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Invader Zim Comes to Hulu

Variety reports that the Internet TV service Hulu has renewed its distribution deal with Viacom, and that it will expand its kids’ lineup with additional shows from Nickelodeon.

Pretty boring stuff (unless you’re into “Hey Arnold” — not that there’s anything wrong with that) until you dig down and discover that one of the additions will be a little animated series called “Invader Zim,” on which Frank was first a writer, then a head writer.

In celebration, Gir will sing The Doom Song now.

14 Replies to “Invader Zim Comes to Hulu”

  1. Captain Cab says:

    LOVE Invader Zim. Creative writing with surreal, often dark scenarious, wild art style, and it’s absolutely hilarious. So of course Nickolodeon cancelled it. It’s a shame this series didn’t launch a few years later on Cartoon Network, I’m sure it would have been given at least somewhat better support and surely a much longer run. A few years ago Jhonen Vasquez and Nick almost relaunched the show but then someone at Nick of course decided it would “not be cost effective.” Maybe someday they can strike a deal with Hulu for new episodes or maybe Netflix, why not give an animated series the exclusive streaming series option for a change? Anyways, if you want to watch a really funny Zim episode that Frank wrote, I highly recommend “FBI Warning of Doom.”


  2. Cheapskate Crow says:

    I didn’t know Frank was involved with this show, I remember it being pretty good.


  3. some guy says:

    All I remember about this show is a bunch of people screaming their heads off all the time. It was funny to me as a pre-teen/teenager who didn’t really fit in with much of his peers and wanted to be “different”, but looking back on it now I find it extremely annoying. There’s a handful of moments that I still remember kind of being funny, but it’s all more embarrassing than anything. It’s probably single-handedly responsible for inspiring “random” internet humor in a way (the phrase “monkey cheese” comes to mind, just stringing together “funny” sounding words or shouting about food for no good reason). This isn’t a good thing, of course. In fact, it’s very, very bad.

    Tying this in to Mystery Science Theater, a show that I didn’t get into until about 2011, I had no idea who Frank Conniff was when my interest in Zim was at it’s peak (let’s say about 10-11 years ago, whenever the DVDs came out). It was interesting to find out he was involved with the show, I guess. I remember they liked to insert caricatures of the show’s staff into most episodes and I remembered Frank’s design once I got to know him through MST.

    So, uh, Zim eats it as far as I’m concerned. Dumb, bad show for dummy-dums. Screaming is not a substitute for comedy (see also many so-called “reviewers” and “critics” that you can probably find all over places like YouTube).


  4. GornCaptain says:

    If you can’t say something nice… ;)


  5. Steelhawk says:

    If you can’t say something nice…

    …you’re on the internet.


  6. JCC says:

    Nothing wrong with giving an opposing viewpoint. My only issue is with the “Dumb, bad show for dummy-dums” comment which is childish and kind of a dickweed-ish move seeing as how people had already admitted to being fans of the show.


  7. CaptainCab says:

    Just wanted to say per that dismissive post above that there’s a lot more to the show than characters ‘just yelling their heads off.’ Yeah, the show is uh, loud and yes, the characters yell sometimes (because Zim is a seriously psychotic, part of his character and the plots deal with some pretty crazy, even sociopathic themes) but what an insult to Frank and the other writers on the show to paint it as just a dumb kids show. It’s a genuinely funny show and is more than just “loud kid humor.” This is like saying “I’m too old for the Coyote Road Runnet cartoons because it’s just animals trying to blow each other up with dynamite.” But to each their own I guess.


  8. Cornjob says:

    The Christmas episode is hilarious. The chorus of “Bow down before the might of Santa Claus, or be crushed, be crushed, benieth his jolly boots of doom.” cracks me up and makes me smile just thinking of it.

    My other absolute favorite is the giant invisible power armor with the short extention cord that left the pilot visible like wonder woman’s plane.


  9. Ryan says:

    Invader Zim is absolutely brilliant! Cornjob, those are two of my favorite moments, too. I have the “Bow down” Santa song as my ringtone. My other favorite bit is the Martian saying his species worked itself to extinction making Mars into a spaceship “because it’s cool.”

    There is a LOT of yelling in Invader Zim. And I can see that turning some people off. For me, it just makes it rather tiresome to binge watch many episodes at a time.


  10. Raptorial Talon says:

    Stringing silly words together is a comedic device almost as old as comedy itself . . . and Zim pulls it off better than most.

    The show is pretty hit-or-miss, I’ll admit. But when it hits, it’s pretty damn memorable.


  11. Brandon says:

    I loved season 1 of Invader ZIM…… season 2? There was a lot of behind the scenes crap going on, and the latter episodes took a downturn in quality.


  12. jjb3k says:

    Invader Zim is a show that I still can’t believe exists. Like, Jhonen Vasquez is one of the last guys you’d think Nickelodeon would put in charge of a kids’ show. But here we are.

    I was in high school when this show first came on (I hadn’t yet become a MSTie at this point), and it was just the hottest thing in the world, especially among all the goth and emo kids. I do agree that it was probably highly influential on modern internet humor, for better or for worse, but I thought it was just a little too random to really grab my interest. I like a little more structure in my entertainment. Some bizarre randomness is okay, but this show was pretty much nothing but. (They attempted a story arc towards the end, but got cancelled before it could go anywhere, which is a darn shame.) It’s an okay show, but it’s far from the best cartoon Nickelodeon has given the world. That would be Rocko’s Modern Life :)

    I can definitely see Frank’s influence in the show’s writing, though. He really seems to love the non sequitur, if Season 2 of MST3K is any sort of indicator.


  13. Cornjob says:

    Regarding the naysayer above: to quote the drummers in the party scene in Girl in the Gold Boots,

    “Whatever white people.”


  14. undernova says:

    Repeat to yourself, “it’s just a show, I should really just relax.” Applies to almost anything, no?

    Can we talk about “Mitchell?”


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