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“Attack of the Show” Blows It

Just about everything Chris Gore of Film Threat Magazine said about the 20th Anniversary Edition on G4’s “Attack of the Show” was inaccurate. Get your facts straight, Chris!

58 comments to “Attack of the Show” Blows It

  • 51
    Lycan says:

    Well to be fair, Chris Gore could never tell shinola from “that other stuff” to begin with when it came to good movies or video releases.


  • 52
    Eric says:

    What is it about people with the last name of “Gore”? They’re all full of crap!


  • 53

    Everyone here should remember one thing — G4 has about as many viewers as a good public access station (indeed, we used to beat it in the local ratings quite consistently).

    So who really cares if a handful of people in a few big cities see this stupid review? Truly, almost any other media mention will get far more eyeballs than that pitiful channel (like many, I used to watch Tech-TV before it got trashed by the teenagers who currently run G4. Sorry, young people, but while being young isn’t a crime neither is it a noteworthy distinction :>)


  • 54
    Feyd Rautha says:

    I haven’t seen the review, but I am not surprised in the least. I am currently in college, so I’m no stranger to people I can describe as “self-pretentious hack who thinks fringe, independent/art house flicks are the only films worth seeing”.

    My only beef with the set is that it took me a half an hour to CAREFULLY extract the dvds and Crow from the tin. Afterwards… JOY Alien


  • 55
    Cousin Zoid says:

    @44 Raptorial Talon… If you knew me you would know that oh boy do I love me some absurd humor, but none of this kind of stuff has anything to do with absurdity. There is nothing absurd about laughing at misspellings, or mocking the ignorance of someone else, or in the case of intentional things like “teh” and “pwn” their laziness. And I don’t mean necessarily the actual kinds of things that I mentioned aren’t funny when they are first seen, but more the kinds of people who don’t just laugh at a funny things they see like the odd “engrish”, misspelling (“teh” for example), or moronic “leet speak” usage, and then let it be. I mean the kinds of unoriginal, non-clever people who use see those things and then decide that if they themselves use them incessantly they will somehow be funny too. As if somehow just copying something someone else did or discovered makes them creative or clever. It usually just makes them annoying and boring. I don’t get angry when I see my eightieth billion intentional “teh” or “pwned” use, I more feel sorry for someone who thinks repeatedly using that kind of thing makes them cool instead of trying to come up with something new or original instead. And I think your Bill and Mike discussion quote is a perfect example of this. They are making fun of the fact that the term “pwned” (which actually isn’t all the funny or creative) has been used and driven into the ground so much that it has become simply annoying to anyone with any kind of creative sense of humor, and easily mockable. They definitely weren’t using it because they thought “pwned” itself was a funny or hip thing to say. Bill used it satirically to mock it, and then Mike turned it into irony by mockingly discussing and analyzing an obviously stupid thing in an intelligent manner. Yes I laughed at “All your base” when I first saw it, because the person who found that video game cinema and made that video was creative and made something funny, but for some reason I didn’t laugh at the seven millionth lame kid I saw say it on the internet. It is the same with any internet fad. It might be funny the first time you see it, but you have to wonder why someone would continue to use it over and over and think that they are the one being funny. And those lame uncreative people who just repeat what funny stuff they see others find or do on the internet are the kinds of people AOTS now seems to cater to, not the creative person actually making the “All Your Base” video because they think it’s funny before anyone else even knows about it. I guess in short when AOTS first started you used to see people on the internet repeating things they saw on AOTS. Now all you see on AOTS is them hunting down whatever moronic things people are repeating on the internet and repeating them on their show. They are no longer being creative or funny. They have become they television equivalent of a kid on a message board who still thinks it’s cool and cutting edge to say “pwned” even after all the other people there have gotten bored to death of that phrase, and moved on to some new moronic, soon to be overused and bottom out phrase like “epic fail” (which I’m tired of hearing already).

    Also and while I am sure you and I could have a fun discussion ripe with MST quotes based on our mutual love of the show, I’ve actually never been the kind of person to do such a thing. I will occasionally say a line from MST, The Simpsons, SCTV, or any other comedy show I love, but usually my mind is racing to find something new and funny to say. I’ve always been like that. I don’t watch bad movies with friends and fit in riffs from MST where they might work. We are making up our own riffs. I’ve been doing that kind of thing my whole life, which is the main thing that drew me to MST when I discovered it 19 or so years ago. I guess it helps growing up in a house where lovingly mocking each other was the norm, and the best reward you could get was the uproarious laughter of everyone around you when you really came up with something good.


  • 56
    Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk says:

    “A few months back Chris Gore did a review of about 10 straight to dvd horror movies and gave them all negative reviews. He told people to not even rent them they were so bad. At the end of the review the host asked him how he could watch 10 movies in such a short amount of time to review them. He replied that he just put them in and fast forwarded through them and hit play whenever something looked cool. This man is a serious hack. AOTS needs to drop him.”

    That’s pretty ballsy… not only does he go and do something completely unprofessional, but then he admits to it on his program? I can’t believe he still has a job after that.


  • 57
    emily says:

    the video is taken down.
    hopefully because of the negative feedback.


  • 58
    Speedy says:

    Chris Gore will next be reviewing Cinematic Titanic. Chris will say it’s nice to finally see these episodes on DVD after being off the air for 10 years. And even better they are now unedited and uncensored.