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Info on Vol. 27

The episodes on Shout Factory’s “Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 27” are:

episode 108- THE SLIME PEOPLE with short: COMMANDO CODY PT 6
(‘Honestly, Bonnie, the slime you bring home.”)
episode 205- ROCKET ATTACK USA with short: THE PHANTOM CREEPS PT 2 (“You’ll get the worst of it.”)
episode 523- VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS (“This is Tommy Kirk REALLY acting!”)
episode 804- THE DEADLY MANTIS (“But I got a mantis in mah pantis!”)

Bonus material:
* Interview with The Slime People star Judith Fraser (Judee Morton)
* Interview with Village of the Giants star Joy Harmon
* Introduction by Mary Jo Pehl
* Life After MST3K: Trace Beaulieu
* Chasing Rosebud: The Cinematic Life Of William Alland
* Theatrical Trailers
* Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

ALSO as a gift if you purchase from Shout Factory:

The MST3K Serial Variety Pack Bonus Disc, stitching together, for your convenience, the riffed installments of “The Phantom Creeps,” “Undersea Kingdom” and “General Hospital.”

91 Replies to “Info on Vol. 27”

  1. Basil says:

    Happy dance!!


  2. agentcoop007 says:

    Great set! Good to see a quality copy of Slime People is coming, and gives me hopes for all season 1 episodes being released someday. The DAP never got a DVD of 111 or 112 released and those episodes have not aired since 11/91 making any quality tape recordings scarce.


  3. ck says:

    All right. We get to see Mike Nelson destroy his first planet.
    Pity about Peanut. He was being so helpful.


  4. ck says:

    Btw, wonder if Peanut and the spare Crow ever got together to run
    a cheese coop in Wisconsin? Perhaps a search on those internet tubes…
    (A sort of


  5. trickymutha says:

    Today is a holiday. Just watched “The Magic Sword” (thank you UPS) and the new set is gonna be great.


  6. chinderwear model says:

    There will be a mantis in my pantis when I buy this next set!
    (I know…booooo):-)
    I’ll be looking forward to all the movies, especially Village of the Giants! Let the Opie bashing begin! And another bonus disc of shorts makes this set even more appealing!

    By the way, has anybody paid attention to the Danger! Death Ray animated menu? I couldn’t help but notice that when the bots are watching Bart Fargo shoot his way up to their position that the Joel era door sequence is used! There is even a big Gizmonic “G” on the door, which makes me wonder if the menu designers got lost in the dreamy voice of Trace’s Crow and flashed back to the Joel era!:-)


  7. Ethan V says:

    Greatness like clockwork from Shout!

    Village of Giants is one of my top 20 episodes, and any inroads into Season 8 are appreciated!

    Looking at the list of remaining episodes leaves me hopeful for High School Bigshot, Daddy-O and Girlstown soon! Thanks S!F



  8. Doug says:

    I wonder if anyone guessed this exact movie combo in the “make a boxset thread”.


  9. @58 Doug: The answer is-NO.

    The closest anybody came to guessing this exact combo in the “make a boxset thread” was two (2).

    Troy Thomas guessed (or requested, really) that Village of the Giants and The Deadly Mantis would be in Vol. 27 (XXVII).

    So…congrats, Troy (#19 on this thread).

    TAKE A BOW!! And snoogans!


  10. EricJ says:

    @25 – I rather doubted it myself, until I saw the lengths they would go to get all of Commando Cody on disk.
    Now, that leaves only the two good un-Cody’ed S1’s, and…the dreary end-of-season one.

    And Rocket Attack is one of the core classics (“How’s the missile??”), if only for J&tB’s reaction at the end.


  11. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    #29 If you have all the shorts on one disk you can watch all at the same time. I love the GENERAL HOSPITAL shorts but I’m not going to play one disc then eject it, put in the next disc then eject it, and then put in the last disc it’s just too much work for me.


  12. radioman970 says:

    I won’t watch that extra dvd. I’m all or nothing on mst3k. But… I’ll have that DVD anyway. :p


  13. dsman71 says:

    Ive waited a long time for Rocket Attack USA as its one my most beloved episodes…Now if we can get Rocketship XM and Jungle Goddess all my biggest wish list episodes will be done finally. Rocket Attack USA & Ring of Terror make a great double feature


  14. Nick-0 says:

    A little surprised Incredible Melting Man isn’t on this set. As someone already mentioned, Shout’s sister company Scream Factory secured the rights from MGM. I would have thought they would have done the same thing as when Shout scored the rights for Gamera — namely release both the uncut and MST3K versions.


  15. Disco 3:16 says:

    I’d imagine they don’t want to compete with themselves. Even if most people would only buy one version or the other of TIMM, I’d imagine they want to avoid having people not buy the regular version if they’re planning to buy the mst’ed version anyway. I’d imagine we’ll see it in a couple sets from now.


  16. Troy Thomas says:

    #59, thanks for the compliment. (Nice name, by the way.)

    It just goes to show how customer-friendly Shout! is. I’ve been whining since the Rhino days (you know, the Dark Ages) about how “Village” nor “Mantis” were on DVD, and clearly Shout! was listening. This looks to be the best boxset since XVII.


  17. fatbarkeep says:

    Ok, I do not want to pick nits because Shout! is doing an amazing job of eventually releasing every MST episode on DVD.
    But here’s my nit: is Steve Vance the only artist that wants to draw covers and mini posters? I have to believe that there are hundreds, nay thousands, of artists that would be willing to contribute to this grand undertaking.
    Just saying……


  18. Canucklehead says:

    Went to Best Buy this morning, and got to pick up Volume XXVI. I also got a surprise when, as I was at the cash, the supervisor saw what I was buying and said it was the best show ever, and had described it to everyone he worked with. Needless to say, I was well pleased to finally find someone who worked in a place that sells DVDs and, not only had heard of MST3K, but also loved it. That doesn’t happen nearly often enough. :-)


  19. Tor Johnson says:

    Will this set come with a “haircut” Tom Servo Figurine?


  20. Tad Ghostal says:

    Shout! Factory makes me happy to be alive. Not only do they release consistently great sets like clockwork, you can count on the news for the next set on the same day. But, I JUST found out that their Vol. XXV set came with an extra disc….that makes me very sad being the completionist that I am. I’ll definitely be checking their site from now on to see if they got extra dealies (I did get the foam ball a while back). So it looks like I’ll be ordering the set again just for the disc…unless somebody knows where I could get it by itself…? Like I said, I’m a completionist. Much to the major annoyance of the wife. Keep it up Shout!! Needless to say, cuz I know they will.


  21. GizmonicTemp says:

    Canucklehead #68 – I’m seriously considering buying from Best Buy next time. Had I done so, I would have saved $3 AND had it a day earlier as my Amazon shipment didn’t arrive until Wednesday. One time when I bought from Amazon, it arrived on Monday, so I guess I’m hoping for that again.

    Does anyone else get theirs early when they buy from Amazon? How about Shout or MST3K.COM?


  22. Canucklehead says:

    GizmonicTemp #71 In the past, I’ve found Best Buy to be good, but not great. They’ve had the sets released on time some occasions; other times nothing. I also tried reserving a copy on their website, but there were technical issues, and the site wasn’t accepting any reservations. I’ve also gone into them several times after confirming online their store had something in stock, only to be told they can’t find it, or they don’t have it. When they do have it, though, they are by far the cheapest local price.

    Amazon usually takes a couple of days to show up. Shout Factory, while I love and appreciate their work in getting new eps of MST3K out, are horribly expensive, I find. Their shipping fees are outrageous. But I do find it easy to send sets back to them. They once double shipped me, and I was able to return the extra one no worries.


  23. sol-survivor says:

    @71-A couple times when I’ve been at the local Best Buy the weekend before the sets are released it’s already been on the shelf. I bought one then once, the other time I already had a pre-order from Amazon. This last weekend I checked at BB; they didn’t have it out yet but they did on release day. I had a $10 certificate so I waited and bought it there instead of ordering it. They had it for $45.99 so with the certificate I got it for less than Amazon. I suppose I could have pre-ordered it from them but I didn’t.


  24. mstgator says:

    @71: I signed up for Amazon Prime last November, and lately I’ve been getting Tuesday street-date items a day early on Monday (they generally ship them on Saturday assuming it will take two business days to arrive, but I must live close enough to a distribution center that I usually get stuff a day earlier than the estimated delivery date). Yeah, it’s $75 a year, but it saves me the trouble of having to add extra items to get free shipping if I’m only looking to get one item under $25 (especially items that are marked down for one day). Which happens a lot.


  25. Danzilla "Cornjob" McLargehuge, Student of Kaijuology says:

    HOLY COW!!!! Yet another great set (like we are surprised after all the greatness we’ve gotten on DVD these last few years!). I was worried about The Slime People for a while, but now all is right with the world. Rocket Attack USA is all kinds of awesome, and although my tape-transferred-to-DVD I JUST got is now redundant, I’m super excited to get it! I’ve never seen Village of the Giants or The Deady Mantis (sad really…), so I’m gonna wait for the set to see the episodes for the first time instead of watching them on YouTube! I love getting a set with episodes I’ve never seen! :) Isn’t it great to see four disparate episodes spread out across nearly a decade suddenly come together, linked forever as part of a new set?! I just love that, and look forward to it every three or four months!

    Now I have to get back to building my alter to Shout! Factory in my room…


  26. Matt D says:

    Best Buy used to be the only way I could get MST3K collections in a store. They would have it about 80% of the time though. Thankfully there is a store near me in Jersey called Movie Stop, and they always have it on the Tuesday. Plus, it is much closer to where I live. I do not order online because I don’t want to wait or be caught in a situation some of you guys have outlined about lateness or not getting it at all.

    To be on topic, I have never seen any of the four episodes listed, so it is good to hear that they are generally highly regarded.


  27. Matty'O says:

    Looks like I’ll be using Shout! for the pre-order on Vol 27. Got to get that compilation bonus DVD!

    As for the future Vol 28, my wish would be for:
    315 – Teenage Caveman (“Warriors! Come out and pla-aay!”)
    519 – Outlaw (“It’s a tubeular boobular joy!”)
    815 – Agent for H.A.R.M (“Are you coming, or staying here” “Yes and Yes!”)
    1010 – It Lives By Night (“Sqeeeeeeeeeeeek!”)

    A boy can dream. :-)


  28. ck says:

    Just got Volume XXVI. Time to check out the Gesture Professor.
    Although it bugs me, it really bugs me! the way they killed off
    the girl at the end of the movie, rather racist, but then it was
    the 50s (1950s, that is).


  29. Creeping-Death says:

    Two of the three times I’ve pre-ordered from Shout, I’ve got it early, and on one occasion it was a week early! Of course the time it was late(the volume XXV fiasco) it was a week and a half late.


  30. Mike "ex-genius" Kelley says:

    On Amazon Prime I always get the release disk (of MST3K or any other blu-ray release) a day before the “official” release date, usually Monday (sometimes an official release date is a Friday and then I get it Thursday).

    Our BB is about a $10 gas trip away from us (at current prices) so it’s not even a contest even before you factor in the sales tax (which I’m sure someday we’ll have to pay to Amazon). While I do up there occasionally (I just bought a 55″ LED from BB last Sunday) it has to be a major purchase or at least a time I’m heading in that direction (which I only do once a month or so). Gas is more and more a consideration of shopping (which is why I spend SO much at Amazon, including buying some grocery items from them).


  31. StarDustMaiden says:

    My trackpad is ready and waiting to click on the link to order.


  32. me says:

    farbarkeep–#67…echoing your nit re the Vance artwork. I was disappointed right from the git-go with his style but I put up with it, thinking maybe it will grow on me. And it sure hasn’t. And to your astute point as to surely, there are other artists who’s art would be an improvement over Vance’s tired style. Please, Shout, give someone else a try. sheesh


  33. The Bolem says:


    It’d be nice to see someone else get a crack at it, but what I’d really like to see is artwork for their newer movies go for a different theme, since the current ’50s shock-sploitation poster motif doesn’t make as much sense for movies from the late ’70s onward. For ’80s movies, trying to emulate the designs of Wizard Video’s big-box VHS cases could be awesome…assuming some artist could think abstractly enough have that make sense on a slim-pack DVD case.

    Just saying that Shout’s design team could think outside the box and risk being a bit more eclectic. This applies to volume sleeves too; I think they all look a little too similar to interest newbies. Maybe they’ve decided they have to be the polar opposite of Rhino’s total-nonsense artwork, but I think a collage of stuff from the 4 episodes inside would be a more eye-catching middle ground.


  34. GizmonicTemp says:

    Thanks for the DVD delivery into/tips, all!

    The Bolem #82 – While I have loved the Steve Vance posters from the get-go until now, I agree with you that the “SEE this” and “THRILL that” style works best for movies of that time period. That being said, #523 of this new set is the newest movie and it was released in 1965 so I’m not sure we’ll see any new style this time around.


  35. Goshzilla says:

    I love the Steve Vance artwork, myself. It’s the outer box packaging that I think they could improve. But, as Mister Bolem stated, at least they picked a design aesthetic and stuck to it. I especially like the inside of the slimcase covers with the shadowrama and starfield.

    (It doesn’t really make much difference to me, anyway. I use a modification of Josh Way’s fantastic custom covers (mst3k[dot]joshway[dot]com) for every episode, whether they’re official releases or burned from the DAP. But the “mini lobby cards” make nice, colorful inserts.)


  36. pondoscp says:

    I keep waiting for someone to post on here “Wow, the episode where they read my letter on the air is finally coming out!”


  37. Kenneth Morgan says:

    Re: the posters, I think they’re OK. Still, just imagine what, say, Alex Ross or Drew Struzen could do with them. They could bring in the former for “Puma Man” and the latter for “Outlaw (of Gor)”.


  38. cvn says:

    Honestly, I’m just thrilled with ANY collection that Shout! Factory comes up with.

    Release day is always a double pleasure, four new MST3K episodes, and the reveal of what the next four will be. I appreciate the fact that those involved with MST3K at Shout! Factory seem to understand the fandom, and every four new episodes that are released are just that much more of a bonus . . .

    Of course, I’ll be happiest when we finally get some Sampo on DVD, but I have a sense that day will be coming soon.

    What’s most fascinating is trying to figure out everything that goes into each volume . . . availability, a mix of Joel and Mike eps, weighing fan favorites vs. meeting the “rights fees” budget, striking while the iron is hot (e.g., the Universal movies), trying to break through the walls set up by the Sandy Franks or the Susan Harts of the entertainment world . . . and somehow we get our dozen or so episodes each year. Thank you, Shout! Factory.

    As for the posters, I can understand some MST3K fans wanting to see different artists’ takes on the show, but I personally prefer the continuity of having Steve Vance’s work in each set.


  39. AmbiguousG says:

    While this isn’t exactly what most of us were expecting (no thanks to all the rumors floating around regarding the Susan Hart eps just before this announcement), this is still a good set.

    My guess list for Vol. 28:

    203-Jungle Goddess
    420-The Human Duplicators
    901-The Projected Man


  40. Magicvoice says:

    Great set!


  41. trickymutha says:

    Anyone know when the street date is for this set?


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