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Beverly Garland, RIP

LOS ANGELES — Beverly Garland, the beautiful and talented actress who starred in 1950s cult hits and then went on to play Fred MacMurray’s TV wife on “My Three Sons,” has died at her home here Dec. 5 after a lengthy illness. She was 82. MSTies will recall her performances as feisty Claire Anderson in episode 211- IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, vivacious Vera in 503-SWAMP DIAMONDS and the wiley Sheriff Rose Hood in 511-GUNSLINGER.

Read her LA Times Obituary here.

44 Replies to “Beverly Garland, RIP”

  1. losingmydignity says:

    R.I.P. Beverly…you were one of the cool tough great ones.


  2. Swwet Sweetback says:

    Aw man that rots. :sad:

    Over Thanksgiving I watched her appearance with the King of Fromage Adam West on a repeat from Turkey Day marathon.


  3. Tor Johnson says:

    You will truly be missed ,Bev.

    *BTW- Ta Hell is fromage?


  4. ThorneSherman says:

    She was one of the few truly enjoyable things about the movies she was in. Fromage is French for cheese Tor.


  5. Smog Monster says:

    I was thinking of Bevery Garland recently. I said that they should of moved Swamp Diamonds or Gunslinger to the second half of season 5 so that Mike could have have made fun of a Beverly Garland movie. Well that’s all archaic in the grander scheme of things. Sorry about the loss.


  6. H says:

    She will truly be missed. A great actress and pretty hot to boot. :cry:


  7. jessie says:

    aww.Usualy with obits i think”oh thats sad”and move on,but this is realy sad.Poor bev.
    She will be immortalized to us msties forever


  8. Wilford B. Wolf says:

    Nice touch that the LAT obit mentions her Corman roles, and even gets a quote from Mike “Touch” Conners regarding Swamp Women (bka Swamp Diamonds).


  9. Truck Farmer says:

    She will be sorely missed. R.I.P. :sad:


  10. BebopKate says:

    A truly talented and classy lady. Goodbye, Ms. Garland…


  11. Jeff says:

    I think it’s funny how whenever someone dies, people feel like they have to somehow “speak” to the deceased, as if they can actually read things like, “You were one of the great ones.” Makes no sense to me.

    Oh, and Elvis, you were awesome, dude. Go ahead and log out. I think heaven charges internet usage by the hour.


  12. CaveDweller says:

    Truly sad news indeed! Any long-term MSTies will remember her appearing at one of the conventions MST3K put on in Minneapolis. I wasn’t there, but I saw many clips from it. She was very cool about the whole MST3K thing and thought the show was wonderful! She was a true class-act that will be missed and forever loved and remembered by us MSTies!


  13. Shadi says:

    Very sad to hear; she was one of my favourites in MSTiedom. :( Always enjoyable to watch, for sure. She’ll definitely be missed.


  14. big61al says:

    She will be missed.


  15. Ben Murphy says:

    Peace to her ashes.

    Bye Beverly, you were loved.


  16. lancecorbain says:

    As Gunslinger is one of my favorite episodes, watched many, many times, Bev was pretty much a part of MST3K, to me. On a selfish note, I would have loved to have met her, but at 82, it seems she lived a pretty full life, and she lives on through celluloid!


  17. happy says:

    I liked her in It Conquered the World the best, but Gunslinger and Swamp Diamonds she is great too. Tremendous fiery redhead. She is probably ‘up there’ talking with Forry and Nina Foch about movies right now…


  18. Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    I watched her in those Turkey Days bumpers over Thanksgiving as well. Along with all of the movies she appeared in.

    Since I know you’ve always been a lurker here in MSTiedom and are reading this (Jeff :razz:), I say “You were one of the great ones, Beverly.” :)


  19. ennday says:

    Wow, what a bad week…first Forrest Ackerman, now Beverly. I would not have even known that these people had passed if not for this website.
    They weren’t big name box office stars, but they are the ones you rememmber forever.


  20. ck says:

    A sad loss.

    And she was really hot in Gunslingers. Without
    her the movie would have been not just bad,
    but virtually unwatchable. (Maybe the dumbest
    bit the two bad guys obviously waiting on their horses for the director to say “Action!”).


  21. Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy says:

    I remember her from the first Conventio-Con. She was very gracious and very funny. She will definitely be missed!


  22. Jake says:

    One of the great things I love about MST3k is how I was introduced to certain actors, directors, or even screenwriters I probably would have never known about otherwise. Beverly Garland ranks high on that list. Even in terrible movies, her screen presence was amazing. A terrific actress who, from all the things I’ve read about her, was also gracious, down to earth, and had a great sense of humor. How could anyone NOT like a person like that?

    As Joel and the Bots would have said; “We sulute you, Beverly Garland. One of the good ones!” :)


  23. David_B says:

    RIP Beverly you will be missed :cry:


  24. Invader Pet says:

    And she was a FAN of MST3K to top it off!


  25. crowschmo says:


    I was shocked to read this. I hadn’t seen it on the news and I just went to this site a few minutes ago. How sad. She was a bright spot in a few clunkers. (Actually, I didn’t think Gunslinger was that bad).

    I had just watched her recently, also, with Adam West in those Thanksgiving Day bumpers. Looked like they had fun.

    RIP, Beverly.


  26. mike says:

    Talking about Beverly Garland, there are some movies that the crew missed, including “The Alligator People”, with Richard Crane of “Rocky Jones” fame (hint: a suggestion for Cinema Titanic), “Not of This Earth” (Corman’s best) and “The Neanderthal Man” (a complete turkey if there ever was one, Beverly was the only highlight). But, at 82, she was a winner in life.


  27. Charlie says:

    She did a couple of episodes of TV’s “Yancy Derringer.” Yeah, she was the one to watch. Condolences to her family.


  28. Chris says:

    RIP, Beverly, you were wonderful. :cry:


  29. Dames Like Her says:

    Farewell, beautiful Beverly. You were a knockout in this life, and always kept your dignity in even Corman’s films. Your portrayals of both heroine and bad girl were imbued with strength and commitment, even when the films were stinkers.
    May the road rise to meet you.


  30. John M. Hanna says:

    Beverly was one of the few women in 1950s sci-fis who wasn’t a helpless, screaming ninny. Whether fighting Venusian carrot monsters, cleaning up a frontier town in tight jeans and stiletto boots or pistol whipping Touch Conners, she did it with style. RIP Bev.


  31. Rotten as British Teeth says:

    Allow me to join the ever-growing list of mourners here who was extremely saddened to hear of Ms. Garland’s passing. The world of MST3K is alittle less cheerful now that its “Grande Damme” has moved on to conquer the next life. You will be missed! :cry:


  32. Aquamarina says:

    Wonderful, wonderful screen presence; whenever I chance upon a truly committed performance by an actor in a limburger movie, I mentally hand out the “Beverly Garland Award.” Because that kind of effort deserves respect. Rest in peace, beautiful lady.


  33. Green Switch says:

    Those three movies featured on “MST3K” wouldn’t have been as enjoyable had Beverly Garland not been involved. “It Conquered the World” had to be my favorite out of those.

    The passing of Beverly Garland is a sad loss for all of us.


  34. HeatUpTheDeathRay says:

    I merely want to add my few paltry words of tribute to the many others here. As others have pointed out, Ms. Garland always gave a committed, strong performance, regardless of the overall quality of the film. She is an example not only to film, but to life. If only we could all ‘rise above the material’ in our daily lives a little more often. :smile:


  35. Skiptastic says:

    I’m really sad to hear this, she was quite the beauty, but at least she has peace after her lengthy illness.

    Oh, and the episode is 311 for ICTW, not 211.


  36. Big Stupid says:

    She was a winner; she will be missed.


  37. Alex M says:

    How sad. Beverly was on a special episode of the Weakest Link with other TV moms. She was great in everything she did and will be missed.


  38. Kitty Reed says:

    See ya in the turn, Bev.


  39. BSBrian says:

    I just remember her and the daughter-in-law(Katy?)being so hot on M3S, I think thats where my love for blondes really took off!!


  40. elservo says:

    Ack, so sad!

    I will watch Swamp Diamonds tonight in her honor :cry:


  41. losingmydignity says:

    “I think it’s funny how whenever someone dies, people feel like they have to somehow “speak” to the deceased, as if they can actually read things like, “You were one of the great ones.” Makes no sense to me.

    Oh, and Elvis, you were awesome, dude. Go ahead and log out. I think heaven charges internet usage by the hour.”

    The above quoted from #11.

    Nothing but spam, Sampo. Nothing about Beverly and just a knock on posters here. The author does not even know that addressing the deceased in this way is a MSTie show standard and respectful (unlike the post).
    Please, delete the spam.
    Thanks, Lmd


  42. Gary Bowden says:

    :cry: Beverly was one of my favorite actresses and she’ll be sorely missed.She always put 100% in to her acting and it shows,even in turkeys like “It Conquered the World” and “Swamp Diamonds”.She was underrated..I didn’t hear it on the news,but found out just now on this website.That’s pretty pathetic that the major news channels didn’t report on this..R.I.P. Beverly…


  43. radioman970 says:

    *broken heart*




  44. Kevin says:

    Aw damn.

    I was just considering visiting a friend in LA, and thought that I’d try to book a room in Beverly’s Holiday Inn. Now it just wouldn’t be the same.

    I was sad to read that Forry Ackerman died, but Beverly Garland was supposed to live on.

    (and if for no other reason than to piss Jeff off:) Goodbye, Beverly. You’ll always have a place in our hearts.



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