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Cinematic Titanic #6 Available Now (and other news)

Cinematic Titanic episode 6- FRANKENSTEIN’S CASTLE OF FREAKS is on sale now.

Buy the DVD here. Get the DVD-burnable download at

In other CT news, the titans have announced five more live show cities and dates:
FEB 13-14-SAN FRANCISCO-Marines Memorial Theatre
FEB 20-21-BOSTON-Somerville Theatre
FEB 27-28-CLEVELAND-Hanna Theatre
MAR 7-AUSTIN-Paramount Theatre
MAR 13-14-SEATTLE-King Cat Theatre
Tickets for all shows will go on sale to the general public at Ticketmaster on Monday, Jan. 26. But check back here on Jan. 19 for a chance to order tickets in advance.

By the way you can now buy a 2008 Time Tube Tour T-shirt.

49 Replies to “Cinematic Titanic #6 Available Now (and other news)”

  1. Bob says:

    I got the email about this earlier this evening. 12:15 AM EST and the store is still not updated with the new merchandise. Promptness from the CT webmaster would be good in situations like this.


  2. Captain Cab says:

    Uh, so is this the first MST3K related product with nudity? Inquiring minds would like to know. Especially in the case of a movie with lots ‘o nudity.


  3. casimar says:

    Grr to the shirts not being available. What’s especially annoying for me is that they DIDN’T have shirts in Dallas when I saw them on the tour. Oh well. At least the DVD is on its way…


  4. Hmmm, I didn’t get an email from them this time. I wonder if that’s because I didn’t order the last one.


  5. Wilford B. Wolf says:

    Anyone have any idea how much tickets typically run for CT shows? I would love to go (even if I have to drive quite a distance), but I’m strapped for cash…


  6. H says:

    It’s all so soon. I hope I can make it to a show …


  7. Zombie says:

    Thanks for keeping me up to date. I don’t follow the CT blog much anymore. So you guys are my primary source of new dvd news for both CT and Shout Factory.

    Never stop!


  8. Bob says:

    We paid $35 per ticket for the Minneapolis show.

    I’m mildly annoyed the T-shirts never appeared in the store. I got one at the Minneapolis show and got it autographed. I wanted to get another one that I wouldn’t have to worry about wearing out so much.


  9. LZ says:

    Woohoo! Joel and the gang are coming to Cleveland!

    *stands in line*


  10. Eric says:

    Cleveland! Tickets on sale in a few weeks! I guess the house payment is going to be a little late this month. Hikeeba


  11. Badger1970 says:



  12. Nancy says:

    Oh wow — Boston! I’ll be there.


  13. Danni says:

    Again no love for the Wash. DC / MD area :cry:


  14. John says:

    As of right now, the Paramount in Austin has a different event scheduled for that date. Perhaps they meant Saturday March 7. Either way, this is an amazing way to start the day.


  15. casimar says:

    Just FYI, the items both seem to be intermittently available. I don’t understand how or why this would happen with a website, but sometimes the shirt listing is there and sometimes it isn’t… same with the DVD link.

    So keep trying if you’re like me and want a shirt and DVD. It is theoretically possible to get both of them on the same order, I guess.


  16. jere7my says:

    Both the shirt and the DVD are available at the moment.


  17. Woo! Seattle!
    Downloading as I type…


  18. badger1970 says:


    Where did you see that listing in Austin?


  19. Hi Everyone,
    Just thought I’d swing by to give you all some CT insider info: I’m an idiot.

    Our show in Austin is on Saturday March 7th.

    (I was, however, correct about it’s location at the Paramount Theatre… and the year, you gotta give me that.)


  20. John says:


    Hmm, but the event is at 2:00 and 4:30, so I guess it’s possible the CT folks could get it all moved in, in time for an evening show.


  21. Ang says:

    The Paramount theater is Austin is awesome!!! I love going to see old movies there in the summer and I’m about to have a panic attack over this – it’s gonna be awesome!!! :mrgreen:


  22. Badger1970 says:



  23. majorjoe23 says:

    I’d like the shirt, but I’ve sworn off black shirts. Green, red, blue, anything else, I’m sick of black!


  24. outmywindow says:

    Alright! I saw Rifftrax live in SF a few years ago, so I’m thrilled to be able to round out the cast list with a CT show.


  25. Weepy Donuts says:

    I just got the Santa/Martians DVD in the mail. (I know, I ordered it late.) The disc came with an autographed Joel pic saying “Happy New Year” – does this mean that Frankenstein comes with Frank? I just wanted to check because I hope I didn’t miss one of the pics by ordering the Santa DVD so late in the season.

    P.S. Are they talking to Dave “Gruber” Allen (Naked Trucker/ Freaks & Geeks fame) before the Santa film? I never really paid attention before – it sounds just like him.


  26. Durango55 says:

    Seeya at the Cleveland show!!!


  27. Vanadium says:

    P.S. Are they talking to Dave “Gruber” Allen (Naked Trucker/ Freaks & Geeks fame) before the Santa film? I never really paid attention before – it sounds just like him.

    Yep. He’s also been at all the recent stops on the Time Tube Tour as the warm-up act, to boot. I like this apparent increase in his involvement.


  28. Dr. Fysh says:

    Just ordered my copy of this CT yesterday. I’ll let y’all know when I get it and how good it is :) .

    (Weepy Donuts, Wow, a signed photo inside? Really? That’s awesome! I hope mine comes with one (crosses fingers))


  29. crowschmo says:

    Boston?!!! Must…find…way…


  30. Chuck in Chicago says:






  31. digital_trucker says:

    So…let me see if I have this straight:

    Discussions of nipple clamps, pot, and the word “****” are okay….but we’re disturbed by a few brief shots of nude breasts?

    An umbrella it ain’t…


  32. Chuck in Chicago says:

    Oh, they can’t play DC — it’s on the back of the tour shirt. There were apparently security issues with Frank.


  33. digital_trucker says:

    …and am I the only one that thought the monster had a definite AHnold-ish quality?

    Fairly funny ep, though.


  34. Bob says:

    Glad to see they added the T-shirts after all, and $9 cheaper than at the show. Just ordered a spare each for me and my son so we can keep our autographed shirts in good shape.

    Now, can I plead with the Titans to please add a CT show to the Washington, D.C./Maryland area. We’ll smuggle Frank in if necessary. There are great theaters here just the right size and style for a CT show: Warner Theater, Strathmore Hall and others. :wink:


  35. Erhardt says:

    Our show in Austin is on Saturday March 7th.

    (I was, however, correct about it’s location at the Paramount Theatre… and the year, you gotta give me that.)

    Thanks for the correction, Josh. As Mr. Loaf once sang, don’t be sad. Cause a location and a year ain’t bad. I think those are the right lyrics.


  36. Cityofvoltz says:

    @ #2. i have not seen an uncut version of the movie- but i hear the Original cut has good amount of nudity. The CT treatment is an cleaner edit. You see the barely obscured side shot of a woman’s chest. An heavily shrouded scene of said woman getting ready and entering a bath. and there’s a scene of these two ladies getting into a mineral spa- you see them undress- but you don’t see anything interesting. they are not wearing much in the water- but they are underwater. Basically Airplane has more chest than this movie does.


  37. Kitty Reed says:

    The King Cat in Seattle is just blocks from my home..yeah!!!

    That’s is my anniversary weekend and we always go away that weekend. Not this year.


  38. BigZilla says:

    Does anyone know if CT will let you buy a box for their first film The Oozing Skull? I ordered it january ’08 & it just came in an envelope. Now that I’ve got all the others in nice “official” cases I’d like an unbroken line of CT releases. I just haven’t seen anything on their website about it. Any ideas?


  39. casimar says:


    No, sadly. (Unless things have changed since last year.) I tried to buy a case or sleeve for OOZING SKULL at the Dallas live show, but no go. You could buy the whole movie again in a case, however, with autographs and everything. It was worth it.


  40. Rob Willsey says:

    I’m OK with the adult content. In fact I was hoping they’d continue saying “douchebag” in each episode, but SCCTM broke the streak. Can’t wait to watch this one.


  41. john says:

    how about Philly? I guess even a world series championship isn’t enough to get us out of the loser column


  42. Rotten as British Teeth says:

    Coming to Boston!!! It’s about time they played a gig in New England! I’ve never been to the Somerville Theater, but hopefully big enough that it won’t sell out right away.


  43. jere7my says:

    The Somerville seats about 900 in their main theater.


  44. John Seavey says:

    Just finished watching it–I downloaded it the day it came out (and again, I’ll offer a testimonial to anyone who wants to know, the download service is great for anyone who runs Windows and has a DVD burner. Start the download going before you go to work, and by the time you get home, you have the new episode on your hard drive.)

    This one seemed a bit underwhelming (with the caveat that I generally tend to like an episode more when I rewatch it, as I’m no longer trying to pay attention to both the movie and the riffs.) Only one sketch; they’ve now gone from four in ‘The Oozing Skull’, which I thought was one too many, to one in this one, which I thought was way too few. It’s a good sketch, though. Mary Jo’s plaintive “Why does he get a chair?” cracked me up.

    On the whole, though, this movie was so deranged that they didn’t quite seem to know where to start in terms of the riffing. When everything is goofy, it’s hard not to just throw up your hands and say, “Danged if I know.”

    The Breast Blimp was a pretty good gag; it was intrusive, but they made that part of the comedy. Still, I think I’d rather have them find movies that don’t have nudity than cover up the nudity with a novelty blimp. :)

    On the whole, I’d say it’s a hair above “Wasp Woman”, but well below the others. But again, I thought that “Oozing Skull” was weak the first time I watched it, and it’s now a regular in my rotation.


  45. Ken says:

    I’m totally at the Boston event. One of my favorite MST3K friends had just emailed me the day before to say she’ll be in town that night from Kansas City. Thank you, CT, for giving us something to bond over!


  46. Captain Cab says:

    cityofvoltz: Thanks for the very helpful info!

    #31 digital_trucker: Some of us have kids in the house ya know?


  47. John Seavey says:

    Oh, and on the off-chance Josh is still reading this thread:

    Was that line about, “This reminds me of my last day at MST” ad-libbed in the studio? Because Mary Jo laughs at it like she was caught completely off-guard by the joke.


  48. R.A. Roth says:

    #46: Kids should be outside grazing, not in the house. Oh, you mean CHILDREN. Well, that’s different. Never mind.



  49. Dr. Fysh says:

    Just got Frankenstein’s Castle Of Freaks today and I must say it’s GREAT! Tho this is also my first Cinematic Titanic so I guess I don’t know how it stacks up against the rest. But I found it hilarious! The CT style reminds me a lot of early MST3K with Joel, back when I used to stay up to watch it on CC at 11-12 years old. :)
    It’s great to hear Joel riffing again, as well as Trace, Frank, Josh and Mary Jo. I’m certainly buying more as soon as I can!
    Also, like I was hoping in my original post, I got a little extra! A paper color picture of a familiar spit-curled silhouette thanking me for my purchase, signed by Frank Conniff! :grin:


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