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Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Moments

Alert reader Stacy suggests:

While I have my favorite actual episodes of MST3K, I also have my favorite “moments” from MST3K. The thing is that my favorite moments aren’t necessarily in my favorite episodes. This got me wondering if there are others out there that have favorite MST3K moments that aren’t necessarily in their favorite MST3K episodes, and if so, what are they?

For my sons and me, it’s the part in “The Atomic Brain” where the old woman starts her long descent down the stairs to the basement and Mike and the Bots are singing “She creeks, she pops, she’s so, dang old” and then softly sing “scaaaaared” when it shows the 2 women following her.

Okay, the first one that comes to mind is Dr. F’s invention: The Hard Pill to Swallow. Frank and Trace kill it.

What’s yours?

94 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Moments”

  1. deville says:

    the credit sequence in “Alien from LA” where they argue over who’s watched the femiest movies. Especially when they have to get the ruling on Madame Sousatzka . . .

    Mike “Who’s turn is it?”
    Tom “Crow’s because you challenged and lost.”


  2. Vic Field says:

    There are a few for me…
    Host segment at the end of Manos where Mike/Manos is delivering pizza… and he has the Torgos shuffle down perfect.

    Host segment during the Colossal Man.. where Joel and the bots are contacted thru the viewfinder Col Manning (Mike) and converse with him while he ingests a cow and barn and immediately has a digestive issue


  3. DrBlood says:

    From Fugitive Alien: Rocky looks up at a bottle: “Drink me, drink me, come on and drink me.”

    Honorable mention: Nuveena turns Crow and Tom Servo into kitchen appliances.


  4. Robbie P. says:

    From Hobgoblins, Crow’s documentary on Women, called Let’s Talk Women. Specifically when Crow is interviewing himself in a mustache.

    Mustache Crow: And then this woman, uh, at least I think it was a woman… She, uh… married me.
    Crow: Did you have any children, sir?
    Mustache Crow: I DON’T REMEMBER!


  5. BC says:

    Any really terrible editing mistakes. The watch from Danger!! Death Ray, the “Just because you can edit…” scene in Devil Fish, and “I got a man hurt over here… me too” from Werewolf. Those are always gutbusters for me.

    I can see how “A Joke By Ingmar Bergman” would get really irritating to a lot of people, but as a Bergman fan I loved the attention to detail and the commitment to the joke.

    I’m shocked that nobody has mentioned the Hitler building. Such a hard-to-watch episode, and yet that moment is so mind-boggling that it’s almost worth sitting through it just to get to that point. Almost.

    P.S. Longtime reader, first time poster here.


  6. robot rump! says:

    ‘invasion USA’ crow’s reaction to his ‘mother’ and the shriek when Mike tries to interrupt his nursing.
    ‘I accuse my parents’
    jimmy: ‘Mom…Dad!
    Joel: ‘…i won the get the crap kicked out of you contest!’


  7. ready4sumfootball says:

    “Ingmar Bergman Tells a Joke” from The Sword and the Dragon is by far my favorite bit from any episode.


  8. Too many to list, but one of my favorites was the ‘Unhappy Meal’ skit from ‘The Day The Earth Froze’.
    When Frank gets angry because Dr F took his money they have this exchange.
    Dr F: “Push the button Frank.”
    Frank: “No! I want my money back!”
    Dr F: “Forceps Frank. Pain.”
    Frank: “I don’t care! I want my money!”
    Dr F: “Electroshock Frank! Push the button!”
    Frank: “NO! NO!”
    Dr F: “The ‘Box’ Frank!”
    Frank: “Pushing the button.”
    I always wondered what ‘The Box’ was and why Frank feared it more than anything else.


  9. Captain Cab says:

    The Violent Years isn’t one of my favorite episodes but its opening skit where Tom has replaced his mouth and dome for that creepy ventriloquist dummy head never fails to make me laugh out loud, often near tears. Crow screaming in terror and Mike subsequently pulling it off by tightly gripping the eyes as Tom protests and yells loudly in pain is also disturbingly hilarious and only adds to it.

    More general, but one recurring moment from Trace’s time on the show that I love is whenever a girl smiled and even if she was pretty Crow would usually make that really coarse “HEE-E-E-E-E-EHHHH” noise. lol


  10. thequietman says:

    There are too many to count for me, but one that I’m surprised no one has mentioned yet is the “Previously on the Satellite of Love…” opener from “The Deadly Bees.”

    “It isn’t broccoli I want! It’s…YOU!!”
    “Answer the question, ya skel!”
    “Don’t make me shoot you….CROOOOOOOOWWW!!!”


  11. wetzelcoatl says:

    Hired! The Musical for me.

    Also any time Joel and the bots do a bit where they start talking in stereotypical upper Midwest accents.


  12. Droppo says:

    Have to say, I’m really enjoying this thread. So many great moments.

    Here’s Round 2 for me:

    The Beatniks: The riffs during Eddie’s songs always make me laugh, particularly, Joel’s.
    Eddie: “Call me wild…”
    Joel: “Oscar Wilde!”

    Santa Claus: the children of different nationalities sequence. Particularly when Mike, genuinely laughing, says “sorry about that folks” after a particularly bad one.

    Eegah!: Anytime they scream in horror when Arch Hall Jr. appears on screen.

    Merlin’s Mystical Shop of Wonders:
    Merlin: “Remember to believe in magic…”
    Crow: “Or I’ll kill you.”

    Poopie!: Anytime Frank laughs.

    Track of the Moonbeast: People have rightfully mentioned the stew riffs. But, I’d also add a subtle moment that kills me when Johnny is presenting his slideshow:
    Crow: (in Johnny voice) “Now, I’m over here.”
    (Mike starts laughing)

    The Magic Sword: Joel’s delivery on this one is so perfect.
    Sir Branton: “Lodac…”
    Joel: “You’re a jerk.:

    Alien From L.A.: The Australian riffs always get me. And I love when they just completely expose and undercut a film’s clumsy attempt at backstory:
    Crow: (in Australian accent) “I’m gruff and rough and not ready to be loved!”


  13. wylliam says:

    So many.. where to begin:
    1) Atomic Brain – where the old lady rolls backwards in the wheelchair… “Whoa whoa whoaaaaaaa!!”
    2) The Touch of Satan – the old lady kills the farmer, then it cuts to the family at the table laughing, “…and then he died! Ha ha!”
    3) Operation Double 007 – The segment where Joel imitates the villain and the bots get pissed. “Great skit Joel” …”I know”.
    4) I Accuse My Parents – “Let’s all go to Jack Taylor’s to celebrate!”; the quacking every time Kitty’s door opens; and the “but its my birthday tomorrow!”
    5) Don’t remember the episode, but where the 3 Observers tell Pearl she is no longer needed in her human form, and she rolls her eyes and says ” ..The HELL?!!”. Don’t know why – its just the way Mary Jo touches my heart!


  14. Mills says:

    Sessions Presents…


  15. Pulatso says:

    Servo’s song about stock footage in Neptune Men.


  16. mnenoch says:

    Tom Servo’s Death Ray in Danger Death Ray. Hands down that has got to be my favorite MST3K moment ever. The episode itself is okay but the moment where Crow’s head explodes in fire and Trace just goes with it. It’s absolutely golden. Anytime I need an absolute laugh I will find that on youtube and watch it.


  17. Altoid27 says:

    As many others have pointed out, there are way too many to list. If I had to narrow it down to three:

    “Pod People” – the entire episode. From “It stinks!” to “Clown in the Sky,” there’s something for everyone here. I also somehow find myself using Crow’s “Give me that! I’ll show you how to use a prop phone…” in regular conversation frequently.

    “The Incredible Melting Man” – the host segments put this one in my top five episodes, with the focus group skit probably being my favorite piece the staff ever wrote. Great (and painfully accurate) depiction, while also venting some of the “MST3K: The Movie” frustrations.

    “Riding with Death” – “Lucky guy, he’s about to find out I’m Ben Murphy.” I quote this all the time and to this day, I think I’ve run into one person who knew what I was talking about. Further proof that the right people will get it.


  18. Dr. Frankenkeister says:

    I cannot remember the episode, but it was a cutaway to Deep 13 and Frank had a cane and gloves and turned towards the camera saying…

    Frank: It’s SHOW…
    Dr. F: (offscreen) Don’t even think about it Frank!
    Frank: (Dejected) …time. (starts shaking his head and crying)

    For being completely unexpected, this bit slays me every single time. Hard to explain why this little minute of show is a favorite moment, but it is.


  19. Dr. Frankenkeister says:

    Oh, and the musical host segment from I Accuse My Parents where they mimic Are You Happy In Your Work. Joel’s expressions to camera are fantastic and are another favorite.


  20. Blowie the Dolphin says:

    One of my favorite moments in the Canada Song from Final Sacrifice. Also in Phantom Planet, when Chapman asks his navigator if his readings are correct and the navigator asks him why, Mike says “Because we’re under water”.


  21. Droppo says:

    #68: It’s from my favorite episode ever, Master Ninja I. Joel, Crow and Tom are each singing their own theme songs and then it cuts to Frank and he’s ready to join in before Dr. F cuts him off.


  22. Cornjob says:

    The practice job interview that Mike and the Bots do with Frank where he states matter of factly that he uses violence to resolve interpersonal problems is hysterical. Frank may have had the best host segment moments.

    The end of the Woody Guthrie-esque “Train Song” that literally goes off the rails and ends with the conductor getting impaled and toxic clouds killing a small city.

    Crow stating, “I wanna decide who lives and who dies” for Christmas.

    Any time the riffers comment “Well, that could have gone better”. I say that all the time when reading a newspaper or history book.


  23. Big Daddy HG says:

    The closing credits of Space Mutiny is my favorite moment or moments. I always go to YouTube and watch it when I need a quick laugh. It never fails to deliver!!


  24. Professor Gunther says:

    When Frank mouths “rock climbing” while he and Dr. F are gloating about inflicting LOST CONTINENT on Joel and the ‘bots.

    The face Frank makes when Dr. F discovers that he has just informed Joel and the bots of his (Dr. F’s) supposed death (GIANT GILA MONSTER). And the exchange between Tom and Joel immediately after is an added bonus. Tom: “you think he’ll kill him?” Joel: “Hush, child.”

    Additionally, Frank and his little bucket of sand during the “Deep Hurting” segment at the beginning of MOON MEN.


  25. jross says:

    “When I Held Your Brain in My Arms”

    From “Deadly Mantis” Country Radio Stations:

    And of course: “Clay looks better in a sweater washed in Woolite.” (Can’t remember which episode that’s from.)


  26. DarrG says:

    #72 Cornjob, you beat me to it, but “Crow stating, “I wanna decide who lives and who dies” for Christmas.” is one of my favorite moments, but it is Joel’s “Oh I don’t know” delivery that nails it. My wife and I use that all the time when someone asks what we want.

    Another one is from one of the Comedy Central promo bits when Crow says “Bite me, its fun” and Tom is in the background “Crow No.” The delivery on that one gets me too. And on a related note, Crow getting on the information superhighway with is a wonderful little segment as well.


  27. klisch says:

    Gamera vs. Guirion. The “thank you hello” dialogue. That got me hooked.


  28. David Mello says:

    Invasion of the Neptune Men:

    The Hitler Building and “EAT IT MOVIE!!”


  29. ServoTron3000 says:

    Not my favorite episode but perhaps my favorite riff:

    Deaney: How do you take your Scotch, Mitchell?

    Crow: Uh by the Quart


  30. huggybear says:

    Oh, some many great memories. I’ll go with:
    Favorite riff—Any time M&tb gave up an effeminate “Rowsdower”.

    Favorite sketch–I still lose it during the whole square dance into slam dance thing during “Bloodlust”.

    Favorite stinger–Cousin Billy blows a raspberry at Dan in “Giant Spider Invasion”.


  31. huggybear says:

    Thanks for the laugh #54. As soon as I saw “I don’t remember!’, I fell to pieces. What a great sketch!


  32. T says:

    “Hercules, table for eight!”
    “He’s fighting Nazis on the moon!”


  33. John says:

    The credits of Parts: the clonus horror…specifically the biography of “James Arness: Ugly and Stupid”. Absolutely brilliant, and puts me on the floor every time.


  34. Leave Crow T. Robert Denby Alone says:

    In The Thing That Couldn’t Die, after everyone tries to get Jessica to use the divining rod, no one is paying attention when she picks it up and actually starts out the door. All three have a comment, but Mike’s is the one that gets me:

    “See ya!”


  35. little winged potatoes says:

    I don’t think many responses are grasping the spirit of the question. For instance, while I love Crow voicing Trumpy in Pod People (delicious kitty, they all look so good) it is already one of my favorite episodes. Or when he says “I am the angel of death, the day of reckoning is upon us” as Jimmy in I Accuse My Parents, that is also one of my favorite episodes so it doesn’t really qualify.

    An episode I don’t watch often is Ring of Terror. The vacuum cleaner autopsy host segment with Gypsy trying not to heave is fabulous. I think that is one of my favorite MST moments from an episode that is not one of my favorites. The Phantom Creeps serials are usually dreadful for me, but Frank sings If Chauffeurs Ruled the World and makes up for it. There. A tedious episode with excellent host segments.

    Suggestion for future discussion: MST3K dreams. I once dreamt I was on a helicopter ride with the Best Brains. They were narrating the features of a MST based theme-park. Gypsy WAS the monorail.

    I think I’ve been spending too much time at this site, especially before bed.


  36. Bat Masterson says:

    For some reason, Mike’s laughter under his breath at the caretaker’s ‘Strange Things are Comin’ ditty in “Werewolf” is my favorite moment from the series.


  37. jaybird3rd says:

    I agree with #85, so I’ll limit myself to moments from episodes that aren’t necessarily my favorites.

    I’ve been on a “25th Anniversary” kick since Thanksgiving, going back and re-watching the KTMA shows on their respective anniversary dates. One of the pleasures of doing this is getting to see all the little moments that “just happened”, and which didn’t happen in the same way after the shows were scripted.

    In K05, for example, there’s a fun bit of improv by Joel (who is in the theater alone) which I actually like better than whatever replaced it in #302:

    Kenny: “I was so scared! Gamera saved me, didn’t he? Because he knows I like turtles!”
    Kenny’s Mom: “Gamera liked you!”
    Joel (in a slow, sarcastically accommodating tone): “Sure, Kenny.”
    Kenny: “Gamera’s a good turtle!”
    Joel: “He’s a good turtle, Kenny.”
    Kenny’s Mom: “He is good!”
    Joel: “It’s all good, Kenny! You’re going to be okay, Kenny!”
    (the movie cuts to the exterior of a building)
    Joel: “This must be the hospital where they’ve taken Kenny.”

    Later, the main scientist in the movie says that Gamera “has certain organs which function nearly like a hydro-electric plant!”, and Joel just bursts out laughing, which he didn’t do too often later. I don’t remember him munching on potato chips in the theater again, either, which he does about halfway through this episode.

    It’s always fun when the robots are able to crack Joel up in the theater: Crow’s reaction to the sexy Zigra lady in K07, Servo’s freewheeling “Strawberry Fields” parody in K12, etc.

    One of my very favorite KTMA riffs happens in K10. Martin Landau is captured and placed in a cell by the bad guy. He’s wearing an orange jumpsuit, and the cell has orange walls and orange furniture. As Landau wakes up on the floor, Joel quips, “I hope he likes orange.” It’s a simple observation that doesn’t seem very funny in print, but the visual combined with Joel’s sleepy-voiced delivery had me giggling for several solid minutes when I first heard it.

    Finally, there’s a particularly funny moment in K21. The star enters the photographer’s cabin and starts letting the air out of her diving tank, they fight, and he smacks her around. He then stands looking at her, and Joel says, “Finish the job, man …”, meaning that he should continue letting out the air. Joel must have realized too late that it sounded like he was calling for more domestic abuse, and he tried to backtrack by saying “… open the tank … I meant …”, but he just breaks down laughing, and the robots join him! Servo says, “After twenty weeks, Joel Hodgson snaps a twig!”


  38. Hey Cabot! says:

    The Llama sketch of The Amazing Transparent Man immediately comes to mind, because the movie is boring but that sketch is one of my personal favorites of the entire show.

    “There ain’t no law that says you can’t pet a smelly ol’ llama if you want to.”


  39. Shrike says:

    “It STINKS!”

    “Are you coming or do I swim alone?”
    “Yes and yes.”

    “This movie is just ropes and asses!!!”


  40. Depressing Aunt says:

    Hamlet faxed me a soliloquy!

    Yeah, “Hamlet” can be a drag, but I adore that quip. It’s just so delightfully absurd. I can actually picture a brooding Hamlet painstakingly writing out his thoughts, then putting them in a fax machine.


  41. Joike1013 says:

    Maybe because I just watched this episode…but the constant reference to Lafarge being a “load” in The Mole People. It was one of those things that the more they said it the funnier it got!

    “The load contributes.”
    “He’s on maximum load”
    “The Hardy Boys and their load”
    “That was just a little sprint load”
    “Load, tell us a story about another time you were a total load.”

    and of course…

    “He died as he lived…a total load”


  42. Rex Dart says:

    I always loved the brief moment from Horror at Party Beach, where the random women in the car flirt with the gas station attendant.

    As they’re exiting the theater, Crow shouts (as the attendant) “Thoughts of sex distracted me, and now I’ll have to immolate myself to subdue the loud buzzing in my head!!”

    To which Mike responds, “Fine, but come along anyway.”

    I dunno why, but mistakenly attributing the problem to Crow, and Mike’s casual response to his complaint, really amuse me.


  43. Leave Crow T. Robert Denby Alone says:

    “Surprise. It was me running the slides.”


  44. Mooney says:

    Not my favorite episode but in ‘The Thing that Couldn’t Die’
    There is a man digging up an artifact who says: “It looks medieval”.
    And Servo goes: “on yo ass”

    Might be my favorite riff ever. Kills me because I loved Pulp Fiction


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