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Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite MSTed Dads

Alert regular Timmy suggests, since it’s Father’s Day weekend:

Who is your favorite father on mst3k (and least favorite too). Mine is Joel since he was a father figure to the bots (while Mike was the crazy uncle).

Gotta go with the permissive, clueless dad in “The Violent Years.” Oh, and he stinks at his job, too.

What’s your pick?

63 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite MSTed Dads”

  1. Your New Best Friend says:

    Oh, definitely Thomas McGreggor, Troy’s dad in Final Sacrifice. He’s been gone for years, yet he’s fondly remembered by those who knew him (“Know him? He was delicious!”) and, most importantly, left as his legacy the fine, strapping lad we all came to love.


  2. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    Larry Csonka must have been a pretty good father if Troy still remembered him so fondly. My dad died when I was 11 and I feel the same way.

    But for worst “dad” I nominate Richard Knight from Clonus. Not only was he an absentee dad for the first 20-odd years of pouty-faced “junior’s” life, and although initially outraged, it only takes about a minute for Peter Graves to talk him into using junior for spare parts. The horror!

    Let’s not forget that hideous birthmark.


  3. rock stupid says:

    Arch Hall Sr.


  4. Jay says:

    Speaking of “other science facts” and “you should really just relax”…

    I was visiting a “mainstream” (edu-code for special ed) high school freshman science classroom some while back and observed a student wearing a “WORLD’S BEST DAD!” shirt. High school. Freshman.
    Just then another male student entered the classroom and yelled, “You’re not the World’s Best Dad! I am!!”. A desk hurling battle ensued.

    Happy Father’s Day to all MSTie Dads. Every one of you has my vote for Best Dad because being a MSTie means you will never be featured on “People Of Walmart”! Bless You.


  5. RCFagnan says:

    Gotta go with Depressing Dad from High School Big Shot and I Was A Teenage Werewolf.


  6. Dan says:

    I’m joining those voting for Commander Santa Claus. I mean, she wasn’t even his daughter but he gave that dead woman a second chance.

    As far as worst, I have to go with Mr. “I suck down a couple beers” from GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS. Most of the other fathers make some sort of attempt at doing their best (while, admittedly, failing miserably) but he’s just an abusive greaseball. And, I’m assuming, a really bad cook.

    My apologies. His actual name is Mr. “I slopped up a few stinking beers”.
    How could I be so stupid! I’m a bad person! I might as well be Canadian! Or a stupid, repulsive anteater.


  7. Mr. Krasker says:

    He may not have been the worst dad in MST, but Van Johnson was pretty bad at dadditude in San Francisco International.

    Charles B. Pierce’s dad was nice enough to try to deliver a few lines in his son’s big ape film (he also got to go to a football game with the cast).

    The Paul-Frees-Voiced dad in Tormented was pretty much a jerk.

    Both of the poor little rich kid’s parents were pretty bad in Santa Claus.


  8. ck says:

    Dan, #56

    Just so you’re not a citizen or official of Rutland, Vermont.


  9. Terry the Sensitive Knight
    Claire’s dad from ‘Terror From the Year 5000? who seems okay with his daughter being engaged to his psycho of an assistant.

    I wouldn’t exactly call Victor “psycho”, although he was insufferably petulant, pushy, pasty, wussified, rock-stupid and generally unappealing. No wonder Claire threw him over for the Drill Sergeant Scientist the first chance she got.

    What bugged me about Claire’s dad was his constantly condescending, scolding tone — “oh, Bob, Bob, Bob…” — and stubborn refusal to consider any evidence that Victor was doing unauthorized experiments with the time machine until it was so up in his face he couldn’t avoid it. Here, the Drill Sergeant Scientist discovers proof positive that Victor was screwing around with the time machine behind Scientist Dad’s back, and Scientist Dad ignores it because he caught his full-grown daughter smooching it up with Drill Sergeant Scientist, who was much more of a man (in the ’50s sense) than pasty, petulant, wussy Victor.


  10. Goji:
    The froggy-voiced dad from Samson vs. the Vampire Women gets my vote. His daughter is cursed to join the legion of the undead, so he calls in a masked wrestler to lay the smackdown on the lot of them. Makes sense to me!

    I like how, when his daughter is confronted with irrefutable evidence of her tragic destiny, Rebeca’s Dad blows her off with some balloon juice about how she’s just seeing optical illusions in the mirror.


  11. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    Mike Flugennock: I like how, when his daughter is confronted with irrefutable evidence of her tragic destiny, Rebeca’s Dad blows her off with some balloon juice about how she’s just seeing optical illusions in the mirror.

    “Sometimes lint gets in your eye and takes on ghoulish shapes, it happens to everyone!”

    I totally forgot about him when I made my Worst Dads post, he truly deserves a spot.


  12. Satoris says:

    I have to go with Mikey and Jimmy’s father from “Teenage Strangler”. He invoked the name of Jupiter and commited the marriage act with June, all while keeping Jimmy confined to his room.


  13. That ain't Dirk says:

    Where do you put Cal Anders from “Girl in lover’s lane”? An alcoholic who loved his daughter but tried to kill Bix based on flimsy evidence?


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