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Josh Doing Fine After Surgery

One of the fundamental tenets of this site is: as fascinated as we — and our readers — are by every detail of the cast members’ doings, we also believe they deserve a private life. We do our best to avoid reporting any personal info about the cast members here, unless they volunteer it.

So, when Josh missed several Cinematic Titanic shows last year, and fans were told only that it was due to illness, we left it at that.

But recently Josh revealed what happened in a series of tweets:

1 month ago today, I had a kidney removed due to cancer. Now I don’t have cancer and I’ve been doing stand-up all week. #feelinglucky
The cancer was discovered when I had a CT scan of my colon and my kidney photo-bombed it. #feelinglucky
I have hesitated to be public about it, but I felt like people should get to hear a happy cancer story once in a while.
Thanks to everyone for your warm and caring wishes. It feels better than my cynical ass would have anticipated.

We have no doubt that we speak for all of our readers in expressing our delight that Josh has made a full recovery and in wishing him all the best.

34 Replies to “Josh Doing Fine After Surgery”

  1. Idiot Moon says:

    Get well young man.


  2. Jonah Falcon says:

    “Young” is relative – he’s in his early 40’s now :p


  3. Sam says:

    Josh Who?


  4. revlillo says:

    Hope all continues to go well.


  5. E - Just E says:

    Great news! Ironic that it was found during a CT scan!


  6. BIG61AL says:

    Well I rather have long over due good news than the quick bad news. I hope Josh’s recovery goes well. I missed seeing Josh perform at one the last CT shows last year.


  7. HeatUpTheDeathRay says:

    Very classy of Josh to handle this privately and then let his fans and followers know in so funny and gracious a way, and very classy of Satellite News as well for being so discreet and respectful.

    May Josh be granted many more happy years to continue delighting us with his wit and hilarity. Salud!


  8. MattK says:

    I’d have my colon scanned more often if Cinematic Titanic did them!

    So glad Josh is doing alright, and really glad we have an awesome resource like this site that keeps us informed but not at the expense of everyone’s private lives.


  9. Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    Glad to hear the good news about this.

    This experience plays right into the hands of Weinstein’s secret master plan if he writes anymore Futurama episodes – were the series to be picked up by another network in the future.

    I have it on good authority that his theoretical script begins like this:

    Fry lands on a planet of cancer blob beings (non-ironically, located in the constellation Libra) ((what?)) that is plagued by regular cells that keep invading their bodies.

    “Regular cells are like a cancer to us,” says Pintermok. “They make us look more symmetrical. Which is the worse way to exist. It’s like you’re half mirror.”

    I loved J. Elvis Weinstein’s work on Futurama and I needed some good news today.


  10. Ralph C says:

    Glad to hear he is okay.


  11. Kenneth Morgan says:

    Here’s hoping his recovery continues to go well and he remains cancer-free. Nice to have some good news these days.


  12. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Ah, it would be the OLD Tom Servo…

    Just kidding. Would like to tell him to get well soon but it appears he’s pretty much already done that. So I’ll just tell him to stay well for a long time.


  13. eegah says:

    Hey! Josh and I have something in common!

    I’m 27 years in the clear now. Here’s hoping you’re cured as well!


  14. Goshzilla says:

    @ Luther: Actually, that’s a different Josh Weinstein. In fact, he’s the reason “J. Elvis” had to change his name to join the Writer’s Guild.

    I have hesitated to be public about it, but I felt like people should get to hear a happy cancer story once in a while.

    That, right there. I can not “Like” that hard enough. :yes:


  15. Way to kick cancer’s ass Josh! Happy to hear everything is all right with you.


  16. AmazingRando says:

    The best news. And more good news for anyone hoping Cinematic Titanic will return from their break to do more shows and release new DVDs.

    I’ve been living with one kidney now for about 20 years, and mine’s borrowed, so if I can keep hanging around, anybody can.

    I discovered MST3K during the first season and was a huge fan of Tom Servo. It was a major disappointment when Josh left the show, and a kind of dream come true to see him, Joel, and Trace perform again, especially with Mary Jo and Frank. The future travels crazy paths. If anyone wrote it out for us, we’d probably never believe it. Lucky us.

    Stay strong, Josh.


  17. p0rpoise says:

    Oh, yes, great happy story. Thanks Josh. and Sampo.


  18. Fart Bargo says:

    Very glad about Josh’s health and his wise decision to share his story. Hope has always been the key to mankind’s survival.


  19. ck says:

    Bender says: “Yeah. He’s back.”


  20. Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    Thanks, Goshzilla. I knew he had started going by J. Elvis, but did not know why.

    Also, I was wondering why J. Elvis did not mention “his” Futurama work on his Life After MST3K Weinstein Shout! segment.


    I need a drink now.

    Bender: Thanks, J. Elvis. For nuthin’! Ha Ha.


  21. Chuck in Chicago says:

    As a cancer survivor myself, CONGRATULATIONS, J. ELVIS!!



    It’s hell. But you did it!


  22. Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    (I want to go on record that I believe the MST3K alumni could write an amazing Futurama episode, with J. Elvis Weinstein head writing the affair. I miss Futurama.)


  23. mst3ktemple says:

    Great news. Having Josh in the fold with Cinematic Titanic has been fantastic. It’s been great getting to hear him perform with the group and some on his own. Now that he’s back on his feet I sincerely hope we get more opportunities to see him perform.


  24. ck says:

    The Professor: “Good news, everyone. J. Elvis Weinstein is
    in better shape than moi.”


  25. two and a half says:

    I was kind of wondering/worried when I read he missed so many shows… sorry I didn’t get to see him when I finally saw CT at the Castro, but so happy that he’s doing alright! Josh- 1, Cancer- 0.


  26. bobhoncho says:

    Speedy recovery, Josh! Hope you are fully back on your feet, soon.


  27. Cornjob says:

    Josh, you are in my opinion the great unsung hero of MST3K. Your Servo was just as good as Kevin’s. I wish you respect, health, and happiness.


  28. Rachel says:

    Very relieved to hear Josh is okay. Stay healthy, man!


  29. JC says:

    All the best to you, Josh, and hearty well-wishes for a speedy recovery! To many more years of health and happiness!


  30. radioman970 says:

    Damn that sucks. Sorry you had to go through that dude. My mother is a cancer survivor too (she’s in her upper 60s) and she’s doin GREAT too! Although at least you don’t have to deal with my dad and all you lucky bastard!


  31. sdogmoore says:

    This is good news on the cancer front! Best wishes for a speedy recovery – a very small return for the entertainment you’ve given us.
    There are still so many bad movies out there that need to be made entertaining – cancer isn’t going to rob all of us of that!


  32. Torgospizza says:

    Victory lap for Josh….let’s hope E! Television doesnt add this news to it’s “Fun Facts” about Josh…


  33. Captain Cab says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Josh both times CT appeared in Minneapolis back in Oct 2008 and Sept 2011, it’s been said a million times but he’s so funny and he’s such a nice guy. Relieved to hear he is OK.


  34. Yipe Striper says:

    finally some good news. get stronger everyday, sir.


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