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Lou Reed, RIP

lou reed

Southampton, N.Y.–Rock ‘n’ roll legend Lou Reed, who gave the world the phrase “Satellite of Love,” died Sunday, Oct. 27, at his home here, of liver disease. He was 71. “Satellite of Love” was actually sung by Joel and the bots in episode K08- GAMERA VS. GUIRON, and also at live shows.

Read his obituary here.

24 Replies to “Lou Reed, RIP”

  1. revlillo says:

    The terms “genius” and “visionary” get tossed around way too much when talking about musicians. Lou Reed was both. The world of music is much poorer with his passing.


  2. JCC says:

    R.I.P. The “No Money Down” video terrified me as a child but I overcame that and became a big fan of his oeuvre as an adult.


  3. Thanks for posting this Sampo. The man deserves it.


  4. mst3ktemple says:

    RIP Lou. Your impact on rock/punk music was immense.


  5. hellokittee says:

    He was so far ahead of his time. RIP Lou.


  6. GornCaptain says:

    His name was Mok…and thanks a lot. R.I.P.


  7. Farmland says:

    I always had fun imagining him someday performing “Satellite of Love” with Mike, Kevin, and Trace on backing vocals.

    RIP, Lou. You were a giant.


  8. CaveDweller says:

    What shocking and sad news! Words like “Pioneer” and “Visionary” just don’t seem to do justice to what Lou brought to the Rock and Roll table. RIP Lou!


  9. Magicvoice says:

    Another great poet has left the world. RIP


  10. RIP, Lou. I posted this song on facebook today. I imagine a lot of MSTies did as well.


  11. Cornjob says:

    Was “No Money Down” the one where his face was falling off and he ended up looking like Frank at the end of the episode where the Bio-hazard throw pillow didn’t work? I think it was The Magic Sword.

    71 is a pretty ripe old age for the man who penned “Heroine”.


  12. BIG61AL says:

    [tear drop]


  13. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    Please don’t be the person that says “Oh Lou Reed died.Didn’t he do that song Walk on the Wild side?”
    Yes he did, but like Jimi Hendrix “Didn’t he do Purple Haze?”
    Like these are the only songs they wrote.
    Lou wrote so many great songs. Listen to his Berlin album start to finish, or his great live album
    Take no Prisoners.
    Back in 1992 when he was on tour with his Magic and Loss album he took over the Boston radio station WBCN.
    I don’t remember how long he was on for but he played a bunch of songs and I don’t think there was any commercials.
    If someone says “Didn’t he do Walk on the Wild Side?” Say yes he did, but he also did a snappy little song
    called The Blue Mask, why don’t you give that a listen and let me know what you think.
    Thank you Mr.Reed for all the great songs and live shows I’ve enjoyed over the years.


  14. Dan in WI says:

    Capt Hagen> I hear what you are saying. My personal favorite “one hit wonder” example is Ozzy Osbourne. Isn’t he the guy who did Crazy Train?


  15. Depressing Aunt says:

    #11. Yes! It was a robot model of Lou’s head, and at the end it pulled its face apart. I thought it was scary when it came out but last time I saw it I cracked up.

    He was a wonderful songwriter who never quit making incredible brilliant, compassionate music.


  16. GizmonicTemp says:

    @ 13 & 14 – Isn’t “Mystery Theater” that show where the silhouettes talk over the movie?


  17. Insect Man #47 says:

    I don’t think it’s overstating it to say Lou Reed was a genius. I used to have a “Ride Sally Ride” T-shirt and I wore it everywhere just to get people to ask me who Lou Reed was. We lost a great one.


  18. m_badger says:

    I’m thinking of episode 414 “Tormented” when Joe Turkel shows up in his hipster hat and (Joel or the ‘bots) say “It’s Lou Reed!” and start singing “Walk On The Wildside”.

    Love it on so many levels: great song, shout out to Mr.Reed (in a way) and also… its Joe Turkel! From ‘The Shining (1980)’ and ‘Blade Runner (1982)’.

    Just pleases me so.


  19. Creeping-Death says:

    @ 18 –
    On Devil Fish, they also mentioned that the hitman looked like Lou Reed, also. I don’t think that they sang part of his songs, but haven’t watched that episode in a while. Kevin sang part of “Satellite of Love” in the RiffTrax for Independence Day.


  20. Insect Man #47 says:

    #18 and #19 – and don’t forget the “Daddy-O” episode, where Tom thought Chillis’ manicurist looked like Lou Reed from the “Transformers” album. The MST crew must have been fans of LR.


  21. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    I think Mike made mention of Lou in The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.
    The dancer/stripper that fought the other dancer/stripper in the dressing room.
    The one with the deep voice looked like that model on the back cover of Transformer.
    Over the years I’ve heard neither model on the back cover was Lou,as many people thought.
    “Boy that guy sure had on some tight jeans!” ( wink wink )


  22. Cornjob says:

    A friend of mine once overheard some kid say, “Didn’t Paul McCartney start out in a band called Wings?”


  23. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    I was in a record store in the 70’s when Elton John did Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
    and I heard a girl say to her friend “I didn’t know The Beatles did a version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,
    was it any good?”


  24. SATURN2 says:

    It’s great to see a Lou Reed tribute on this site-The casually hip Satellite of Love reference was one of the first things that caught my attention when I noticed the show on the Comedy Channel-And the riffs in TORMENTED were perfect:Joe Turkel WAS Lou Reed in that movie-…If only METAL MACHINE MUSIC was a movie to be riffed…


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