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RIP Gianni Ferrio

Ferrio We’re a little late on this one — the blogs that celebrate “spaghetti” Westerns” were right on top of this passing. Movie score composer Gianni Ferrio died Oct. 21 at the age of 88. He worked on more than 100 movies, and MSTies will remember him as the musical score composer for the movie “Il Raggio Infernale,” seen in episode 620- DANGER!! DEATH RAY. Yes, he gave us “Bupadupadada.” Rest in peace, sir.

12 Replies to “RIP Gianni Ferrio”

  1. eegah says:

    “That’s too bad.” – Bart Fargo

    Thanks for the earworm to end all earworms! ;)


  2. Lee Eisenberg says:

    Too bad.


  3. dafs says:

    Danger!! Obituary

    Say what you will about the cheesy acting and/or dubbing in these movies, the music was almost always awesome. RIP.


  4. big61al says:

    Bupadupadada…I wonder if they will put that on his tombstone…ding


  5. Yet another example of the soundtrack music being way better than the movie.
    Arrivederci and grazie, Gianni. You were enjoyed. Bop ah dop ah dah dah!


  6. Green Switch says:

    His music in Danger! Death Ray!! was very enjoyable. RIP, Gianni.

    Now I have to imagine what “Bupadupadada” sounds like on bagpipes.


  7. jjb3k says:

    “Ba-Pa-Da-Pa-Da-Da” always makes me smile – and you can tell the Brains really liked it too (“God, that’s fun! I can’t get enough of that!”). Thank you, Gianni, for the best MSTed movie theme ever.


  8. Creeping-Death says:

    Mustn’t forget the Watermelon Man song that was also in the movie Definitely one of the more memorable soundtracks of a film.


  9. JCC says:

    Along with this weeks episode guide movie Pumaman, the music for these two movies is not dramatic or tension-filled or necessarily exciting for the genre of film they’re in, but they definitely put a smile on my face. R.I.P.


  10. JCC says:

    I LOVE IT! “This isn’t appropriate his friend is dying over there…it’s nice!” “It’s nice!” *Crow giggles*


  11. OnenuttyTanuki says:

    I was walking around humming/whistling the theme yesterday at work. Talk about strange.


  12. MSTie says:

    I remember the ’60s and this kind of music was considered SO COOL. RIP, sir, and thanks for the memories.


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