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Rick Ducommun, RIP

4952 Vancouver, British Columbia–Canadian actor, comedian and writer Richard “Rick” Ducommun died at a hospital here June 12. He was 62, according to most sources, though some give younger ages (not uncommon with actors).
He is perhaps best known as Tom Hanks’ neighbor in “The ‘Burbs,” but he also appeared in movies including “Groundhog Day,” “Blank Check,” “Little Monsters,” Spaceballs,” “Die Hard,” “The Hunt for Red October,” “Gremlins 2: The New Batch,” “The Last Boy Scout,” “Encino Man,” “Last Action Hero” and “Scary Movie.”
MSTies will remember that he was mentioned in a host segment in episode 401- SPACE TRAVELERS.

Thanks to Timmy, “the Duke of Death,” for the heads up.

4 Replies to “Rick Ducommun, RIP”

  1. jaybird3rd says:


    I remember Rick Ducommun best from the 1987 “Max Headroom” TV series. He played Mahler, one of a pair of mercenaries (Breughel and Mahler) who collected dead bodies–which weren’t always dead when they found them–and brought them to “body banks” for profit. It was a suitably creepy performance.


  2. 160by2 login says:

    Totally sad news! I have known Rick and PD since the days of Skateboard Palace in Burnaby. Legend of comedy and skateboarding. I was blessed to see and talk to Rick on many occasions in New Westminster last year before I moved to Saudi Arabia and he made me laugh each time. My young son was thrilled to meet the founder of Skull Skates as he knows well the logo as I have worn it proudly for years. Very saddened. My deepest condolences to PD and the rest of his family. Michael Moorhouse


  3. Murdock Hauser says:

    RIP Mr. Ducommun. A friend and I in the mid 90’s rented “The Burbs,” and “Blank Check” one Summer night not knowing you’d be in both. It was pretty cool.


  4. radioman970 says:

    Huge ‘burbs fan here. He and Hanks were a great team. :(

    “You know what the deal is? We gotta go down to the religious supply store. We gotta get a couple of gallons of holy water. My cousin Gary is a priest. He can get us a deal!”

    RIP “Art”


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