MikeK says:

    I like that Frank comes by to tell us anecdotes like that about Steve James. Thank you Frank. I liked Steve James. I remember reading a martial arts magazine article about his death. I think it was Black Belt magazine.


  • 18
    BenMurphyIsMellow says:

    More love for Steve James… As a reclusive teenager in the 80s, I spent many a Friday night watching rented action videos and Mr. James was in many of them always giving a first rate performance, He was Robert The Ginty’s side-kick in The Exterminator and also William Freidkin’s To Live And Die In LA plus about a million other 80s martial-arts masterpieces.

    He seemed to be a heckuva nice guy and died way too young.


  • 19
    R.A. Roth says:

    Movie Factoid: the entire budget for McBain was spent on pyrotechnics and dead fish used to slap Christopher Walken into character.


  • 20
    Goshzilla says:

    Dead fish: “Eww! I touched Christopher Walken!”

    Fun fact: On the local radio station I listen to, Christopher Walken calls in on Friday mornings during football season to give his picks. I’m pretty sure it’s really him. He’s a very weird dude.


  • 21
    Neptune Man says:

    Hmmm…Those are some made-for-tv Colombians.


  • 22
    Erik @ RiffTrax says:

    @Mike “Ex-genius”: A lot of people are telling us it’s one of our best, and who are we to argue? Wink


  • 23
    Shellie says:

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