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Update: Now available from RiffTrax…


Download it or see a sample here.

61 Replies to “Update: Now available from RiffTrax…”

  1. Dr. Frankenkeister says:

    I will give anything the Rifftrax crew does a whirl and see if I like it or not. Just like there are certain episodes of MST that I like more than others or some Bond movies that I like better than others or some kinds of Jolly Ranchers I like more than others, but I digress.

    Now like an above poster already mentioned, if Rifftrax is looking for another venerated Hollywood classic, then they should most certainly sharpen their verbal machetes and take down Gone With The Wind. If a film begs and pleads to be riffed, it would be this one. An overblown, overpraised, overlong epic without a protagonist character arc. The character actors are great and Olivia DeHaviland would have been a preferred heroine. Scarlett is one of the worst characters one has to endure. I’ve never felt as sorry for Gable for being stuck in this dreck.

    Ah venting over. What were we talking about? Something about Dr. Oz joining the Wizards or something?


  2. Depressing Aunt says:

    #44 Are you Dan Rather? ;)

    I remember having nightmares about that wicked green witch, and my mom told me, “Margaret Hamilton is a nice lady. She played the witch, and you don’t have to be afraid of her.” I was so young, I took it to mean that my mom had, at one point, been good friends with the actress.

    This whole thing has made me a little bit curious. And I would love the option to watch this–along with VODs I’ve already bought–on my Kindle Fire, but for some reason I can no longer watch VODs on it. Rifftrax made a change awhile back, and it’s not compatible with my gizmo now. So I think the only option left is to pour strawberry wine coolers on my trusty old desktop computer until it dies, then buy a laptop.


  3. David Mello says:

    I took the plunge this morning, and it’s surprising how much material the Rifftrax gang generated from this movie. Here’s my review:


  4. littleaimishboy says:

    Carol Burnett took care of “Gone with the Wind” a long time ago.
    Here’s hoping RT won’t embarrass themselves by trying to do it better.


  5. Duane Zykov says:

    It appears that Munchkin Ruth Robinson Duccini died yesterday at 95. This means there’s only one surviving Munchkin left, and that’s Jerry Maren. (He was also in “Terror of Tiny Town”, the infamous 1938 midget western directed by Sam “Mad Monster/Rock Climbing/he accuses his parents/RADAR” Newfield.)


  6. radioman970 says:

    @54. I agree… . The “I saw it in the window” line left us rolling back in the day. :D


  7. Green Switch says:

    They did an awesome job with the Oz RiffTrax.

    People who are actively looking very hard for something to complain about will undoubtedly find something to complain about here.

    For everyone else, this is pure fun. Keep doing what you do, RiffTrax!


  8. pondoscp says:

    Someone is going to watch the Rifftrax version of “The Wizard Of Oz” having never seen the movie before. What an odd experience that must be. I wonder if it’s happened yet.


  9. Ptomreeves says:

    The wizard of who?


  10. Derek says:

    @58, I had caught bits and pieces of it on TV, and basically knew the whole thing from MST3k references, but I probably would have gone my entire life without sitting down and watching the whole thing if it hadn’t been for Rifftrax. That being said, I see it quickly becoming one of my favorite trax that I’m sure I’ll revisit multiple times.


  11. Gummo says:

    I can’t believe what a great job they did with this. At points I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see.

    I really don’t know how they managed it. It shouldn’t have been possible!


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