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RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus TONIGHT!

Looking forward very much to the “director’s cut” version of this movie! I’m suspecting we’re going to meet some of the lovable characters from “Santa’s Village of Madness.”

As a sidenote — the monthly “Bad Movie Thursday with MST3K” in Scranton has been cancelled for December. We were going to do “Santa Claus” on Dec. 4 and…well…somebody stole our thunder. :-) I know I hinted at the November show that we might reschedule and do a different movie, but the holiday season at the Cultural Center is just too crazy to wedge in an alternate date.
We’ll return Jan. 22nd with “The Magic Voyage of Sinbad” — unless RiffTrax decides to do THAT next!

9 Replies to “RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus TONIGHT!”

  1. Wes says:

    Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.


  2. cubby says:

    They’re just swimming in your wake.
    Am I right, Steve and Eydie?


  3. Ryan says:

    If they are going to reriff movies, I’d rather see them do ones from Season 1. Robot Monster would be PERFECT.


  4. Cheapskate Crow says:

    I agree with @3 Ryan. I don’t remember the MST take on this movie being a great episode, no reason to think the Rifftrax version tonight will be better.


  5. Ryan says:

    I would definitely consider the MST3K episode of Santa Claus to be a classic. It’s hilarious from beginning to end. And I’m sure the Rifftrax Live tonight will also be great. And if they are going to reriff anything, I’d rather see them reriff Season 1 movies that were only lackluster riffing at best. That way it’s a real improvement, not just a lateral move.

    “She is aggressively cute.”


  6. Into The Void says:

    I would definitely consider the MST3K episode of Santa Claus to be a classic. It’s hilarious from beginning to end.

    “Santa’s tendrils reach far and wide. There is no escaping the KLAUS organization.”

    Ole Kringle’s on the NSA/DHS payroll?

    SPOOKy, indeed ha


  7. Goshzilla says:

    Anybody else tired of Christmas songs already?


  8. Misst3k says:

    Our theater is a blank screen. :(


  9. Matty'O says:

    My one Christmas wish is they release this live event as a DVD later in 2015.

    I wasn’t able to make the show but still want to see it, even if only on my TV.


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