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MST3K on iTunes

In a first for MST3K, the four episodes contained in the recent 20th Anniversary set are now available for download on iTunes. Each episode costs $9.99.

First Spaceship on Venus
Future War

Thanks to Jake for the tip!

29 Replies to “MST3K on iTunes”

  1. Jack Perkins says:

    Wonder if they will release the next set when the DVDs come out or wait till sometime has passed.


  2. Wow. It seems to me that this is a potentially game-changing move. Now the more casual viewers can pick and choose which movies they want without having to buy the whole box set.

    Although most people who start out as casual MST3K viewers don’t often stay that way for long.


  3. ForkLiftKiller says:

    Suh-weet! :cool:

    I mean, not that I need this, since I buy all the sets ASAP after a release, but I think this gives the show more street cred!


  4. ForkLiftKiller says:

    PS- Rated each ep 5 stars anyway….can’t hurt to have it well rated in iTunes.


  5. Rotten as British Teeth says:

    This is AMAZING!!!! I did not see this coming! Kudos to Shout! to taking the availibility of MST up a notch. Let’s hope the sales are good enough to keep them going in this direction.

    To ForkLiftKiller: I’m on my way to iTunes right now to do the same exact thing! :lol:


  6. Ryan says:

    Awesome, I just “re-discovered” my love of MST3k. I don’t have any of the DVD sets, and think this is perfect! Just purchased Werewolf and will be getting the other ones soon. Hopefully they’ll continue to release more episodes on iTunes!


  7. I don’t use iTunes and doubt I ever will, but the move is a bloody brilliant one. My applause to Shout! or whoever made this possible.

    Keep it up for future sets!!!


  8. MikeK says:

    Don’t support it! If we keep allowing companies to do this online download crap, we’ll end up with a society where there are no DVDs! Everyone will have to “scroll up” cinemas. Eventually one company will control it all and then make the cinemas forbidden! :shock:


  9. Jake says:

    Mike, with all due respect that’s sort of a moot point considering MST3k was built on the foundation of “Keep Circulating the Tapes”. But I see where you’re coming from. I don’t think you have anything to fear, but I do see your point. :)


  10. Thunder Dan says:

    Wow, way to miss the joke, Jake.

    I don’t see that being such a bad thing, MikeK, remember the part when it was raining cocaine? That could take the edge off.


  11. Jacob says:

    It’s about F**king time this happned. I’ve been waiting for this for a LONG time, I wonder if they’ll release some of the Rhino episodes?


  12. William says:

    Even though I already own these eps. on DVD and even converted them onto my Zune, I agree this is a great move on Shout’s part. Hopefully it’ll get more people to support the show as well as increasing the fanbase with the more casual viewers out there.


  13. Neil says:

    Thats great news. I kind of saw it coming when Shout Factory put out their first press release for MST3K, and it said something in its multi year deal being for DVD and digital download.


  14. Angela says:

    I’m with Unabeefer. I don’t use iTunes, either, but this is a brilliant move. I am glad to hear these are available.


  15. Works for me!


  16. Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    Thunder Dan says:
    January 11th, 2009 at 1:01 am

    “Wow, way to miss the joke, Jake.”

    You hit Big Jake. :(


  17. snowdog says:

    That’s great news. Would have been even better if they had gone the same route as CT and used EZTakes. Then you could burn a DVD. But iTunes will be better exposure.


  18. scenario_dave says:

    I wonder if they could release the host segments for KTMA 1,2,3 this way? Assuming that they don’t have a rights issue with the new owners of KTMA.


  19. The Professor says:

    I don’t use iTunes. I never, ever plan to (i still like dem’ old fashioned CDs and LPs). But more exposure and more money in the pockets of the people we love the most is A-ok by me.


  20. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    3 big cheers to all involved !


  21. norgavue says:

    That’s great now how about a nod to us people who don’t use i tunes. My zune has space on it and even lived through the zunepocolyse yet only one ep is on it and I haven’t the time to convert anything else. (I’m not lazy just have too much to do)


  22. Cronkite Moonshot says:

    Hahaha. Someone has a Zune.

    Anyway, as nice as it is to have MST3000 widely available in any form, I find the $9.99 price a tad insane. I would never in a million years purchase a movie download for that much. I paid $43 for the 20th Ann. set on DVD. That set is 4 mass produce DVD’s package in mass produced little plastic cases with printed artwork in them, placed in a printed and mass produced cardboard sleeve, and includes additional little things like the mini lobby cards and the little Crow statue. And all that is also package in a painted and embossed metal box, wrapped in plastic shrinkwrap with more printed mass produced stickers place on that, and shipped all around the country to stores everywhere, where it is placed on shelves by people being payed hourly wages. All that and it sold for less than $50 most places. But when it comes to a digital download with none of those expenses, and also none of the DVD extras included either, they can’t drop it to a more reasonable price of $5 or something? And this is not even taking into account the fact that an iTunes download can’t be easily viewed on a television unless you use Apple TV or go through the expense and hassle of having a PC running through your television. If they eased up on the insane DRM that won’t even allow you to watch iTunes downloads through your PS3 or Xbox 360 (which otherwise would have absolutely no problems with the files) it might actually be worth buying the odd iTunes video. But as it is if I really want them for my iPod I’ll just convert my own from the much cooler DVDs I bought for almost the same price.


  23. Mapenzi says:

    Regarding MST3k on iTunes…

    I’ve downloaded the Venus movie. A big problem for me is that it is
    encoded at 24 frames per second, rather than the 30 fps of the original
    show. Besides the fact that they are throwing out 20% of the film’s frames, this renders the playback jerky and very hard to watch – and pay for… come on… 30fps please….



  24. Daniel says:

    Don’t support it! If we keep allowing companies to do this online download crap, we’ll end up with a society where there are no DVDs! Everyone will have to “scroll up” cinemas. Eventually one company will control it all and then make the cinemas forbidden! :shock:


  25. Bluestone says:

    Great content on these and the price is so reasonable thank you.


  26. Raymond Weil says:

    I originally downloaded the venus movie, but the quality of the video is apalling. I’ve recently bought the DVD from Play and the quality as you’d expect is outstanding. I would suggest a lot needs to be done about image quality before this model is viable.


  27. UfC Wetten says:

    Thanks alot, bought two episodes! :!:


  28. Alvin says:

    The Future War was my favorite segment. At just 9 green bucks, it was a total value for your money deal. Alvin at Folding Chairs Station


  29. Hanna says:

    yay that’s cheap :lol:

    women news


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