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New Short from RiffTrax…


Keeping Clean and… Whoops. I mean Clean and Neat with Harv and MarvSee a sample or download it here.

12 comments to New Short from RiffTrax…

  • 1
    littleaimishboy says:

    Well, I warned you all, but did you listen?


    And now, you’ll be BEGGING to return to the sane, rational world of Mel and Lem!


  • 2
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    Based on the clip, this one looks too creepy for me.


  • 3
  • 4
    goalieboy82 says:

    this looks as creepy as the child bride* (which thank god mst3k didn’t do). look it up yourselves.
    *which i have never seen but read about it that mst3k rejected the film.


  • 5
    radioman970 says:

    Reminded me of Dr. F saying…”and the children…” (Frank: not the children) “yes the children…”

    ….love to wash themselves! Pain


  • 6
    Cameroon Gouda says:

    What’s with the 20 cent difference in price between SD and HD? And why are weirdo shorts available in HD?


  • 7
    Remmie Barrow says:

    Harv and Marv must be related to Coily the Spring Sprite in some way, right?


  • 8
    mstgator says:

    @3: I’m so hoping for a riff on “Drugs and Stuff with Harv and Marv”.


  • 9
    Joseph Klemm says:

    @8: I can so see Mike, Kevin, and Bill having a field day with that short.


  • 10
    Smoothie of Great Power says:

    Drugs are like Harv and Marv too.


  • 11
    Ken McElhaney says:

    I’ll admit, I wanted to take a long, hot shower to wash the creepiness of this short away…but since it was about showering I got really confused. Whoever said that alcohol did no good obviously did not see this short, so they missed the dire temptation to drink themselves stupid afterwards.


  • 12
    Depressing Aunt says:

    Re #3. How is that even possible?? Evil! Eeeee-villl!!

    I must take a moment to express my gratitude; for a long time I could not stream the VODs to my Kindle Fire, and now it works perfectly for me. Smile