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RIP Carl Mahakian (and others)

mahakian PALM SPRINGS, Calif.–Carl Mahakian, an Emmy-winning sound editor with a long career in TV and movies and an even longer career of service in the armed forces, died here March 9. He was 89. In the world of MST3K, he was sound editor for the movie in episode 509- GIRL IN LOVERS’ LANE. A basic obit is here. He was interviewed back in 2010.

And a few other passings of note:
Stunt man Eddie Hice, who did stunts for the movie in episode 516- ALIEN FROM L.A. died March 12. He was 85. The folks at have a nice remembrance.

And Evan Thompson, who was mostly a stage actor, but who apparently had a small role in the movie in episode 618- HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT, died Feb. 28. He was 83. His picture is here at this remembrance. Anybody recognize him from the movie?

And this guy isn’t officially in our database, but we thought we’d mention that actor Gregory Walcott, who played pilot Jeff Trent in “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” died March 20 in Los Angeles. He was 87.

Thanks as always to the ever-vigilant Duane and Timmy.

7 Replies to “RIP Carl Mahakian (and others)”

  1. Ken McElhaney says:

    Of note about Gregory Walcott, his last appearance was in “Ed Wood” which was quite appropriate.


  2. Ace Frehley says:



  3. swh1939 says:

    Carl Mahakian was mentioned by name in the final episode of The Brady Bunch.


  4. Torgospizza-NJ says:

    Greg Walcott had a bona fide acting career in Movies and TV. He remarked a few years ago that he would prefer Not to be remembered for PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, but that it was better than not being remembered at all. We’ll think of him every time the sunlight catches fire…R.I.P.


  5. Goshzilla says:

    In honor of Gregory Walcott, I’m a go to Levytown.


  6. Castleton Snob says:

    Godspeed, Gregory Walcott – you won’t be muzzled by army brass anymore!


  7. Richard the Lion-Footed says:

    I was wondering how you were going to mention Gregory Walcott as he really did not have anything to do with MST3k. However, his appearance in “Plan 9” made him an ex-officio member of our little family.

    Nicely done, as usual.


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