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Weekend Discussion Thread: That Moment that Completely Cracked You Up

Alert reader Stacy suggests (well, I kind of altered her suggestion a little — sorry, Stacy — but this was part of it) that you share a moment from the show that completely cracked you up. For her, it was…:

…the singing of “She’s old” when the old woman was going down the stairs in “The Atomic Brain.” Laughed until I cried!

Well, there’s so many, but one I love is this:

What’s yours?

174 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: That Moment that Completely Cracked You Up”

  1. MikeK says:

    From Hamlet, yes, Hamlet: Mike and the ‘Bots return to the theater after a host segment. We see Ophelia working on her embroidery, a flower on a pillow. Ophelia is looking sad and, before sitting down, Mike says, “It’s supposed to be a duck.”


  2. rcfagnan says:

    There are a LOT, lemme tell ya. But the ones that pop to mind most quickly are the Orville Popcorn sketch from “Godzilla vs. Megalon,” the line “Douglas was pear-shaped, very short, and stood the whole way” when finding the space capsule in “Monster-A-Go-Go,” of course COWBOY MIKE’S OWN ORIGINAL RED-HOT RICOCHET (bang bang pew) BAR-B-Q SAUCE!, the “rushing the Halloween season” sketch/parody from “Track of the Moon Beast,” and without a doubt the entirety of “Jack Frost” but especially Mike Nelson IS Lord of the Dance!


  3. BigStupid says:

    “Sam, I’ve been blown to several thousand bits but I’ve got to finish these patent papers!”

    Mr. B Natural – that short made me a fan for life. The bots yelling “MOMMMM!” as she flits around the kid’s bedroom. Priceless.

    “You’re evil, and I hope you all have snacks!”


  4. MikeK says:

    The whole potato scene in Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell. Between the movie itself and Mike and ‘bots, it’s just hilarious.


  5. Mitchell "Rowsdower" Beardsley says:

    The moment, in Pod People, when they’re spoofing the ‘It Stinks!’ song and Joel utters the words ‘sack of monkeys in my pocket…’

    I knew I had found something very special.


  6. Bombastic Biscuit Boy says:

    Mister B Natural is the grand hodaddy of belly-laughs, if you ask me…
    I love when Crow loses it and screams “OH MY GOD!! TELL ME THIS ISN’T HAPPENING!!”

    Runners up:
    “Eeegah! Eeegah! Bonk bonk on the head!!”
    There is one terrifying word in the world of nuclear physics… “Oops”
    “Heeere Comes The DEVIL!”
    “Hey, we’ve come to get Scruffy, our pet lion…OH MY GOD!!!”


  7. EricJ says:

    107 – The Home Economics Story: “I’m a Q-Tip! What are you!”
    Speech: Using Your Voice: “This man is wearing a push-up bra. Now he’s pleasing.”

    “We were, uh, traveling for weeks in the, uh, er…”

    And how could I forget–
    Santa Claus, in Lupita’s nice Amarcord-like hovel, we see the organ grinder playing outside the window for the whole scene:
    Crow: (as John Cleese) “WILL you shut that bloody organ grinder up??”

    And so many in Wild World of Batwoman:
    – The added horseshoe-fight sounds
    – The extra “Aah!” as Mad Scientist gives Dopey Assistant a goodbye kiss
    – The hallowed-university music as the scientist and assistant exit, and Servo singing the freshman version: “And your brains ain’t up to par…And your ears stick out too far”


  8. Creeping-Death says:

    The scene in Projected Man where they’re investigating a murder and one of the policemen asks “Can I get on?” And Servo replies “Well, he’s dead, but knock yourself out.”
    Most of the ending where Dr. Bradford is attempting to “escape” from the Creeping Terror has me in stitches.

    In the RiffTrax for “The Sixth Sense”, when Bruce Willis’ character is telling Haley’s character a story, and talks about Donnie Wahlburg’s character and Mike mentions “Let’s call him Tidy Whitey Suicidey.”


  9. BenMurphyIsMellow says:

    Servo’s additional lyrics to “California Lady” made a Pepsi come out of my nose – very painful.

    Melting man: It’s Dr Ted Nelson! (of Ted Nelson Plumbing and Heating) – loved that.

    And many more…


  10. Danzilla "Cornjob" McLargehuge, Student of Kaijuology says:

    “Bring me a moist… towelette…”


  11. Kali says:

    I always love it when they put meta touches of the show itself into their riffs, like when they see the moon in “Manhunt in Space”:
    Servo: Look! It’s the MST3K logo!
    Joel: You’re not supposed to know about that!
    Servo: Oh! (whistling nonchalantly in “I didn’t see what I really saw” style)

    Bela putting on his lab coat in “Bride of the Monster:”
    Servo: It’s a sinister day in the laboratory, a sinister day in the lab, hello!
    Joel: Hey, it’s Dr. Clayton Forrester.
    (the bots laugh)
    Crow: Jerk!

    And, of course, when the very familiar figure falls into the web of the giant spider in “Earth vs. the Spider”
    Joel! Dr. Earhart, no! So that’s what happened to him!!

    But one of my favorites comes in “Manhunt in Space,” with the alarm bells that sound like a certain alien life form from across the pond:
    Servo: Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

    I love it…


  12. Kali says:

    “Riding with Death”

    Servo: Mike, I think I need a new handle. Call me, the Delta Lady.
    Mike: Um, no!


  13. Blast Hardcheese says:

    Mr. B Natural

    Mr B: Inspect your horn boy
    Crow: and wash it every day

    Seen it 1000 times and still can’t help but crack up laughing.


  14. C.Jack says:

    So many it’s hard to narrow down, but here goes:
    In Red Zone Cuba, right after Coleman chokes him, Cook looks at Coleman and Mike says,”May I finish my story?” in this annoyed voice. Never fails to crack me up.

    And in Bloodlust, the crazy ranting guy and Mike and the bots reaction to him floors me.


  15. boo says:

    “I’m gonna sink the bitch” from the Blockbuster Review special. Laughed for days. In later interview Kevin Murphy said he was especially proud of that one.


  16. Grabes says:

    So much laughter reading through this list.

    Screaming Skull: When Crow plays the part of the skull and Mike keeps pummeling him whilst screaming. Love it.

    The junk drawer organizer skit where they ask “and how many times have you asked ‘where the hell did I put that gun’?”

    Design for dreaming short: “Honey what’s for dinn.. OH MY GOD”

    Time Chasers: “Check The Flaps Before Taking Off!!”


  17. Joel Kazoo says:

    Crow’s nonchalant dismissal of some kid’s crayon drawing at the end of “Hercules Against the Moonmen” never fails to leave me ROTFL. The way he just blurts out “It’s not really that good!” is such a perfect Crow-being-Crow moment.


  18. BIG G BURGER says:

    “He tried to kill me with a forklift”


  19. Edward says:

    In Hercules after the opening text states that the gods have a mortal weakness and the movie opens on a pasture scene with grazing sheep. Crow says, “Boy, I hope that’s not his mortal weakness.”
    That was one of the first episodes I saw and I couldn’t believe what I heard. It doesn’t make me cry like the first time since the shock value is gone but I still crack up at that one.


  20. Anita says:

    Last Clear Chance:

    Narrator: Now where did that train come from?

    Crow: The STATION?


  21. Turkey Volume Guessing Man says:

    “Schick out of shape”
    Any questions? Didn’t think so.


  22. Big McLargeHuge says:

    It’s gotta be when Servo absolutely loses it when Mitchell and the annoying kid are arguing. I just watched it again, and sure enough, I could not help laughing out loud.


  23. ragingstallion says:

    So many to choose from, but the one that totally caught me by surprise (and still makes me roar to this day): “This is more dangerous. We’d better get going.”
    Crow: “But I’ve got a mantis in my pantis.”


  24. JayTor2112 says:

    My description my be a bit off since I haven’t seen it in a long time, but one that sticks out in my mind is the moment in “Devil Fish” I believe, where this girl lets out a ridiculous sounding laugh, and Crow goes “…the hell?” The one two punch there got me going.


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