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‘The Frank’ Now Available

It is now available at Amazon.

Trace says: “Limited quantities will be available for sale at Dragon Con this weekend! Come find me and Frank Conniff at the Walk of Fame, table 19.”

53 comments to ‘The Frank’ Now Available

  • 1
    Ryan says:

    When is it actually going to be available?! It seems like forever since the promotional picture from this was released.


  • 2
    ck says:


    But let me be frank about Frank(enstein).
    He has a thing for…Frau Blucher!


  • 3
    Matt says:

    I had no idea what this really was, and I literally started hyperventilating at that one shot.


  • 4
    Sean says:

    This is the trailer that was on the ‘It Lives by Night’ DVD. Loved the puppeteer reveal, considering those two were never on the show at the same time.


  • 5
    Tim S. Turner says:

    I WANT IT!!!!!!!


  • 6
    Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    This looks like an instant classic in Mystiedom.

    I will be purchasing a copy when it becomes available to the hungry masses.

    I’ve always thought of TV’s Frank as a version of Frankenstein’s monster, so it was of great relief to finally see him “on the resurrection table.”

    Way to go, Frank.

    Between The Frank and the approaching Phanstasm V – RaVager, I’m quite beside myself.

    I hope these events don’t break some seventh seal or something and signal the end the world.

    Somebody pinch me.


  • 7
    Professor Firefly says:

    Maybe it’ll be available for Christmas,perhaps? Since this is a short,I wonder what else will be on the DVD??


  • 8
    Clint says:

    So this is Frank’s resurrection to set canon straight for an upcoming MST3k project?


  • 9
    ck says:

    Apparently Frank’s job as a soultaker didn’t work out.
    With those Estevez’s competing, the whole thing was
    probably just too political.


  • 10
    schippers says:

    There’s, like, quite a bit of mugging in that clip. It makes me nervous. I want to like, but there’s a VERY FINE LINE you gotta walk when your performers are mugging for the camera.


  • 11
    Trilaan says:

    *snerk* haha Nice line delivery, Joel.


  • 12
    littleaimishboy says:

    Opening – is that the house that rent-a-andy-garcia inherits in “Woughwilf”?


  • 13
    Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    @ 10

    I think the spirit in which this was created not only comfortably breaks the fourth wall, but comes on through the wall after shattering it. Then the project walks around to the back of the stage, goes back on set, and breaks through the fourth wall again.

    This phenomenon in cinema critics circles is known as “Fourth Squared.”

    Fourth Squared allows so much latitude that mugging for the camera is, technically, an impossibility.

    Some cite the existence of a Fourth Cubed state, but that’s tantamount to experiencing three false awakenings during a specific lucid dream cycle. It’s extremely rare and not generally experienced.

    However, a Fellini film being reviewed by Joe Bob Briggs in original form as “Mr. Bloom” does come to mind as an established gateway.

    But Fourth Squared? It’s something that can be done with the right amount of focus and judging from the trailer, it appears Frank nailed the devil out of it.

    That’s just my lucid opinion.


  • 14
    Dan in WI says:

    The participation level here is interesting. From the trailer is appears we have everybody but Mike. That’s not something we see too often in the Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic era. (Yes I know CT is over but you get my point.)


  • 15
    Captain Cab says:

    Can we be *ahem* FOURTHcoming (ducks) about the breaking of the fourth wall and mugging for the camera? And I shall be forthcoming in that I don’t care, whatever this is, I want to know more. Joel, Josh, Bill, Mary Jo, Gruber, AND Frank? Hmmmmm. Very interesting any way you cut it.


  • 16
    Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    @ 14

    Mike is featured on the extras, dressed as the evil Captain Kirk.



  • 17
    Droppo says:


    This looks awesome. Love seeing both Rifftrax and CT participants in the same project! Gives me hope that we’ll someday have an All-Star riff with Mike, Kevin, Bill, Joel, Frank and Trace. BTW – if that did happen, it would be personally as exciting as if a new Beatles album was discovered from the Abbey Road sessions.

    Kickstarter, anyone?


  • 18
    Edwin B says:

    I am excited! As for the mugging, it may be that it is only in the trailer and not the movie, so I am not going to worry about it. Although I found it funny anyways.


  • 19
    Cambot J.Nson says:

    Oh, yeah… uh-huh.


  • 20
    Ralph C. says:

    So, when can the rest of us MSTites be able to purchase this?


  • 21
    Ken McElhaney says:

    $14.99 eh? For a 10 minute video and 40 minutes of “total footage” and in DVD form only? I know, I’m getting picky in my old age, but that’s a bit much even for me. Of course, if it comes down considerably or there is the 10 minute video only that can be streamed or downloaded for less, count me in. Grin


  • 22
    Oddstocks says:

    @21 This is rare new content from people we like. 15 bucks is cheap.


  • 23
    E - Just E says:

    Gotta agree.with #21. $14.99 for a 10 minute music video is a little steep. I’ll pass for now until read the reviews from people with more spending money (meaning they don’t have teenagers!)


  • 24
    Cheapskate Crow says:

    So is this the same short that was shown at CT shows on their farewell tour last year?


  • 25
    Ken McElhaney says:


    I like them as well, but they could get with the 21st century at least. At $9.99 for a streaming/downloadable video, I’ll go along with that as they are worth a buck a minute (including credits). But $14.99 for a standard DVD?

    I’m going to be really nice and believe that this is one of those “limited edition” type promotions and they’ll offer the video a little cheaper over the net at some point down the road assuming that some wiseacre doesn’t upload a copy onto YouTube first, then the jig is up.


  • 26
    Oddstocks says:

    I don’t get it. Most of us wouldn’t balk at spending $15 on a T-shirt or poster from a show with people we like. That’s for a thing with a still image on it. This has so much more value.


  • 27
    schippers says:

    Huh, all this jibber-jabber about the fourth wall makes me think of some projects that get so up their own butt with cleverness that they cease to be amusing to anyone but the creator(s) (hey Stephen King, I’m looking at you and your Dark Tower).

    It’s also pretty disappointing to hear that it’s just 10 minutes.


  • 28
    pondoscp says:

    I’m broke as a joke, but I went ahead on and ordered it anyway. Why? Because I love these guys.


  • 29
    Patrick. says:

    I ordered mine! I don’t care if it’s 10 minutes. It’ll be awesome. I was totally bummed when CT called it quits. That said, I want to continue to support these creative efforts so they keep producing new material.


  • 30
    halfmoonmaiden says:

    I wish I could go!


  • 31
    Oddstocks says:

    @25 If you think of it in terms of being willing to pay $1 a minute for the video itself, then it works out to less than a buck extra per special feature. That’s still not bad, if you like features. I usually want everything. Smile


  • 32

    Rifftrax charges $9.99 for a full length riffed movie you can stream on their site or download. $15 for a 10-minute DVD plus shipping is unconscionably steep. And don’t give me jazz about the 40 minutes of “extras.” I’d rather pay $15 for a 40 minute film with 10 minutes of extras. See, I have this strange habit of watching the film every time I watch the film, and the extras either once or never. The MST disc sets have the best extras around, but I can’t bring myself to watch them more than once. The main product is where my interests lie, not perks.

    Books are different. Annotated volumes are charming; it adds to the experience of reading the story. Annotated MST episodes would be great, provided you can toggle the annotation.


  • 33
    Ken McElhaney says:

    Well @31, I’m more in the corner of @32 on this one. I also watch “features” maybe once and that is it. I’m really more perplexed by the old “standard DVD” than anything else as if we’re still living in 1997. It’s been a while since I’ve purchased ANY DVD as streaming/downloadable video is just much more convenient while my DVD collection gathers dust. It’s not quite like buying a VHS today, but it’s getting close.

    However, once it becomes available for streaming/download I’ll happily buy it…for $9.99 or less.


  • 34
    xamfra says:

    I note it is not rated. Does this contain any nude work?


  • 35
    GornCaptain says:

    @33 Some of us like physical media that can’t be wiped out in a hard drive crash, thank you very much! And not everybody has a big fat internet connection with unlimited bandwith either. All my streaming friends complain bitterly about when they go over their limit for the month. Wink

    I’ll believe DVD is doomed when Vinyl Records and CD’s disappear.


  • 36
    ready4sumfootball says:

    I’m with #32 and #33 on this one*. I tend to buy DVDs bare bones because I’m not that interested in special features unless it’s for something really great like classic Doctor Who, MST3K, or Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and even there I’m fairly one-and-done on the bonuses. So yeah, I think I’ll be sitting on this one for a while. If it goes on sale for $5 or whatever, maybe I’ll get it then.

    *I’m with #35 on actually preferring something physical and longlasting though. Main reason why I don’t play many computer games anymore.


  • 37
    Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    “schippers”, it wasn’t jibber jabber about high falutin’ concepts.

    It was a ~joke~ in response to your comments about “mugging.”

    Bashing Stephen King in this topic is misplaced.

    GornCaptain is right. In response to others preferring streaming, I am always amazed at how MUCH others are willing to pay to have such high-speed large data plans. You may be saving a few bucks by not buying a physical DVD, but you’re paying many many bucks for that ability.

    It has nothing to do with joining the 21st century. Preferred media storage is exactly that. I’ve seen people disparage Blu Ray or DVD as if it is the “new floppy disk.” It is a false comparison. One might as well then disparage the servers that are storing things in the laughable “cloud”!

    I can’t deny that the price is high for ten minutes. I was expecting 6.99, and like others, I can’t watch the extras over and over like a main feature. And this main feature is so short that it won’t be viewed multiple times. I do think it is an ideal “gift” to an MST3K fan. An absolute killer stocking stuffer.

    I’m wondering if the DVD might be good for a small investment to sell for a little more if/when it goes out of print.

    Ultimately, I think $7 for the DVD and $6 for download would have been very fair and very successful.

    Whatever the case, WAY TO GO, FRANK. I’m just glad things are being created.


  • 38
    Cheapskate Crow says:

    @37: Stephen King ruined the Dark Tower series so badly that bashing it anywhere on the Internet is justified.

    As for the physical/streaming media debate, I am firmly in the middle. I prefer physical media if I am actually paying for something but streaming is damn convenient. And you can always make backup copies of all your stuff. Not all internet plans have data caps so it’s not like that’s an issue for everyone either.

    Back to topic, $15 for this is too much, it’s only 10 minutes and I can’t see rewatching it a lot. This is presuming that it’s the same short that was in the CT shows last year which I am presuming it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see everyone collaborating and doing something again but I think this is just getting people’s hopes up for something bigger down the line and I am wary that will never happen.


  • 39
    BlackRobbin says:

    Call me old fashioned but when I buy something I want to see it sitting on a shelf gathering dust. I would gladly pay $14.99 for a ten minute video. But it better be the best damn ten minutes of my life!


  • 40
    Trace says:


    Then this was made for you. The spine was specifically designed to look good on a shelf.



  • 41
    jaybird3rd says:

    Just placed my order (using Sampo’s link, of course). I’m always glad to support the MST3K gang’s creative endeavors!

    I’m another one of those who prefers physical media over downloads (although I do buy downloadable content from time to time). Streaming video isn’t an option with my poor Internet connection, and besides, I like having my movies and music and books in a physical format that won’t disappear with a hard drive crash, an EMP attack, or a DRM glitch.


  • 42
    Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    @ Trace

    But can you do something about the Dark Tower spines? You got that kind of pull?

    Me thinks you might.


  • 43
    Professor Firefly says:

    Watched it last night…Two big thumbs up! Thanks Trace and to everyone involved…I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!!


  • 44
    Trace says:

    Professor Firefly,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to purchase, watch and also post your comment. I appreciate your support very much.



  • 45
    littleaimishboy says:

    Sorry Trace, Frank, and everybody else involved,

    But 14.99 is just way out of line, pricingwise.

    14.95 I could live with, but 14.99? Please. No way.


  • 46
    Trace says:


    I hear ya and I understand but thanks for tossing in your 2 cents. (if only it had been 4. Dam you! Value of a 60’s era US postage stamp!)

    Hee hee.



  • 47
    Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    Hell, it’s worth paying 14.99 just to have Trace, and possibly others involved with the project, coming on here to monitor comments.

    I don’t recall Iron Maiden ever EVER responding to some comment I made online, despite my being somewhat of a huge rivet head fan of theirs for decades.

    Hopefully Bruce will get back to me soon about my question regarding his Aleister Crowley flick. It’s only been… (looking at watch) two years since I wrote to him.

    It’s just not the norm to hear from the industry, but MST3K actors/personalities, often break the Hollywood mold. To our benefit. It’s a lot of fun.


  • 48
    Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    (Oh, I was joking about Bruce of Maiden. But you know what I’m saying.

    In reality, I’ve only written to Derek Riggs with an art question.

    The son of a gun wrote me back.)


  • 49

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  • 50
    halfmoonmaiden says:

    It will be an instant classic!


  • 51
    Dr. Z says:

    The Frank is very cool yet so short. In the B & W version Joel’s voice is heard and the in the a special feature the Color version Mike’s version is heard, so it’s quite keen, one can only hope for a more full bodied crossover!


  • 52
    Travis says:

    I’m wondering, was Kevin sick that day or something. His absence stands out a bit…(unless he was uncreditted and in heavy costume…but then why would he be uncredited?


  • 53
    Nadine says:

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