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Weekend Discussion Thread: Most Questionable Fashion Choice

Alert reader Dan writes:

Have you done a thread about the most questionable fashion choices in riffed movies?
I’ve been watching the Fugitive Alien films so I’d have to go with the helmet/wig combo worn by the Star Wolves. Can anyone explain the point of them? Is Halkon(?) so touchy about being bald he makes everybody else wear a rug?

My pick: Batwoman’s outfit. I think they were going for slinky and instead they got “trailer park Halloween party.”

What’s your pick?

75 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Most Questionable Fashion Choice”

  1. itsspideyman says:

    Uncle Fester’s upsetting shorts in “The Space Children”.



  2. David Mello says:

    How about what Kyle’s blonde friend was wearing in Hobgoblins, the one who tried to read a record?
    Better yet, what Troy was wearing in The Last Sacrifice?
    Then again, anyone want to explain the costumes worn by the girls in the music performances in “The Incredibly Strange Creatures..”


  3. MikeK says:

    Deathstalker’s outfit. It commits the crime of being bland, which is not a good thing for the hero of your sword and sorcery movie. (On the other hand, Troxartis’ outfit is fabulous.)


  4. 70's run on car says:

    Tommy Kirk, upsetting shorts, Yes very much so.


  5. Droppo says:

    How about Lee Van Cleef’s disco shirts and medallion in Master Ninja?


  6. Dr. Batch says:

    Boggy Creek 2. Tim’s choice NOT to wear a shirt, and have it balanced on his shoulder the entire movie.


  7. RaptorX8 says:

    How about the guy going commando in Devil Fish that they had to cover up.


  8. A Flat Minor, Mr.B's cousin says:

    The cross dressing British inspector stripper in TISCWSLABMUZ


  9. Samson’s wrestling/superhero outfit. A mask, a cape, and cargo pants.

    Servo: “I feel sort of silly. Did I overdress?”


  10. Steve Vil says:

    The seventies clothes from Angels Revenge and Riding With Death. The eighties clothes from Hobgoblins.


  11. Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    My choice for most fashionable question was “Have you seen the dog’s meat” posed by cigaretty… wait – what?? Ohhhh – questionable fashion, not fashionable question? Well, in that case – I pick the face-diaper worn by “The Projected Man.” Honestly, you’d have been much more of a hit with the ladies (especially Sheila) if you’d maybe worn that plastic half-face worn by the Phantom of the Opera. Or maybe go whimsical with a wide brimmed hat with a curtain in front, and a draw string so you could open and close the curtains like as if your face were on stage or something. Or maybe a Veronica Lake wig, long blonde hair hanging over the more disturbing parts of your face – could’ve been quite fetching. My point is, there were options. But you went with face-diaper. Go figure.


  12. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    Pretty much every outfit worn by the Clippers in ‘City Limits’

    I’m especially fond of Whitey’s Union Jack-et


  13. misfit4242 says:

    “Aw, how cute. His Mom made him a homemade Halloween costume.” Pumaman’s Superhero outfit. Plus Glen Manning. Only Sean Connery in Zardoz rocks a diaper better.


  14. Into The Void says:

    Lea’s outfit in Space Mutiny. “Did you see my butt?”
    Yes. And we weren’t impressed.

    “She’s presenting like a mandril!”


  15. Satoris says:

    Mr. B Natural……..need I say more.


  16. jessie says:

    I never understood the boring long black dress for the exotic dancer lady of the couple in TISCWDTSLABMUZ, you know? and all the weird feathery showgirl outfits that looked obscene


  17. senorpogo says:

    I realize it’s out of the scope of the discussion at hand as well as not from an MST episode, but I love the riff from The Doomsday Machine – “How can he call it a Cultural Revolution and still wear that hat?” Mary Jo’s delivery is perfect.


  18. Cornjob says:

    The southern space ladies in Gamera Vs. Guiron were certainly goofy looking, but the gray bathing caps in Project Moonbase might be the ugliest.


  19. Big McLargehuge says:

    1) The short denim shorts worn (sans underwear) by the beer-swilling scientist in Devil Fish and 2) the crotch-centric uniforms worn by Krankor and his men in Price of Space. Both, unfortunately, left little or nothing to the imagination.


  20. Alexander Phipps says:

    I’ll go with DeathStalker. “His area mocks us!”


  21. Jon Heard says:

    Nobody mentioned Bavaro’s lightning bolt emblazoned uniform in “Crash of the Moons” BOOPIE!!!


  22. RedZoneTuba says:

    Dad’s head hankie in Hired!


  23. Juice says:

    Did anybody mention the Hee Haw denim overalls with straw hat combo that 007’s brother and Miss (Not)Moneypenny wore in “Operation Double 007”? If not, allow me.


  24. Dave says:

    Herc against the Moonmen, “he’s wearing a chest of drawers” and the queen looks like a turkey, “gobble gobble gobble” Space Mutiny, WOW what an outfit Debbie Reynolds was wearing. She was “presenting like a mandrill” But the worst was Outlaw, “I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that.”


  25. Dave says:

    …”Don’t crap in your hand crap in your POOPPY SUIT, don’t over France……….”


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