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RIP Peter Duryea

duryea GRAY CREEK, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — Peter Duryea, who spent his young years as a Hollywood actor and then moved to Canada to become a naturalist and environmental activist, died at his home here March 24 after a long illness. He was 73.
Trekkers will recall him as the navigator Lt. Jose Tyler in “The Cage,” the pilot for the original “Star Trek” series. MSTies will remember him as hunky Tad Duval in the movie in episode 204- CATALINA CAPER.

His home town paper has a nice long obit.

7 Replies to “RIP Peter Duryea”

  1. Here is the link to Duryea’s obit at It includes a photo of him from 2011.


  2. bobhoncho says:

    I just bought the Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1-3 Blu-Ray set, and watched “The Cage” for the first time, last night. I had no idea Mr. Duryea had passed, or I would have otherwise dedicated last night’s viewing to him.


  3. BIG61AL says:

    Peter Duryea – let me add a star in your honor to the constellation MST3K :star:


  4. Goshzilla says:

    @ bobhoncho: Quite the concidence. Or IS it?


  5. Chuck in Chicago says:

    Peter, we hardly knew ye! R.I.P.


  6. CATELINA CAPER is one of my favorite episodes. RIP Peter


  7. Yipe Striper says:

    So long, Lt. Tyler.

    Star Trek and MST3K… doesn’t get any better for me…


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