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RIP Del Tenney

Tenney JUPITER, Fla.–Delbert “Del” Tenney, the producer and director of the movie in episode 817- THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH, died at his home here Feb. 21. He was 82. He acted on Broadway and did extra work in “Stalag 17” and “The Wild Ones.” Following successful stints of summer stock, he moved behind the camera. In addition to “Horror of Party Beach,” he is also known for “The Curse of the Living Corpse.”
He and wife were also patrons of the arts, donating to many local theater companies. In his later years, he sold real estate.

In other passings, I can’t keep track of everybody in all the RiffTrax movies, but I happened to notice: James K. Shea, producer/director of “Planet of Dinosaurs” died recently of a heart attack. Also, Sidney Berger, who played peeping tom John Linden in “Carnival of Souls” passed away earlier this month.

12 Replies to “RIP Del Tenney”

  1. Thomas K. Dye says:

    The typewriter will be drunk when it types his eulogy. Rest in Peace.


  2. Neptune Man says:

    Rest in pace.
    He’s now partying in that public beach in Heaven.


  3. ToolAssist says:

    Shea actually passed away in ’09.

    RIP Del Tenney.


  4. Dr. Batch says:



  5. Professor Gunther says:

    Horror of Party Beach is one of my all-time favourite bad movies. And you played a gas-station attendant to perfection. RIP, Mr. Tenney.


  6. losingmydignity says:

    Also one of my favorite all time bad movies and certainly my all time favorite MST ep.

    Goodbye, Tenney.


  7. Superzan jr says:

    RIP Mr. Tenney. Incidentally, the man pictured is the late William Joyce, star of Del’s “I Eat Your Skin”.


  8. Yipe Striper says:

    He looks like a guy that might direct a horror movie on the beach with sodium.

    farewell, good sir.


  9. huggybear says:

    This is my FAVORITE episode. To me it is the quintessential 50’s-60’s monster movie. I mean cheesy costumes, cheesy acting, and a see-through plot. It’s perfect! Let’s not forget Elaine’s dubbing. Or as Crow put it “The living dubbed”. Rest in peace Del. No true Mst fan will ever forget your classic movie.


  10. sauron says:

    I thought I smelled fish.


  11. Brandon says:

    Did anyone ever ask him what was the deal with Elaine’s “moaning” after she got injured?


  12. My plastic hair is furious!


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