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Also from RiffTrax…

This is not a Rifftrax site, per se. It’s a site devoted to all things MST3K, and to whatever the cast and crew of MST3K is doing now. So when there are RiffTrax releases that don’t feature the MST3K cast, it’s not really in our wheelhouse.

But…I have a special place in my heart for Janet Varney and Cole Stratton, because I think their “Dirty Dancing” riff is one of the funniest things in the RiffTrax library.

So, stepping out of the wheelhouse a little, Janet and Cole have a new one…

Download or stream it here.

And since we’re out here already, I guess it’s worth mentioning that Matthew Elliot (this time joined by Ian Potter) put one out a couple of weeks ago…


Download or stream it here.

18 Replies to “Also from RiffTrax…”

  1. Cameron Gouda says:

    Dreamscape left me cold. I wish the riff featured Mike, Bill, and Kevin.


  2. torm says:


    what an EPIC TAKEDOWN of homeland


  3. ahaerhar says:

    Who are these people?


  4. TarlCabot says:

    *Seinfeld voice*

    Who ARE these people?!?!


  5. PrivateIron says:

    The Rifftrax Presents are often pretty strong. I think it is because these crews do 1 or 2 a year; so they have more time presumably and also don’t fall back on the same tropes Kevin, Mike and Bill rely on to do so many riffs a year. Warning from Space is a gift to any riffer, just really really weird, starting with the people in sheets pretending they are starfish aliens. Also pleased to see that Mary Jo and Bridget are back in the game for a series of shorts.


  6. pondoscp says:

    Who are these people?

    Janet can be seen in 3 episodes of Entourage (making her one of only three actors to be MST and Entourage related. *Trivia! – The other two actors to be on MST and Entourage are Martin Landau (Cosmic Princess) and Maury Chaykin (Overdrawn At The Memory Bank). One of the three episodes of Entourage Janet Varney is in has Martin Landau in it, but they share no scenes.).
    She can also be seen briefly in Outer Space.


  7. Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy says:

    … and now I’m going to go watch episodes of GUNSMOKE that do NOT feature James Arness, Ken Curtis, & Amanda Blake.


  8. littleaimishboy says:

    The Warning From Space riffers do a fine job.

    The ones doing Dreamscape just don’t get it.


  9. Sillstaw says:

    pondoscp: Janet can be seen in 3 episodes of Entourage […].
    She can also be seen briefly in Outer Space.

    She’s also on “You’re the Worst,” and voiced the main character on “The Legend of Korra.”


  10. Zee says:

    I really enjoyed Janet Varney and Cole Stratton’s riffs for JAWS 3, POLTERGEIST, and FLATLINERS. I tried two different Matthew J. Elliot ones and found them incredibly, painfully unfunny and irritating. I don’t understand how Elliot got the coveted “Rifftrax Presents” label.


  11. ety3rd says:

    I’ve always bought the Varney-Stratton riffs because their first one together (Dirty Dancing) was hilarious. I tried Matthew Elliott’s first two riffs and got nothing out of them, at all.

    Of course, comedy is subjective, but I haven’t encountered too many people who think very highly of the Elliott riffs.


  12. torm says:

    #6 pretty sure it’s more than just 3. I haven’t ever fully checked but I know Mickey Jones (Master Ninja II) was once on it. there could even be more.


  13. pondoscp says:

    #6 pretty sure it’s more than just 3. I haven’t ever fully checked but I know Mickey Jones (Master Ninja II) was once on it. there could even be more.

    That’s right, good catch! Mickey Jones is in the Entourage episode with Dennis Hopper! Maury Chaykin is also in that episode, but no scene with Mickey Jones.


  14. Danzilla "Cornjob" McLargeHuge, Student of Kaijuology says:

    I’m a fan of this film (I’m weird that way), so I may have to check this out!

    Now if only they would get to the three unriffed Showa Gamera films…


  15. Herandar says:

    She can also be seen briefly in Outer Space.

    *Other* Space.


  16. PrivateIron says:

    Elliot’s Armageddon, Kong Island and Horror Express are pretty hilarious. He also wised up and got a second riffer later on. I admit his Planet of the Apes was pretty flat and nothing could save Expendables from being turgid. I have not watched his Die Hard. My wife loves his Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey) but I am not a huge fan. Warning from Outer Space is pretty damn funny, even without commentary.

    Surprised at the Varney/Stratton hate. Flatliners is great and Lost Boys has its moments. I don’t care for Patrick Swayze movies in general; so have not done those. I was surprised at the level of violence against women in Footloose; so I don’t scroll up that cinema any more. Jaws 3 was OK. I cannot remember what I thought of the riffing in Poltergeist.

    To complete the Presents set here: Ghost Rider is a must see. My son and I still quote their take on Running Man: “to helmet you.” Sorry they have not done any others.


  17. PrivateIron says:

    or to “hell mit you” whichever they actually meant.


  18. pondoscp says:

    Herandar: *Other* Space.



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