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Weekend Discussion Thread: Shorts That Should Be Riffed

Between the Prelinger Archives at and the “one-reel wonders” on Turner Classic Movies, I’ve seen a lot of shorts that I would loved to see get riffed.

I’d love to see them do a “John Nesbitt’s Passing Parade” or one of those bizzaro “dogtown” shorts they show on TCM.

But the one I saw most recently that I’d love to see them do is “The Trouble maker.

What’s your pick?

58 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Shorts That Should Be Riffed”

  1. Dean says:

    How about this one? Narcotics: Pit of Despair. Made in 1967, it features Kevin Tighe (you know him as paramedic Roy DeSoto from Emergency) as a high school student who starts on ‘bennies’, goes onto pot, then begins shooting herion. It is just so idiotic and stupid.


  2. Bryan McKenzie says:

    Anyone who has visited a temp agency lately (which might be lots of us), has been treated to “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Perilous Office.”

    It screams to be riffed.


  3. Some very good ideas… Makes things easier for us, thanks!


  4. Fred P says:

    There was a ridiculous potty training video that came out while I worked at Blockbuster Video called “It’s Potty Time” with puppets and songs Like “I’m a super dooper pooper, I can potty with the best.” It’s ripe for riffing it’s nearly 30 mins. long but it would be perfect. Also ANY of the training videos we had there would also be perfect.


  5. Spotmaker vs Calgonite says:

    Ideal riffing fodder:

    (my apologies for the vulgar nature of the name of the video’s source site)

    –although this YouTube excerpt calls it “Pro-ti-ens”, the horrifying short’s actual title is “MY MILKMAN JOE”, and can be found (in full) as one of the supplements on the Something Weird/Image Entertainment DVD release, STARMAN VOL. 1: ATTACK FROM SPACE/EVIL BRAIN FROM OUTER SPACE.


  6. lpydmblb says:

    How about one of those awful shorts TCM shows where a sadistic animal trainer (worse than Ross, even) forces dogs to mimic the posture and movements of humans? The dogs, dressed in clothes, essentially are turned into living marionettes to mime out various standard B Movie plots.

    BTW, one of my pet peeves is to reduce Kevin Tighe to “that Emergency guy,” or even worse, “that guy from Roadhouse.” His performance in “Matewan” should always be the first thing people think of when they think of Tighe.


  7. GizmonicTemp says:

    So many suggestions, so little time… Although a few of you have hit some good ones. Very good, in fact…


  8. billybkool says:

    I’d like to see ’em make SIGNAL 30 or perhaps MECHANIZED DEATH into riff-snortin’, toe tappin’, rib ticklin’ laughfests.

    Now there’s a challenge.


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