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Joel to Present Another Online Turkey Day

Although Joel has been hinting (and a couple of times point-blank saying) that it would happen for quite a while now, our pals at have the official announcement that there WILL be another online Turkey Day marathon this year.

32 Replies to “Joel to Present Another Online Turkey Day”

  1. milehighmanning says:

    Oooohhhh Yyyeeaaaahh!!!


  2. snowdog says:

    WoooHOOO!! Er, I mean GobblegobblegobbleGobble! Looking forward to it.


  3. TarlCabot says:

    I’m a little disappointed it’s still only 6 episodes. With last year’s success, one would’ve thought that they’d expand it. At least a little.

    And we already know what 4 of them are from the Turkey Day bumpers on the newest set.


  4. wonderfly says:

    About. Freaking. Time. I was starting to panic.

    #3 – we do? What are they?


  5. Droppo says:


    I’ll admit I got choked up at the end of last year’s when the bots showed up to have dinner with Joel.

    As both a Joel and Mike fan, I’ll say – I think my favorite dynamic of any phase of the show was the familial bond that Joel had with the Bots. That moment at the end of last years marathon was the first time since Joel left that I felt that dynamic again…even for a few fleeting seconds.

    Man, I love MST3K.


  6. TarlCabot says:

    Jungle Goddess, Painted Hills, Screaming Skull, Squirm.


  7. Matt says:

    Will be eagerly awaiting to hear if this can be viewed on the Youtube app on the PS3 this year. Hooking up the computer to the TV was a non-starter last year and having a small monitor under a giant TV definitely lost something.


  8. Duane Zykov says:

    #6 huh? The article says “The exact list of episodes hasn’t been finalized yet, but fans are encouraged to tweet Joel to make a case for your favorite.”


  9. TarlCabot says:

    Duane Zykov:
    #6 huh? The article says “The exact list of episodes hasn’t been finalized yet, but fans are encouraged to tweet Joel to make a case for your favorite.”

    Volume XXXI features new Turkey Day bumpers with Joel (and some surprises) for the 4 episodes on that set. I’d be very surprised if those 4 episodes aren’t used.


  10. radioman970 says:

    i’m already trottin!


  11. Quasimoto says:

    More, More, MORE!


  12. wonderfly says:

    #9 – since those are meant for the DVD release, I’d hope that means those 4 films are NOT to be used for the marathon. *shrug* The more new original content we get, the better….


  13. pondoscp says:

    Let’s hope the new set is just a preview of this year’s Turkey Day marathon, not part of the actual marathon itself.


  14. Sean says:

    Doesn’t Joel pick the episodes himself?


  15. mst3ktemple says:

    I’ll be watching whatever the episodes are! Can hardly wait. Thanks to Shout! Factory and Joel and whoever else is involved with making this happen. Thanks for thinking of your fans once again. You guys are great.


  16. Ralph C. says:

    I’m hoping this will be accessible through the Roku YouTube app. I’ll take six eps. Thanks Shout and Joel.


  17. pondoscp says:

    I’m really looking forward to this, and I’ll watch all six no matter what episodes they are


  18. hookemhorns says:

    This is about as close as we’ll get to the old days; there was nothing like having episodes running all day long. Even a mini-marathon on my own with my VHS tapes 10-15 years ago was never quite the same. Thank you to whomever made this possible.


  19. Captain Cab says:

    Great to finally have confirmation on this, the Turkey Day marathon last year was so memorable and that last scene with the ‘bots showing up was just wonderful. Probably wishful thinking but it’d be great if Crow and Tom couid be used a bit this year in the host segments.


  20. Floki says:

    Hmmm. Wonder if MST3K:The Next Generation will be announced during the marathon. No better time for it.


  21. NinthHour says:

    Glad tidings, indeed! …and for what it’s worth, I’ll contribute to the others’ suggestion of hoping to see another return of Crow and Tom!

    Incidentally, forgot to wish Kevin happy b-day from the other day…so, happy belated, man! You’re HUGE :laugh:


  22. Torgospizza-NJ says:

    @20-When I met Joel at the Chiller Theater Con last week, he said that there will be an announcement in January for a MST3K Kickstarter campaign. As we’ve heard, Joel will Not be the host, but there will be “guest riffers” in the episodes. He did not reveal the names of the planned guests, but I’d assume it’ll be drawn from the ‘Titans’ roster.

    Last year’s Turkey day marathon had a lot of freezing and crashing issues, and I couldn’t
    get it to play on Apple Tv at all. Someone posted all of Joel’s intros and outros together on You Tube a few days later, which was great.. hope that guy does it again this year.


  23. Cheapskate Crow says:

    Thanks for the info, TorgosPizza, I wonder why Joel wouldn’t be hosting. Depending on the guest riffers, this could be something that sounds very good but turns out to be very bad.


  24. Black Doug says:

    Sampo, I’m not sure if this is the right place to request it, but could the Weekend Discussion Thread be about Turkey Day film predictions and or personal selections?


  25. Wetzelcoatl says:

    Thank goodness, I was starting to worry.


  26. Durango55 says:

    I have to say I’m wildly happy about this!

    My sons are wildly happy about this!

    My wife doesn’t really care about this, but we don’t care!

    MST3K on Turkey Day! Whoo hoo!


  27. Bad wolf says:

    Awesome news! I’m with Matt in hoping my PS3 will do the job this year.

    Since so many worried about the Turkey Day marathon when they announced the Vimeo deal, i guess it’s only fair to spend the TD announcement worrying about the Next generation host! :)


  28. Danzilla "Cornjob" McLargeHuge, Student of Kaijuology says:

    My wife doesn’t really care about this, but we don’t care!

    Why Doesn’t Durango55’s Wife Care? A film by Bell Labs.

    *ahem* ANYway, this is awesome awesome AWESOME news!!!!!!!! Considering the epicness of the “special guests” in the Turkey Day intros Joel did for the newest set (manohmanohmanohman…), I have a feeling that a few old pals will DEFINITELY make an appearance in the marathon bumpers… :D


  29. crowschmo says:

    I’ll be eating at my sister’s house, so hopefully I can sneak in her computer room every so often and see what’s what. I probably won’t be able to watch any episodes, but maybe I’ll catch some intros. I also hope whoever put the intros on Youtube last year does it again so I can see them all.

    Think I might just be contributing to that Kickstarter thing. :)


  30. crowschmo says:

    “Tyrantulas” was the one who posted it. ^^^^^


  31. Tarantulas says:

    I’ll try my best… I’m not sure what our Thanksgiving plans are this year.


  32. Mibbitmaker says:

    #29 – Last year, they had the marathon on YouTube as well as the main host. After I got back from family Thanksgiving, and after the marathon ended, I discovered I could move the video (which stayed on late) over to where I left off earlier and watch the rest of it. It helped that it was a shorter family visit last year. But, if YouTube carries it this year, then it can be seen in most or all its entirety.


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