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Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Character Costumes

Troy suggests:

With Halloween fast approaching, it might be fun to toss out ideas for MSTed movie character costumes that you could piece together from items in your attic or local thrift store. (Don’t worry if nobody else gets your costume … you’re like the wind, baby!) For example, put on an extra small pocket T-shirt, hike your pants up to your armpits, and walk around slapping food out of people’s hands as the eponymous hero from “Daddy-O.”
Wha’dya think sirs?

Hey, Halloween is today! Get to it!

50 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Character Costumes”

  1. The Projected Man. Just walk around with a diaper on half you face.


  2. Altoid27 says:

    Slip into an old winter coat from the harshest regions of the tundra, flip the fur-lined hood up, and then somehow work a baseball bat into the hood so the handle is sticking out – instant Trumpy in disguise!

    (Please note, the power to do stupid things is the kind of magic no costume can easily provide.)


  3. Murdock Hauser says:

    Jerry the budget zombie from The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
    Black or Navy Blue Hoodie with hood covering your head, black pants, white shoes and wield a knife.

    For the ladies Manos bride. White nightgown.


  4. Fart Bargo says:

    A Chicken Man from Krankor costume seems simple enough to slap together fast.
    Here’s how;

    One white unitard.
    Two juice boxes paint black.
    Old tv and transitor radio antenaes for boxes and head.
    Witch nose from Dollar store.
    No undergarments.
    Bail money for indecent exposure arrest.

    Of course the old Jiffy Pop aluminum foil and pie plate is always available.


  5. DarkGrandmaofDeath says:

    Put on a cardigan sweater, apply a smarmy expression, and you could be the Agent for H.A.R.M. To complete your costume, instead of saying, “Trick or treat!” try some smooth lines like, “Fudge on out here!” or “Where’s the apple pie and all that jazz?” And after you get your goodies, tell them smugly that you’re off to the judo range.


  6. Jay says:

    “Old Man” Crenshaw from Boggy Creek II –

    A dirty pair of bib overalls with one strap dangling and a broccoli rubber band placed jauntily around your head are all that are required for this spiffy costume.* By Hasbro! *Little Creature not included.


  7. MarcusVermilion says:

    I have a tan hat, goatee and a red & black flannel jacket. I’ll just stuff a bunch of “padding” (toilet paper) in my pants and I’ll be……..Grunge Torgo!


  8. Kansas says:

    Wear an old hat and carry around some nudie magazines and you can be Angelo from Terror From the Year 5000. If anyone criticizes you, just tell them that you are only interested in the articles.


  9. Danzilla "Cornjob" McLargehuge, Student of Kaijuology says:

    This one is a tad more labor intensive then oh, say, simply slapping on an old coat, punching a hole or two through your dad’s old fedora, gluing a prop skeleton hand to any old 6 ft. tall stick and calling yourself Torgo (provided you had the foresight to grow (and possibly dye) a gotee in the months leading up to Halloween), but I did piece together, of all things, a Ro-Man outfit a few years ago that I was pretty proud of!

    I used two large styrofoam domes glued together with holes cut out for both my neck and viewing, glued wooden dowels of varying sizes to the top for the antenae, connected them with a good wire rack… er, coat hanger, covered the face with screen from my old screen door, cut up the bottom of a five gallon paint bucket to conform to my shoulders and cut out the top to fit my head, slapped on some old bottle caps for the button on the lower part of the mask, and painted the whole affair metallic silver. Just add an old gorilla suit left over from a few Halloweens earlier and viola! I was no longer… like the hu-man.

    It was a super fun project, and I had a blast putting the helmet together! I was actually stunned just how close to the movie I got it. I probably put more effort into the construction of mine then they did for theirs! :-D


  10. Kenneth Morgan says:

    Well, you can get a big coffee urn, a big cardboard box, a couple of shoeboxes, a pair of gloves and an old snowsuit. Spray paint them silver, add a few doodads and…it’s the robot from “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”!

    Or, you get yourself a big old rug, roll yourself up in it and…it’s the Creeping Terror!

    The costume I actually wore at ConventioCon II was a bit more complicated. I got some coveralls from Sears, a black turtleneck, white work gloves, my own sneakers, tape on the coveralls (reflective white on the front, black electrical on the sleeve and leg cuffs), and a cheap disc-shooting gun from Thrifty Drugs. And…I was one of the Teenagers from Outer Space!


  11. ck says:

    For a woman—go as the girl in the rain barrel in City Limits.

    For her date—bring an umbrella to strategically cover her.

    (Let’s see anyone come up with a “briefer” outfit!)


  12. Saherrin says:

    Get a 50 gallon garbage bag from Home Depot and voila, Giant Leach.

    Get some curtains, make a toga and you could a giant from VotG.

    Get a cheap leisure suit, six pack of local cheap beer, bottle and baby oil and you could as Mitchell.

    Purple mask, yellow shirt and “TVGM” written across the chest and you could be Turkey Volume Guessing Man


  13. sol-survivor says:

    Locate a multicolored sheath sweater-dress and go as Mike from Attack of the the Eye Creatures. When someone asks you what your costume is say “I just didn’t care”.


  14. bobhoncho says:

    #12, lose the baby oil, and replace the leisure suit with a leather jacket and you’ve got Buzz from “Girl in Gold Boots.” Just have to make sure to speak in that extra-greasy voice.

    But alas, no Halloween for me this year. I have to work!


  15. Sitting Duck says:

    My dad once dressed as Brain Guy during a past Halloween. Though instead of clown make-up, he used shaving cream instead.


  16. robniles says:

    #14: Even easier, rub a heavy coat of baby oil on your face, throw a dirty white apron on, and you’re Michelle’s father from EAT!


  17. Gobi says:

    For my Monster A-Go Go costume, I’ll wear whatever I feel like wearing, because there is no monster.


  18. MSTie says:

    Would any brave soul wear a white t-shirt with the large “I’M A VIRGIN” slogan on it and be the dork from Pod People? Nah, thought not.

    As for me, I’m diggin’ out the tight polyester pants, polyester paisley print blouse with a huge pointy collar , fixing my hair with my hot comb, and giving it the ol’ college try as Abby from Riding with Death. I asked Sam what time it was so we could go to a Halloween party, and that’s the last I saw of him.


  19. robot rump! says:

    stained blue jeans, a grey ‘castleton’ shirt, wire rimmed glasses, sport a perplexed expression and bad 80’s haircut and you have our…..’hero’ from ‘time chasers’
    or find your dad’s old pink prom/wedding/yay the in-laws just died funeral tux and you’re ‘pink boy’


  20. Jeff says:

    I can’t contribute to these until Sampo shares *his* idea. I’m guessing he’s going as Wattney and doesn’t want us to try to abandon him in Iowa… I mean, Coroba.


  21. Dr. Erickson says:

    robot rump!:
    stained blue jeans, a grey ‘castleton’ shirt, wire rimmed glasses, sport a perplexed expression and bad 80’s haircut and you have our…..’hero’ from ‘time chasers’
    or find your dad’s old pink prom/wedding/yay the in-laws just died funeral tux and you’re ‘pink boy’

    All good for Nick Miller, but don’t forget to tape a dinner roll to your chin!


  22. Dr. Erickson says:

    Smear some oatmeal on your face, let it dry and you are ‘The Beast of Yucca Flats.’ (Helps if you’re also bald and morbidly obese.)


  23. littleaimishboy says:

    Anybody know where I can get a giant orange foam rubber cowboy hat?


  24. RedZoneTuba says:

    Don’t forget your pets on Halloween…Just glue carpet scraps to your dog and: instant Killer Shrew!


  25. ready4sumfootball says:

    I imagine doing Mr. B Natural is as simple as getting a pattern for a Robin Hood or Peter Pan costume, making it out of light blue material and adding cutouts of random musical notes.

    Torgo? Well, you have any khakis? Have any old T-shirts you don’t mind getting wrinkled? Just stuff your khakis and you’re half done.

    Those are the easy ones, but I think if I were doing an elaborate costume for a character it would be Prince of Space. His look is probably one of the most iconic and recognizable of anybody in a MSTied movie.


  26. MstMolly says:

    White Sneakers, Black Turtleneck, Black Ski mask with a bunch of googly eyes glued on. You just didn’t care.


  27. Troy says:

    Squeeze into that hideous red sweater your grandma knitted for you 20 years ago and carry around an old D&D map and a framed photo of Larry Csonka, and you’ve got an instant Troy from Final Sacrifice.


    Stick some ping-pong balls to a hoodie, then just don’t care about the rest of your costume for a screen accurate The The Eye Creature.


  28. Troy says:

    Wow, beaten by a couple of seconds. Okay… Most of Joel’s Fantastic 85 would be pretty easy to pull off, especially “Man Man” (bestowed with all the powers of a man… but he’s a man), “Elbow Man”, “Really Deep Man” (He’s really deep, man!) and “Always-Smells-Like-Maple Man”.

    Or you could borrow your girlfriend’s white cut-offs, stick all your house pets in a pillowcase, and go as that jerkwad Ross from Catching Trouble.


  29. EAG46 says:

    This year my BF and I are being ambitious. We’re going as Torgo and The Master from MANOS. His Torgo outfit was pretty easy to assemble thanks to our local thrift shop. My Master poncho took a little longer since it finally dawned on me that tape would be easier than paint. He originally wanted me to be one of the wives in the sheer nighties but I told him that would scare our friends.


  30. Goshzilla says:

    My Master poncho took a little longer since it finally dawned on me that tape would be easier than paint.

    Red tape! Of course! Just like the fashion show sketch at the end of Teenagers From Outer Space. But how long did it take you to grow the Zappa mustache?

    Or you could borrow your girlfriend’s white cut-offs, stick all your house pets in a pillowcase, and go as that jerkwad Ross from Catching Trouble.

    Just don’t use that pillowcase for Trick-or-Treat candy.


  31. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Well, if you can’t tie a noose around your neck and go as a dead guy…

    How about black tee-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a ski-mask? You’re one of the cultists from FINAL SACRIFICE.


  32. Get a severed hand prop from a local Halloween store, glue it to my neck and pretend the Crawling Hand got me.


  33. TurkeyVolumeGuessingGal says:

    Paint my head white and sit and be a skull…yeah I think I got it!


  34. Mibbitmaker says:

    For my Monster A-Go Go costume, I’ll wear whatever I feel like wearing, because there is no monster.

    “There was no costume.”


  35. William Sircin says:

    Put on a tan jumpsuit and a red plastic Motocross chest protector–now you’re Space Mutiny’s own Lobster Boy (aka Lobster Man).


  36. robot rump! says:

    borrow your sister’s bell bottoms a muscle shirt and red ball cap and you’re ‘riding with death.’ lose the shirt, barely put on another and smoke 20 pounds of weed and you’re ready for ‘laserblast.’


  37. Mibbitmaker says:

    I’ve never dressed up as a MST3K character. Especially since my only costumes in the era were Disc Jockey (1992) and “Guy Running for President Worse That the Ones Running for President (2015).

    But I’d love some of the ideas that would be presented on Conan by that show’s prop master, Bill Tull:

    “Bash your face hard into a glass window, run through a burning building unprotected… BOOM! Mixed-Up Zombie!”


  38. dub city says:

    In order from least ambitious to most ambitious:

    Jerry from The Incredibly Strange Creatures. Basically just a dark hoody.

    Charles B. Pierce from Boggy Creek 2, in “Dictator For Life” mode. Can probably find the entire outfit at your local goodwill/discount store.

    Lord Vultaire from Delta Knights. On the cheap, I’m thinking a ton of black feather boas, and a football helmet with feathers glued on.


  39. Dan says:

    Flesh colored union suit. Put it on & stuff it full of really lumpy pillows. Belt it in the middle. Cut a pair of crappy elf ears out of whatever material you have (an old tire, cardboard, your rattiest pair of old underwear, whatever) & tie them to your head. Now, tie a carrot to the end of your nose & smear your entire head with a mixture of water, Bisquik & cat litter. A pair of boots from a mid-’70s David Bowie album cover photo shoot completes the look.

    Phantom of Krankors giant guardian!

    The trick to this costume is to put as little thought or effort into it as the crew on the film clearly did (or didn’t).


  40. Fart Bargo says:

    One more very fast costume to throw together. For those who are whisper thin simply remove your shirt, carry a bologny sammich and remain slack jawed and you can be Tim from Bogey Creek II. For those that are portly, remove your shirt, slather bacon grease to your torso and you can be Randy from the Trailer Park Boys (Canada’s MST3K).


  41. Satoris says:

    Get some REALLY small red shorts and go as the Dork Kyle from Hobgoblins. And for an added montage to the movie, carry a garden rake. There, you’re now Kyle AND Kevin!


  42. jaybird3rd says:

    It seems like Henry Krasker from “The Dead Talk Back” (one of my favorite MST characters) should be easy to pull off: all you need is a white lab coat, a beard, glasses, and a huge Bride of Frankenstein hairdo.


  43. MaxKeller says:

    I dressed as Mr. B Natural this year and tried to convert children into blowing the sax.

    BTW, if anyone is in the Los Angeles area, I need help posting bail………


  44. Creeping-Death says:

    Put on a beat up old hat and stuff a couple pillows into the legs of your pants and you’re Torgo.


  45. Gare.Chicago says:

    robot rump!:
    borrow your sister’s bell bottoms a muscle shirt and red ball cap and you’re ‘riding with death.’

    It can’t BE. You’re D-eeead!


  46. Cornjob says:

    How about slathering yourself in chocolate pudding and going as a victim of the space fungus in Being from another Planet. Or I could do the old standby of wrapping myself in toilet paper and being a mummy. For a chest light I could borrow Tony Stark’s chest hole thingie.


  47. EAG46 says:

    Well everyone LOVED our Torgo and Master costumes. And no I did NOT wear a mustache. I might wear it again, but actually paint on a hand-ish design.


  48. Ray Dunakin says:

    This one’s pretty easy…

    Put on some dumpy clothes and shove a pillow into your shirt. Color your hair gray. Cut off your index finger.

    Voila! You’re the kindly grampa from “Teenagers From Outer Space”.


  49. Ray Dunakin says:

    Here’s another one…

    Step 1: Remove the flesh from your head.
    Step 2: Scream like a peacock.

    Instant Screaming Skull!


  50. Cornjob says:

    And here I was going to cut off my head so me and friend could go as The Thing That Wouldn’t Die and his big dumb minion.


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