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Weekend Discussion Thread: That Moment that Completely Cracked You Up

Alert reader Stacy suggests (well, I kind of altered her suggestion a little — sorry, Stacy — but this was part of it) that you share a moment from the show that completely cracked you up. For her, it was…:

…the singing of “She’s old” when the old woman was going down the stairs in “The Atomic Brain.” Laughed until I cried!

Well, there’s so many, but one I love is this:

What’s yours?

174 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: That Moment that Completely Cracked You Up”

  1. dafs says:

    “Beer cans everywhere!”


  2. Fart Bargo says:

    908 – THE TOUCH OF SATAN, in the scene where Luther is explaining to Jodie that the secret to his great home made cider is that he puts peanuts in it, Crow cracks “I sure hope he said peanuts!” My reaction was a cola spit take followed by some deep hardy hars.


  3. Stoneman says:

    “The Dead Talk Back”, the host segment where Crow takes his meandering Jerry Garcia guitar solo, and as he goes on, we see Mike and Tom playing chess, the Mads are sleeping, then Mike is folding laundry and Gypsy is reading “War and Peace”- having heard my share of guitar solos that have slipped their restraints, I found myself laughing harder and harder. The cherry on top was Mike trying to get Crow’s attention, and Crow says “Almost done, Mikey”. Fantastic stuff.


  4. Smoothie of Great Power says:

    When watching the show alone:
    “I bowled last night and I’m pretty stiff,” from The Sword and the Dragon

    When watching with a group of friends, the entire “I like coffee” exchange from Skydivers. It still remains one of our collective favorite moments in the entire series to this day.


  5. Sitting Duck says:

    In Revenge of the Creature when the beach is being search, Crow says, “Look what we found! A sand dollar!” Which showed that, even though Bill’s puppeteering skills at that point sucked, at least his comic timing was good.

    Another one happens in Werewolf, when the archaeologist talks about how skinwalkers imitate the behaviors of their animal form even while in human form. When he mentions sleeping nose to anus, Tom remarks, “What? It’s fun!”


  6. huggybear says:

    The first 20 minutes or so of “The Giant Spider Invasion”. Every minute spend with the Kester’s is pure hilarity. I especially crack up when Mike says, “They’re only poor in spirit, and hygiene, and moral fiber…….”


  7. Pemmican says:

    In “Space Mutiny,” during the first heart pounding scooter-mobile-thingy chase, two moments:

    Mike: “I could go faster, but I’d have to drop the waxing compound!”

    Tom: “Sound the horn!” *hums circus tune*

    On the latter, my buddy and I nearly fell off of the couch!


  8. Diablodog says:

    The first time we saw Mitchell, we kept rewinding and watching the scene where they’re making fart sounds when he stands up. We couldn’t stop laughing.


  9. Murdock Hauser says:

    In “Space Mutiny” when Lt. Lemont comes back from the dead after being shot by Kalgan. Then Crow saying “I think it’s very nice of you to give that dead woman another chance”.


  10. trickymutha says:

    There are so many- last night we were watching “Quest of the Delta Knights” – the line-“The Big Guy’s sweat is good tonight” made me roar pretty loud.


  11. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank says:

    “Mom, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you Puerto Rican?”

    “Mom, my nuts?”


  12. Lloyd's Lungs says:

    “Star Force” — the whole “Tom Servo is dead” host segment sequence. When Tom came back to life stuck in a Harry Caray impersonation, I lost it. It was one of those late-night Comedy Central viewings. Woke up the whole family.

    “We shoulda let you die.” –Crow


  13. Brian says:

    Nearly every riff in the Gesture Professor intro to Mole People floors me.


  14. Blowie the Dolphin says:

    In “The Phantom Planet”, when Makonnen (he’s some guy) calls out the coordinates, Chapman asks him if he’s sure. Makonnen says “Why”, and Mike says “We’re under water!”.


  15. spork says:

    The unrelenting musical callback of “HE TRIED TO KILL ME WITH A FORKLIFT…”

    nuff said


  16. fatbarkeep says:

    So many moments to choose from…..
    Dr. Forrester’s “Sleep! In heavenly peace!”
    TV’s Frank “I don’t fink on soul brother.”
    But the one that really cracked me up and sticks in my memory is from “She-Creature.” The “Tickle me Carlo Lombardi” song that Crow sings still runs through my brain and pops out at any time for no reason whatsoever.
    So many moments…..


  17. Other Stephanie says:

    Pretty much all of Outlaw (of Gor). I missed easily half the riffs and most of the sketches because I was laughing too much the first time I saw it.


  18. Zor Prime says:

    Probably the short “A Date With Your Family.” There’s that one quick close-up of the daughter over which Servo says “Daddy, I’m dating a negro.” It never fails to make me laugh.


  19. John M Hanna says:

    Every time Tom loses it at a movie, I laugh uncontrolably. Screaming “ENNND! ENNNNNND!” at ‘Wild World Of Batwoman’ or his rant during the endless dogfight scene in ‘Invasion Of The Neptune Men’ come to mind.


  20. Kenneth Morgan says:

    Two moments I particularly remember…

    First, the “Posture Pals” and “Appreciating Our Parents” shorts. They were first run not too long after I’d gotten out of the hospital following an operation. It was quite possibly my first MST fix in a month, and they made me laugh so hard I was pulling my stitches. So, it really did hurt when I laughed (not that I’m complaining).

    Second, the Trooper Tom Servo segment after “Last Clear Chance”. Don’t mean to be morbid, but Mike’s over-the-top screaming really cracked me up. Just like Tom’s screams during the new head routine, too, actually.

    Actually, that does sound odd…


  21. Blast Hardcheese says:

    “Space Mutiny” has so many moments, but the scene where Commander Santa is with the Bellerian woman is unrelentingly funny–“Finally, Christmas comes to Santa!” “Wanna see me shake like a bowlful of jelly?” “Someone did leave a cookie out for me!” I had to pause it for a good five minutes to recover.

    My favourite collective moment happened when I was showing a class “Assignment: Venezuela” (it was a class on Globalisation, so there was some academic connection, really. And it was the last day of class). They were enjoying it all the way through, but the moment when Crow yells out “Bag-o in car-o!” brought a huge roar of laughter–35 people all losing it at the same time. I think I made a few converts that day.


  22. Trumpy's Dad says:

    One of the Hercules movies
    Crow: “Oh Lord! The canary exploded!”
    I still don’t know why I find it so hysterical.


  23. AlbuquerqueTurkey says:

    Two songs – “Tubular Boobular Joy” and “The Canada Song”. I was in major pain the first time I saw them, and I still can’t control myself when I see them.


  24. MSTie says:

    Oh, the choices. I’d have to say the laboratory moment in “Werewolf” when the silver-haired archeologist (male) walks in, and Mike and the ‘bots all chorus, “Hi, Grandma!” We were all laughing so hard we had to pause the disc and wait to recover. “Wahr-wilf” has several other moments that crack me up too — the car chase scene, the ever-changing hair of Yuri. Good times.


  25. Pope Ed Asner says:

    1. An Invention Exchange involving breakfast, baked goods and bazookas, with the line “Loose mortar, I’ll save you,” followed by an explosion of whipped cream!!

    2. A riff from Crow during “Teenagers from Outer Space,” that followed something of the superior race with “Turn Rush Limbaugh off,” as the character was looking toward the radio in the car that he was driving!!


  26. snowdog says:

    In Phantom Planet, when Captain Lunkhead falls down and goes into a delirium, M&tBs do the voices in his head. That never fails to make me laugh hard. “You’ll have to repeat third grade..grade.. grade…” They do the same thing when the camera pulls in for a inexplicable close up of the girl in Are You Ready For Marriage.


  27. Garza says:

    The Joel years:

    “Seatopia. Seatopia run. Run, topia, run.”

    The Mike years:

    “Snipes. DeNiro. The fan.”


  28. bobhoncho says:

    The endless burping and farting in “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank,” plus Crow laughing that whole time.

    And the Barbeque Sauce bit is one that I will always throw on if I am in a blue funk!


  29. Ang says:

    In Track of the Moon Beast when Johnny Longbone says: “I know what you’re thinking” and then Servo says “I’m boring and my slideshow eats” makes me laugh much harder than it should.


  30. ToolAssist says:

    We have to get to Uranus to wipe out the Klingons!


  31. Sid says:

    Zombie Nightmare:
    “So, hell’s right there!
    Yeah, that’s why you should call before you dig.”


  32. Canucklehead says:

    So many scenes…

    I really, really love Racket Girls, and especially the host segments. Everyone seemed to be having lots of fun, and there were just so many great moments:

    “Have you been helped?”
    “I’m sorry, Dr. F, we’re not receiving you.” “Oh, what the heck…!?”
    “One guy says, ‘I’m alone, I’m miserable!’, decides to get married, and all hell breaks loose!”


    Any of the Coleman Francis movies, too, Skydivers especially.

    Lots of those moments in Rifftrax too. My personal favourite is from the short “Little Red Hen”, when Bill bursts into the Benny Hill chase music. So fun.


  33. Danzilla "Cornjob" McLargehuge, Student of Kaijuology says:

    Oh boy, where to begin… Tom and Joel singing “o/ peakin’ through the knott hole, in grandma’s woodin’ leg… o/” for Ro-Man’s hilarious walking scenes in “Robot Monster”! It’s one of my favorite bits from the entire series and never fails to nearly kill me with laughter!

    In “Apreciating Our Parents”, when the little boy puts his piddly couple of pennies in his piggy bank, and Tom says “Give Porky some pants!” Just floors me every time!

    “The Unearthly” is full of moments, but I love the scene with the twitchy guy. “rerr! “rerrrr!” “reeeer” “rer” “REEEERRRR!!!!”

    And of course, one of my all time favorites is in “Overdrawn At the Memory Bank”, when Fingal/Daisy gets drunk. There is a 3 second scene of poor Daisy hanging her head, and Crow narrates the scene: “I don’t know, it’s just… I…” PERFECT!!!!!!!! :D

    And then there is the scene with the Fat Man in his car at the airport: “TO WENDY’S!” Pretty much all the Fat Man scenes floor me! “You are being terminated…” “with extreme porkchops!” :D


  34. MikeK says:

    “You smell like rain.”

    “Well thank you.”


  35. monoceros4 says:

    I’m not much of a laugh-aloud person and often I can look quite stone-faced even when I’m highly amused. But when Tom Servo suddenly bursts into, “She’s a maniac, MAAA-niac on the floor,” during the credits of Space Mutiny I really did burst out laughing. The musical medley at the end of Wuhrwelf got me laughing too but that was more of a slow build.

    Pretty sure I was laughing during the little scene in Invasion U.S.A. where the redoubled guard on the Capitol, i.e. two guys, get mowed down by the invading Rooskies. Partly it’s because they get in a few really good riffs in under a minute (“The Cubs! Uh, Studs Terkel! Saul Bellow! Oh, never mind…”) but also because the whole scene is so ridiculous. It’s obvious that to save money they filmed the scene with the absolute minimum of actors and staging–just a row of sandbags in front of a backdrop of the Capitol dome–so the effect is to make you wonder whether the entire Army consists of a dozen men.


  36. Matthew Redwine says:



  37. Stoneman says:

    The “Have A Patrick Swayze Christmas” host segment.

    In “Werewolf”, when Noel (Grandma) takes Uri out of the party because Uri is being an annoying drunk, and tells Uri to “Go take a walk or something!” Uri sways and says, with a tight jaw, “Yeah…I’ll take a walk…”, and Crow says “over to Kirk Douglas’ house!” A great impersonation, albeit briefly.


  38. Mayor Of Simpleton says:

    Was watching Sinister Urge last night when Mike uttered this piece of brilliance:

    “Jeez you could shave with her voice.”


    Crow: “I bet Coleman Francis would make a really lumpy mattress”

    And Crow’s Jerry Lewis impression in The Creeping Terror.

    There’s a ton more, of course, but these are the ones I first thought of.


  39. It was a rainy day-and he shot her.


  40. Alex says:

    ^ Just about sums it up.


  41. Slorge Gridlock says:

    Patrick Swayze Christmas… still plays over and over in my head.
    also, every time Mike destoys a planet. comic gold.


  42. I was all but crying during the “Why Don’t They Look” skit from Radar Secret Service–Mike’s screams of pain as he stabs a sandwich into his eye, poor dope . . . but what really gets me is Trooper Tom describing hot plates “Sure, they’re cool, they’re boss . . .” before Mike sticks it to his face and howls with pain. I’m laughing now as I type this.

    I put “The Canada Song” on a mix I made for my writing partner/BFF Matthew, and he got laughing so hard at Servo’s freak-out that he had to stop the car before he drove us off the road.


  43. Dave says:

    This one still makes me laugh ’till I cry ( even though I know it’s coming ) . Swamp Diamonds : discussing other names that Mike ” Touch ” Connors could have chosen …such as Fudge or Scrod


  44. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    1. Are you happy at your work? From I ACCUSE MY PARENTS.
    2. The Vacuum cleaner autopsy. From RING OT TERROR
    3. The Sidehackers song. From- you know.
    That’s all I got for now, I’ll get some more later, some classic stuff with Mike era shows.


  45. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    1. Crow dancing ( stripping ). From GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS.
    2. Crow as Jerry Garcia. From THE DEAD TALK BACK. This kills my wife, we have a DEAD disc with a live long version of FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN and every time my wife hears it start to play she says all she can see is Crow playing that cheesy solo that goes on forever.


  46. Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy says:

    @ #18…beat me to it! I had to pause so I wouldn’t miss anything.

    Also, Johnny at the Fair when the horse attempts to get milk from his mom and crow replies “Oh, sorry dad”



  47. Tjardus says:

    I am a huge Godzilla/Gamera fan so I saw those episodes long before I watched any other MST shows. So my first “on the floor laughing” moment was at the end of Gamera vs. Guiron when the boys say for the hundredth time traffic accidents & Joel and the bots scream “WHATS WITH THE TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS!!”


  48. Tab Hunter says:

    I started watching MST when I was a kid, then started re-watching again after I was grown up, whereon I started getting all the subtle dirty jokes. So one moment that really cracked me up was from Danger!! Twist Tie:

    Bart Fargo: “I’ll come over tomorrow afternoon and we’ll go out in the boat.”
    Lucille: “Yes, darling! But come as soon as you can!”
    Mike [sotto voce]: “That’s what I usually do …”


  49. Rose from NJ says:

    “Out of This World” (my favorite short), had me in tears throughout most of it. Every riff was a winner. Bread guy: “There are lots of customers coming in here”. Crow: “They’re like roaches”. Bread guy: “I hope I didn’t bore you”. Lady: “No, quite the opposite”. Mike: “You terrified me!” Bread guy offers a sweet dough to the grocer, who goes out of shot and we hear chewing and gulping noises. Mike: “Take it out of the wrapper first”. Bread guy: “You know…” Mike: “Sometimes I want to put a bullet in my skull”. Etc., etc……


  50. Jerru says:

    I started watching the show late in 1999. I remember the first time I saw Space Mutiny that December, the guys driving around in the silly golf carts and Big McLargehuge, I think I woke up my brother in the next room with how loud I was laughing. It still cracks me up 14 years later. I had seen several episodes at that point, but with that episode I became hooked.


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