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Get Ready for Turkey Day

Our friends at Shout! Factory sent this message along.

It’s time to talk turkey, Mystery Science Theater 3000 style! This Thanksgiving, fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 have two reasons to give thanks: The Turkey Day Collection DVD Box Set and a newly curated Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day streaming marathon, hosted by show creator Joel Hodgson.

The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon starts at 9 a.m. PT/ noon ET on Thursday, Nov. 27, and will feature six timeless episodes hand-picked by creator himself, along with new episode intros and special guest appearances. Fans who have suggestions for episodes they’d like included in this year’s marathon are encouraged to tweet Joel (@JoelGHodgson) with their votes. Visit to watch the marathon and participate in the event on Twitter by using the hashtag #mst3k.

The Turkey Day Collection Box Set, available Nov. 25, features four never-before-on-DVD episodes, Jungle Goddess The Painted Hills The Screaming Skull and Squirm. The set is stuffed with bonus features, including exclusive new Turkey Day episode introductions by Joel Hodgson, a new interview with Squirm star Don Scardino, new featurettes Undercooked & Overstuffed: Inside the Turkey Day Marathon, Bumper To Bumper: Turkey Day Through The Years, This Film May Kill You: Making ‘The Screaming Skull’ and Gumby & Clokey; as well as four exclusive Mini Posters by artist Steve Vance!

A video with information about all of Shout! Factory’s Turkey Day activities can be seen here.

13 Replies to “Get Ready for Turkey Day”

  1. pondoscp says:

    Sooo looking forward to this event! It’s really made Turkey Day one of my favorite holidays again, even if I am only eating the leftover veggie pizza I bought the night before! I’m so crazy about this, I’ll begin on Wednesday night recreating the 1994 Adam West marathon, take a break from it to watch the 2014 marathon, then ride out the weekend on the way to Zombie Nightmare! It will be glorious!


  2. Danzilla "Cornjob" McLargehuge, Student of Kaijuology says:

    I am sosososososososo PUMPED for this!!!!!!!! Only one week to go! The marathon last year meant so much and was so fun, I am insanely excited they are doing it again! Sorry family, no football THIS year! 8-)

    Oh, and… “special guest appearances”?!?! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    Well… THAT can only be awesome! :-D


  3. Lisa H. says:

    Stupid time zones. I tried to get up at 9 AM last year but just couldn’t do it. I think I stumbled in somewhere around 10:30 or 11 AM.


  4. Andnik says:

    This also means we will be getting the announcement of the next set of episodes soon.


  5. pondoscp says:

    Oh yeah, Turkey Day will more than likely be the announcement of Vol. 32! Yay!
    I have a sneaky sensation that Melting Man will be on the next set. I don’t know why I think this, I just have a hunch. I also suspect Terror From The Year 5000 and the Susan Hart titles are coming soon. Wishful thinking? My spidey sense is tingling…


  6. cheezzzmac says:

    Sure wish I could convince the rest of my families to watch along- instead of sneaking onto my laptop. “Excuse me, I have some important business to attend to. Please watch out for snakes while I’m gone.”

    Next year, T-day will be at my house and they will have NO CHOICE, but to experience DEEP HURTING!!!


  7. Andrew says:

    #5 all I can say is HOTCHKA!


  8. Ralph C says:

    Will the Turkey Day marathon be viewable through the YouTube app on the Roku?


  9. Matt says:

    Ralph C:
    Will the Turkey Day marathon be viewable through the YouTube app on the Roku?

    This is the golden question and they are developing a solution! Go here and you can see that they have a test link to help them get it working on all platforms.


  10. Christessa says:

    I’d like some live riffing of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade one year. That’d be a hoot!


  11. Ralph C says:

    Well….I tried to view the test video through the Roku YouTube app…and it didn’t seem to work. I am there right now and I have a black screen. I’m wondering if I should be able to see anything right now or not until Wednesday. I will be really disappointed if I can’t watch it on my television screen. I don’t really want to watch it on my iPad, if I can help it.


  12. Smirkboy says:

    Is there any chance the marathon will be replayed? I will be at my brother’s and not able to watch. Will the whole thing be repeated?


  13. Cheezzzmac says:

    Is there any chance the marathon will be replayed? I will be at my brother’s and not able to watch. Will the whole thing be repeated?

    Pluto tv app channel 400. I missed it as well. It will be rebroadcast all weekend.


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