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“Attack of the Show” Blows It

Just about everything Chris Gore of Film Threat Magazine said about the 20th Anniversary Edition on G4’s “Attack of the Show” was inaccurate. Get your facts straight, Chris!

58 comments to “Attack of the Show” Blows It

  • 1
    Slab_Hardcheese says:

    You blew it Chris, I’ve been looking forward to that release for months and you just stuttered around the whole thing. It’s a BUY


  • 2
    Katana says:

    I like the fact that it got, like, a minute of air time. I’ve never been one for Attack of the Show, but man, for apparently being all about the geek and the cult, they really blew it.


  • 3
    stephanie says:

    I agree with both of you. I watch AOTS, didn’t last nite and am happy i missed that farce. I have a problem with Chris in the first place. He puts himself on a pedestal to be ubergeeky and then blows it. I own it and have been laughing my ass off for days.


  • 4
    Eduardo says:

    Oh wow(!) I didn’t know the episodes in the set were unaired! Chris must really know his facts(!)

    That Chris Gore dude manages to suck some the awesomeness out of the boxset by saying it should be rented. And what was his reason? Because the show is still on the air? Maybe his living a decade behind the rest of the world.


  • 5
    Alex Smith says:

    Four “unaired” episodes that you can see on tv?

    Uh-huh ….


  • 6
    Speedy says:

    “I know all the fans out there are gonna hate me”

    I agree. And as for his review of the box set.

    “It stinks!”


  • 7
    Bob says:

    The MST3K 20th anniversary DVD set was reviewed on the “DVDuesday” segment on Attack Of The Show on the G4 cable network last night at 7 PM EST. To borrow a phrase, “worst review ever!”

    The reviewer, Chris Gore, had no idea what he was talking about at all, stating that the shows in the set were unaired and saying you could watch them on TV so you should only rent the set!?! No mention of the fact that the extras are only available for a limited time either.

    They should have let Kevin Pereira review the set, he clearly has more idea what’s going on when it comes to MST3K from hearing him talk about it.


  • 8
    MBN says:

    I can’t believe that they couldn’t find a MST3K fan to ask, if they were aired or not.

    Heck, they could of looked up the pertinent information, if they had access to a computer.

    If G4 didn’t have a computer; they could of used a “lifeline” and phoned a friend.

    I think they do their research with a Magic Eight Ball. lol


  • 9
    Chris Waters says:

    The only way that he could have been even remotely right about the episodes never airing is if they somehow eventually released the two live-shows that MST did.

    …which I’m hoping for, but that’s besides the point.

    At least he got the info on the OTHER TV show box set right…*goes to pick that up*


  • 10
    Travis says:

    Chris Gore is self-pretensious hack who thinks fringe, independant/art house flicks are the only films worth seeing. It’s quickly becoming clear that he only panders to the geek crowd occassionally and often doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a flame war on the G4 forums over this.
    BTW, his website had a review by someone else who was (gosh!) a fan himself and got it.

    Course I’m just mad cause he dissed Chuck. Love that show!


  • 11
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    Yikes ( & that square bugs me…. )


  • 12
    Eric says:

    I love it when a reviewer admits that he hasn’t watched the very thing he’s reviewing. Nice job, Gore.


  • 13
    Cubby says:

    Whatever TV channel Chris is watching MST3K on, I want it.

    Hey, Cable Operator! I Want My MST3K-TV!!


  • 14
    William says:

    That’s a shame to hear.

    But it doesn’t surprise me at all, G4 has been going down the crapper since 2005 anyway. I believe that’s when the new owners decided to make it more like SpikeTV instead of about geek/gaming culture.


  • 15
    Cabot says:

    Now that I know these are episodes I’ve never seen before, I’m definitely buying it!

    I’ll just Tivo the others…


  • 16
    Bob says:

    When they announced on Monday’s Attack Of The Show that they were going to review the MST3K set on Tuesday’s show, I emailed “Sampo” here at Satellite News about it early on Tuesday so that he’d have a chance to catch it. I also posted a comment about it on whatever topic was at the top of this forum yesterday.

    Now I’m embarassed to have alerted any fellow MSTies to it. My wife and I were both annoyed at the review. Frankly, I’m sorry I watched it. If Chris Gore had got his facts correct and still didn’t care for the set, that would have at least been an informed opinion. Instead, he trashed the set without understanding anything about it. And he has the nerve to call himself a reviewer. What a twit!


  • 17
    MLD says:

    I read a statement very similar to what I’m about to type, and when you think about it…you almost have to ignore EVERY word that comes out of the mouth of a so-called reporter or reviewer:

    If you can see all the lies from something that isn’t popular (like say how fans saw all the B.S. in the review for the MST3K set), but you have vast knowledge in…what makes you think that you’re getting the truth on subjects that you have no knowledge in?

    I didn’t see the review for the set, since G4 and all their programming is crap and I refuse to even give my brain cells the chance to die off from watching any of their shows. I’d rather stare at a wall and drink some wine.

    I’m a fan of the video game “Manhunt”. Not too many people probably know of the game, or have even played it, so when all the news was out about the sequel or how the game is a murder simulator…I would see so many “facts” that were nothing but lies. After seeing this, I basically stopped believing in anything that is said/read to be conceived as “Truth”. Unless I have done research on the subject, and then compared the two…then it will be truth or just continue to be lies.


  • 18
    Roswdower17 says:

    Well, at least I can still see it on tv. Oh, wait. Idiot.


  • 19
    Clint says:

    Premise A: These are un-aired episodes.

    Premise B: You can still see them on TV.

    Premise C: You should rent it.

    Can someone create a Boolean logic table for this?

    A?B?C AB?C…?

    Screw it, I own it and love all the episodes.


  • 20
    pablum says:

    Oh geez. Four unaired episodes. Rent the box set because you can see MST3K on TV. LOL

    Clearly no fans of the show are employed by G4.


  • 21
    Bigjimslade says:

    He’s entitled to his….opinion. Yeah, if he’d at least SEEN the episodes then said “rent it”, I wouldn’t have cared. AFA not getting his facts straight, hey I was in the military for 21 years-I’m used to media “experts” not knowing what the hell they’re talking about…
    But don’t forget these gems:
    1- He didn’t know which films were in the clips. Transitioned from Laserblast to 1st Spaceship on Venus; he was lost.
    2- Picked up the Crow figurine. It was obvious he didn’t have a clue to the ‘bots’ name-then immediately put it down,
    3- He “didn’t have time to watch it”? Gutsy thing to say for a so-called reviewer.


  • 22
    Yipe Striper says:


    who-a, who-a


  • 23
    Gorphax says:

    I like that his reasoning for the renting recommendation is because “you can see them on TV.” Yet just 2 minutes earlier he had given a buying recommendation to A Christmas Story. Shock

    I also like how when the clip switches to First Spaceship on Venus he’s not sure what’s going on, and says, “with these box sets I just can’t watch everything they…..” and trails off. As if the episode were some really minor bonus feature.

    I wouldn’t feel the need to rag on the guy so bad if he hadn’t, in all probability, received a paycheck for that review.


  • 24
    R.A. Roth says:

    A retarded poodle would have done a better job. Where did they get this dip from? Why doesn’t the mystery book of the month club let me review the latest mystery novel THAT I NEVER READ. That makes as much sense as what AOTS did.



  • 25
    John Paradox says:

    Ever since G4 (AKA G$) bought TechTV (formerly ZDTV) it has been total feces. I used to watch The Screen Savers, very informative computer/tech, then G$ bought up TTV and it became A Tacky Show… er Attack Of The Show, and it looked like an elementary school video production. Kevin (Digg) Rose stayed on when it moved from SF to LA, and was the last thing I could stomach on the channel…
    Obviously, this guy is as professional as a 3rd grader.



  • 26
    jason says:

    And after Kevin said such nice things about him in A Year At the Movies (in the chapter about the internet)…


  • 27
    The Professor says:

    Hmmm, i usually don’t have a problem with Mr. Gore. In fact, i was just at, where people who actually know what the show is review the box sets. I’m not sure why he did this if he had no clue about what he was talking about. But really, what the heck Chris? It’s MST3K, fer’ cryin’ out loud! Any film geek worth his salt knows at least SOMETHING about this show. Disappointing. You think you know people…


  • 28
    Kelvin says:

    My opinion of Gore was all ready a flatine when he once reviewed High Tension and called it a zombie movie. He also reviewed Devil’s Rejects and referred to the first movie as House Of 100 Corpses (not 1000).


  • 29
    SIRHAMHAT says:

    What a douchebag… I hate G4. It has sucked ever since they destroyed Tech TV. Long live Leo Laporte. Suck it, G4! The Box set is phenomenal despite the 3 Mikes vs. 1 Joel.


  • 30
    Gary Bowden says:

    Evil A good reviewer always does a lot of research.In this case,he didn’t do jack ____! I wonder what channel these episodes air on anyway? Too bad he didn’t tell us,huh?? Next time get someone who KNOWS what they’re talking about instead of some lazy airhead,ok???


  • 31

    Not that I agree with anything this guy says, but I’m going to play devils advocate here…

    1. By “Unaired” he may have just misspoke and meant to say “unreleased.”

    2. By “You can see them on TV” he is actually trying to find a better way to say “most fans already have these episodes illegally (albeit ALLOWED to own them from an informal understanding between the copyright holders and the fans), and didn’t want to say THAT on TV.

    3. and maybe that factors into his decision for “rent” (plus, it’s maybe just his opinion and nothing else).

    I think he probably knows the basics about the show seeing as how he knows the fans will go nuts on him for saying “rent.”


  • 32
    attack-of-the-crowschmo says:

    Confused Confused: Confused: Mad


  • 33
    R.A. Roth says:

    #31 Any fan of the show knows this set is a MUST BUY. The ComicCon panel alone is worth the price. Gore is totally clueless. My question is why isn’t he working for the Bush administration?



  • 34
    FatherOfTears says:

    What a tool!


  • 35
    underwoc says:

    So who wants to nominate “My Big Fat Independent Movie” for the first Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic crossover target. Hit it with both barrels…


  • 36
    mst3ktemple says:

    Wow! I’ve never had any issue with Chris Gore, but this was a ridiculus review. Offering your opinion on something you haven’t even watched or done even minimal research on is dangerous at best, and here he proved himself to be completely clueless.

    I think AOTS and G4 should offer a retraction and apology to fans for wasting our time and to the ex-Brains this “review” potentially adversely affecting sales.


  • 37
    The Mouka says:

    Chris Gore is a notorious douche ever since he published FILM THREAT, a magazine that could have been great but turned out to be a massive circle-jerk for Gore and his “filmmaker” friends.


  • 38
    Cousin Zoid says:

    Attack of the Show is such a retarded show. It was alright when it first started (though it’s definitely no replacement for “The Screen Savers”) but it seems like the longer it is on, the more up their own butts they get. Now instead of having it be a very loose and natural feeling “messing around” kind of show every moment feels calculated to be “cool”, and it is constantly full of extremely forced sounding laughing, and hooting and hollering from the crew. They aren’t on the edge of pop culture as they pretend to be. They pretty much just cater to unoriginal trend following internet nerds. People who say things like “epic fail” and “do want” and think they are being clever and hip. But in reality they are the biggest doofuses on the planet. Illiterate, unoriginal buttlickers I calls ’em.

    Anyway about Chris Gores moronically named “DVDuesday” segment…

    He is absolutely right that Batman The Animated series is by far the best screen adaptation of Batman after the Nolan films (and I would actually say that it is even more faithful to the comics than those films), and that A Christmas Story is an amazing movie that absolutely never gets old, and is well worth owning (I might even pick it up once again on Blu-Ray depending on how much money it costs). But did anyone else notice that he admits he didn’t even watch the whole MST set? He blames having so many box sets to watch, and I can understand not watching every episode of the Batman Animated series in order to be able to recommend the set, but he couldn’t watch four episodes of MST3000? They are 90 minutes long for crying out loud. I watched three of them in one day and the fourth and all the extras the next day. I think he actually doesn’t like the show, and didn’t want to face the wrath of the MSTies by admitting it on live television. He obviously knows nothing about it, and was too lazy to do even the simplest bit of research. Simply looking at Wikipedia for a couple of minutes would have told him anything he needed to know in order to not make as big of an ass of himself as he has. Hell he probably could have asked any number of people who he works with, and learned it from them in a minute or two as well. What a plumplubber.


  • 39
    Big61AL says:

    MST3K’s mantra has always been “the right people will get it”. G4 and Attack of the show simply do not “get it”. Sad for them because this is a must have DVD set.


  • 40
    Nicolletta says:

    Dear Chris Gore,

    You’re an idiot. You suck. You blow. A box turtle could have done a better job with that review.

    Four unaired episodes. *le snort*

    Rent, don’t buy. *double snort*

    Fans can still watch the show on TV. *Excuse me….Hahahah HA hahaah HA Ha Ha HAHA haha!* I’ll be sure to catch it after I watch the new episode of “Gunsmoke”.

    Do the words “fact check” mean anything to you, Chris? Or do you just need a good hard smack with a clue-by-four?



  • 41
    ForkLiftKiller says:

    Well…he was right about one thing…

    “The fans of the show are gonna hate me…”

    Rolls Eyes


  • 42
    spudmantrumpy says:

    Shock I don’t think he figured out Crows name!


  • 43
    Pumaman says:

    You suck, Chris Gore


  • 44

    “People who say things like “epic fail” and “do want” and think they are being clever and hip. But in reality they are the biggest doofuses on the planet. Illiterate, unoriginal buttlickers I calls ‘em.”

    Now wait a minute. At least some of us say those things because – simply – they are absurd, if not outright ironic, and absurdity is an entirely legitimate form of humor . . . as we should all know.

    I, for example, enjoy the occasional Engrish phrasing to throw people off from my normally straight-laced, mostly-articulate self. Absurdity, you see.

    Just like with any other oft-abused sayings, it’s people who *don’t know how to say anything else* who should get on our nerves (mine included. Sheep). Have a lack of credit where a lack of credit is due.

    And let’s face it, most of us here could probably have entire conversations composed almost wholly of MST3k references – that ain’t original on our part either. Or hip. Just sheer fun.

    And to bring this back to some kind of relevancy (I paraphrase):

    Bill: “Pwned!”

    Mike: “No, it’s just ‘owned.’ You don’t pronounce the ‘P’.”

    Bill: “And how would you know that? Ha ha, pwned!”

    I wholeheartedly agree, Mike.

    (Batman Begins)

    P.S. Never really trust reviews (too many snobs) or stuff you see on TV (too many idiots). TV reviews aren’t even worth considering (two bad tastes that taste worse together).


  • 45
    Tim says:

    A few months back Chris Gore did a review of about 10 straight to dvd horror movies and gave them all negative reviews. He told people to not even rent them they were so bad. At the end of the review the host asked him how he could watch 10 movies in such a short amount of time to review them. He replied that he just put them in and fast forwarded through them and hit play whenever something looked cool. This man is a serious hack. AOTS needs to drop him.


  • 46
    spudmantrumpy says:

    Hmm… seems like they took down the review! Rolls Eyes


  • 47
    Ninjew says:

    G4 started going downhill once it got combined with Tech-TV.

    Actually, it’s the other way around. Tech-TV was waaaaay better, and the whole format went straight down the crapper once Comcast merged them into G4 – and the ELIMINATED every show from Tech-TV except X-Play.

    I miss Leo Laporte….


  • 48
    Miss Mstie says:

    Yep! Spudmantrumpy is correct. They took down the video alleged “review” (and I use the term review extremely lightly) from the G4 “Attack of the Show” web site. Which is the best thing that could have happened to it yet!!! It seems their web master knows G4 should be ashamed and embarassed Oops! about keeping that fecal matter around, and appropriatedly flushed it down the toilet where it belongs. Thank goodness at least one person over there had the good sense and common decency to remove that piece of inaccurate idiocy from polluting the internet stream further! Razz


  • 49
    Th1rt3eN says:

    I didn’t catch the DVDuseday thing so I went to g4s website to watch it. Surprise surprise it’s no longer available. we can only hope it was taken down due to embarissment. Yeah rent the box set cause you can still watch it on tv… pshh i wish.
    good fact checking on their part, I wonder how manny other things they got wrong in the past.

    I used to watch AOTS but now I think im all set.

    Oh and dosnt anyone else think it’s weird that a network thats supposed to be all about filling the geeky cult nitch dosnt own the rights to atleaste a season of MST3K?
    That would be the perfect show for them to air.
    It’s obviouse they NEED 2 hours of programming to throw on the air a few times a day 7 days a week.

    I mean has any one seen the crap the have on that network ugghh… terrible!
    “spaceballs the series” “code monkeys” “Cheaters” “Jamie Kennedy Experiment” “Unbeatable Banzuke” just to name the worst of the worst. It’s not tv it’s craptastic! they should change the name of the show AOTS to Hey kids buy these fine soney and apple products.


  • 50
    walk_wild777 says:

    I notice the video is down now.. must have been embrassed. Smile


  • 51
    Lycan says:

    Well to be fair, Chris Gore could never tell shinola from “that other stuff” to begin with when it came to good movies or video releases.


  • 52
    Eric says:

    What is it about people with the last name of “Gore”? They’re all full of crap!


  • 53

    Everyone here should remember one thing — G4 has about as many viewers as a good public access station (indeed, we used to beat it in the local ratings quite consistently).

    So who really cares if a handful of people in a few big cities see this stupid review? Truly, almost any other media mention will get far more eyeballs than that pitiful channel (like many, I used to watch Tech-TV before it got trashed by the teenagers who currently run G4. Sorry, young people, but while being young isn’t a crime neither is it a noteworthy distinction :>)


  • 54
    Feyd Rautha says:

    I haven’t seen the review, but I am not surprised in the least. I am currently in college, so I’m no stranger to people I can describe as “self-pretentious hack who thinks fringe, independent/art house flicks are the only films worth seeing”.

    My only beef with the set is that it took me a half an hour to CAREFULLY extract the dvds and Crow from the tin. Afterwards… JOY Alien


  • 55
    Cousin Zoid says:

    @44 Raptorial Talon… If you knew me you would know that oh boy do I love me some absurd humor, but none of this kind of stuff has anything to do with absurdity. There is nothing absurd about laughing at misspellings, or mocking the ignorance of someone else, or in the case of intentional things like “teh” and “pwn” their laziness. And I don’t mean necessarily the actual kinds of things that I mentioned aren’t funny when they are first seen, but more the kinds of people who don’t just laugh at a funny things they see like the odd “engrish”, misspelling (“teh” for example), or moronic “leet speak” usage, and then let it be. I mean the kinds of unoriginal, non-clever people who use see those things and then decide that if they themselves use them incessantly they will somehow be funny too. As if somehow just copying something someone else did or discovered makes them creative or clever. It usually just makes them annoying and boring. I don’t get angry when I see my eightieth billion intentional “teh” or “pwned” use, I more feel sorry for someone who thinks repeatedly using that kind of thing makes them cool instead of trying to come up with something new or original instead. And I think your Bill and Mike discussion quote is a perfect example of this. They are making fun of the fact that the term “pwned” (which actually isn’t all the funny or creative) has been used and driven into the ground so much that it has become simply annoying to anyone with any kind of creative sense of humor, and easily mockable. They definitely weren’t using it because they thought “pwned” itself was a funny or hip thing to say. Bill used it satirically to mock it, and then Mike turned it into irony by mockingly discussing and analyzing an obviously stupid thing in an intelligent manner. Yes I laughed at “All your base” when I first saw it, because the person who found that video game cinema and made that video was creative and made something funny, but for some reason I didn’t laugh at the seven millionth lame kid I saw say it on the internet. It is the same with any internet fad. It might be funny the first time you see it, but you have to wonder why someone would continue to use it over and over and think that they are the one being funny. And those lame uncreative people who just repeat what funny stuff they see others find or do on the internet are the kinds of people AOTS now seems to cater to, not the creative person actually making the “All Your Base” video because they think it’s funny before anyone else even knows about it. I guess in short when AOTS first started you used to see people on the internet repeating things they saw on AOTS. Now all you see on AOTS is them hunting down whatever moronic things people are repeating on the internet and repeating them on their show. They are no longer being creative or funny. They have become they television equivalent of a kid on a message board who still thinks it’s cool and cutting edge to say “pwned” even after all the other people there have gotten bored to death of that phrase, and moved on to some new moronic, soon to be overused and bottom out phrase like “epic fail” (which I’m tired of hearing already).

    Also and while I am sure you and I could have a fun discussion ripe with MST quotes based on our mutual love of the show, I’ve actually never been the kind of person to do such a thing. I will occasionally say a line from MST, The Simpsons, SCTV, or any other comedy show I love, but usually my mind is racing to find something new and funny to say. I’ve always been like that. I don’t watch bad movies with friends and fit in riffs from MST where they might work. We are making up our own riffs. I’ve been doing that kind of thing my whole life, which is the main thing that drew me to MST when I discovered it 19 or so years ago. I guess it helps growing up in a house where lovingly mocking each other was the norm, and the best reward you could get was the uproarious laughter of everyone around you when you really came up with something good.


  • 56
    Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk says:

    “A few months back Chris Gore did a review of about 10 straight to dvd horror movies and gave them all negative reviews. He told people to not even rent them they were so bad. At the end of the review the host asked him how he could watch 10 movies in such a short amount of time to review them. He replied that he just put them in and fast forwarded through them and hit play whenever something looked cool. This man is a serious hack. AOTS needs to drop him.”

    That’s pretty ballsy… not only does he go and do something completely unprofessional, but then he admits to it on his program? I can’t believe he still has a job after that.


  • 57
    emily says:

    the video is taken down.
    hopefully because of the negative feedback.


  • 58
    Speedy says:

    Chris Gore will next be reviewing Cinematic Titanic. Chris will say it’s nice to finally see these episodes on DVD after being off the air for 10 years. And even better they are now unedited and uncensored.