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New Short from RiffTrax…


This time it’s personal! See a sample or download it here.

18 Replies to “New Short from RiffTrax…”

  1. Cameron Gouda says:

    I think one of these was more than enough.


  2. I love these. I hope they riff every single one.


  3. JohnnyRyde says:

    I’m enjoying these. There are 15 episodes in this serial (look up “Batman_and_Robin_(serial)” in wikipedia) and I hope they do all of them…


  4. JohnnyRyde says:

    Woah. Apparently the actor who played Robin and the actress who played Vicki are still alive!


  5. This was the best yet! Judging from the first 3 installments, each episode will be more hilarious than the last until the feds are forced to swoop down from helicopters and confiscate the remainder of the series out of concern for public safety.


  6. Zombie says:

    FANTASTIC! I love these. I’m so glad they’re still going on these. Can’t wait for the whole series to be finished.

    I LOVE the old serials. I was just watching the 1943 Batman serial, and its just as cheesy, a little racist (WW2 and all), but totally deserves to be riffed.


  7. PTomreeves says:

    What’s the run time for each episode… just out of curiosity.


  8. Ralph C. says:

    The silhouette of Batman and Robin looks to be based on the art of Carmine Infantino.

    By golly, if Dr. Wertham was alive today, imagine what he would think of that episode’s title.


  9. Duane Zykov says:

    #4 Yep. Trivia fun time: Jane Adams, who plays Vicki, also appeared as lead female Helen in “The Brute Man.”


  10. MissT3K says:

    PTomreeves – they run about 15-ish minutes. I enjoy them, so it’s a good value.


  11. Darkknight says:

    My hope is that after they do a bunch of these (or the whole series) that they release them in sets, like maybe two sets of 8 episodes each for $9.99 so I can watch them almost the whole way through without interruption, which now that I think about it I guess doesn’t make sense since they are serials, so they are meant to have interruptions. I didn’t really think this through. But it would still be cool to have two long VODs rather than 15 or 16 of them I suppose.


  12. Goshzilla says:

    I’ve been greatly enjoying this series and looking forward to each next installment, much in the spirit of these old serials. However, I think watching more than two or three in a row would be TORCHA. Very repetitive.


  13. radioman970 says:

    they ought to be ashamed. such an easy target! :D


  14. Ken McElhaney says:

    I hope they do all the episodes of this series, it’s good enough to keep bashing, although admittedly the episodes themselves seem repetitive (the “bad guys” rob the same facility in this episode as they did in the first). The “Gabe” jokes may catch those who haven’t seen the first episode a little off guard, but overall it seems like they are having fun with this one.


  15. Gummo says:

    I’m loving these, too, and hope they do the whole serial – but if there’s 15 episodes and they release one every other week or so, it’s gonna be 7 months before we have the whole thing!

    And we just downloaded our Kickstarter Manos Live VOD last night – OMG, it’s so much funnier than I remembered! We only got about a half hour into the movie & I thought I was going to choke, laughing.


  16. PTomreeves says:

    MissT3K – Thanks. I think I’ll pick up the first three installment and check it out.


  17. Daveo says:

    I’ve got my Manos VOD too and may watch it tomorrow-the first of many(at home)viewings!*Fingers crossed for Birdemic live*


  18. Creeping-Death says:

    Birdemic Live has already been released as a VOD.


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