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Ricardo Montalban, RIP

And yet another MSTed actor has passed. Ricardo Montalban, who was best known as Mr. Roarke on “Fantasy Island” and Khan Noonian Singh in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” (and the “Star Trek” episode “Space Seed”) died Jan. 14th in Los Angeles due to complications associated with old age. He was 88. MSTies will remember him as the uncredited dubbed voice of King Claudius in episode 1009- HAMLET. Coincidentally enough, he died on the same date–96 years later–that Hans Caninenberg, who portrayed Claudius in the movie, was born.

The L.A. Times has posted an extensive obituary.

25 Replies to “Ricardo Montalban, RIP”

  1. Edge says:

    Good-night, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


  2. CaveDweller says:

    R.I.P. Mr. Roarke!


  3. Sharp Shooter says:

    His “rich corinthian leather” line was also used as a riff a few times by the MST crew.



  4. casterberus says:


    (Well, it had to be said, didn’t it?) :wink:

    RIP, Mr. Montalban.


  5. Captain Cab says:

    What a loss. Great actor who always seemed so full of life and brought that same sense to the many iconic characters he played.

    ‘Bout time I popped in that Khan DVD again. :)


  6. FatherOfTears says:

    We lose him AND Patrick McGoohan :cry: I know that the latter’s show “The Prisoner” was used for riffs in MST3K. Best example: “It’s Rover from “The Prisoner”!” in “Laserblast”. Oh, don’t forget that Ricardo did two “Planet of the Apes” movies as Armando. They both were great actors. They will be missed!


  7. “I see a Spaniard in a white suit with a midget.”

    I had no idea he did Caludius’ voice. Awesome.


  8. H says:

    What a day. He will be missed.


  9. trickymutha says:

    Didn’t realize he was born in Mexico City and came to Los Angeles later- if Lou Dobbs would have been around then he’d have run him out of town.


  10. eegah says:

    Here’s the car commercial:

    I guess it was “soft”, not “rich” Corinthian leather.


  11. Meadows says:


    He was awesome in the original NAKED GUN, too.


  12. norgavue says:

    Dam he will be missed.


  13. Yipe Striper says:

    i saw this on tv yesterday.
    I was so bummed.
    he was awesome.


  14. MPSh says:

    Adios, Senor Montalban. Requiescat in pace Domini….


  15. Sweet Sweetback says:

    Amazing actor with an unforgettable voice. A real fixture growing up and tuning in to Fantasy Island each Saturday night and of course Khan is iconic and commanding for every second he’s on screen. A true gentleman and someone to admire, he will be missed.


  16. StarDustMaiden says:

    God rest him, he was amazingly talented and woefully underused. And he stayed married till death do the parting. Not too many in Hollywood can say that.


  17. Jeyl says:

    Not only a great actor with screen presence, but also a good voice actor to boot! I just can’t get enough of that internet obsessed villain from Freakazoid.


  18. “I just can’t get enough of that internet obsessed villain from Freakazoid.”

    Or his retired-millionnaire-turned-villain-as-something-to-do from “Kim Possible”.


  19. Lord Kingsley says:

    That really was him? I thought that was just a joke…


  20. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Line my casket with rich Corinthian leather!


  21. snowdog says:

    Smiles, everyone, SMILES! –cue hula dancers.

    RIP. Ricardo. You will be missed.


  22. Manny Sanguillen says:

    Wow he looks weird in that picture. Like he’s taking Prednisone and has that big head thing going like Jerry Lewis and william Shatner or that stupid D’onofrio idiot from law & order…wait no that guy’s head is always like that.
    I guess he was just old.


  23. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    It’s his skin – rich Corinthian leather!


  24. BenderRodriguez says:

    “Revenge is a dish best served with pinto beans and muffins.”

    Farewell, sir.


  25. coffee says:

    Ricardo Montalban must have been a contender for Lady’s Man of the year at least a few times during his lifetime


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