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RIP John Fasano Los Angeles–Writer, producer and director John Fasano, had more than 40 credits on feature films and primetime television, died at his home here Saturday, July 19. He was 52. No cause of death was given. He served as assistant director for the movie in episode 604- ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE. He also appeared on screen in that movie as William Washington.
The Hollywood Reporter has an obit here and Variety’s obit is here.

Thanks to Duane and Paul for the heads up.

14 Replies to “RIP John Fasano”

  1. Yipe Striper says:

    so long, Mr. Washington.


  2. BIG61AL says:

    john – too soon to lose you…RIP


  3. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    Willie was the chubby guy at Park Harpell? Man, in reel life William Washington died too young. In real life John Fasano dies too young.


  4. Thomas K. Dye says:

    Good grief, he was only 26 when that movie was shot? He definitely looks better in that photo than he did in “Zombie Nightmare!”

    Rest in peace.


  5. Nick says:

    We met him at the 2012 Comikaze Comic Book con. He was really funny and awesome to meet. I bought some of his art books, had our picture with him, etc. Holy crap! That’s really sad.


  6. JCC says:

    I’m (kicks) HUSKY! R.I.P..


  7. JC says:

    And Park Harpell will be renamed Park Fasano John in his honor.


  8. trickymutha says:

    Very sad to lose someone, anyone, at that age.


  9. SAMPO, slight correction: It was actually Saturday night (the 19th) that Fasano passed away in his sleep.

    John Fasano was supposed to be here in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night at a screening of ROCK N’ ROLL NIGHTMARE at the Hollywood Theatre. A few days before the event (I wanna say it was Wed. ..?), he had to cancel his appearance due to an illness. No specifics were given.

    The RN’RN event still took place and, oh by the way, John Mikl Thor was in attendance and he ROCKED the house. After the movie (which is a cheesy, fun piece of 80s heavy metal/horror excellence, bytheway) Thor sang a couple songs (We Live to Rock, Energy) accompanied by a single guitar (!), did a Q&A, and showed a Thor concert performance clip and a trailer for an upcoming documentary, I Am Thor. Multiple times he praised Fasano for his creativity, for being a genius, and for just being a really really great guy. They were good friends.

    Fasano’s son, Jon Carlos, was also in attendance and he was definitely having fun, dancing on stage and even answering a couple special effects questions during the Q&A.

    My heart goes out to Jon Carlos and the rest of the Fasano family. I’m sorry for your loss.

    I was talking about all of this with some friends, about how strange it was that just hours after the screening of Rock N’ Roll Nightmare Fasano would pass away AND how doubly weird it was that he was SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. One of my friends pointed out how nice and amazing it was that a movie theater audience was watching and enjoying one of his movies as he was passing through his final hours and how, possibly, it most likely brought him (and his family) a little bit of happiness during that time. I like to think that it did.

    One last thing,
    from the curator of the event there was a couple vague, non-formal suggestions that there could possibly be a screening of our very own ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE coming to the Hollywood Theatre in the future. I’ll let all of you know if that becomes a reality.

    I’ve only seen a couple of your movies,
    but they were fun.

    RIP, John Fasano


  10. Sampo says:

    Watch-out-for-Snakes: Thanks for the correction and the report.


  11. Chuck says:

    I get legit joy from Rock n Roll Nightmare, it’s a gas. The Zombie Nightmare episode is one of my favorites as well (also the very first MST3K ep we screened at the Colonial Theatre back in July ’10). Thanks to John Fasano for entertaining me. So very sorry to hear about his passing.



  12. radioman970 says:

    Way too young. But significant career.

    He wrote Hostel Part 3. I’d love to have a credit like that. I’ve seen the other 2 but have shied away from that one. I guess I’ll really need to give it a go some time. Maybe. … wonder if there’s a rifftrax?


  13. Numanoid says:

    Wow. I was watching the Joe Bob Briggs commentary on the film “Blood Sisters” last night, and he talked up John Fasano’s credits as he was, by far, the most accomplished person in the film (“Blood Sisters” was one of only three small acting roles he had).

    RIP “Scared Fat Guy”


  14. Rowsdower says:

    Did 3 Rock N Roll Theamed Horror Films: ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE, BLACK ROSES, AND ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE. I have all of em on DVD.
    R.I.P brother


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