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RIP Warren Mitchell

Mitchell Hampstead, England–British character actor Warren Mitchell, perhaps best remembered as the cantankerous Alf Garnett in the British TV series “Till Death Do Us Part,” which was brought across the pond and became the hit series “All in the Family,” died here Saturday, Nov. 14. He was 89.
MSTies will remember him as probing scientist Prof. Crevett in the movie in episode 101- THE CRAWLING EYE and scheming mogul J.J. Hubbard in the movie in episode 111- MOON ZERO TWO.

The Telegraph has a nice obituary.

Thanks to Timmy and Paul for the headses up.

10 Replies to “RIP Warren Mitchell”

  1. goalieboy82 says:

    kinda wish PBS stations would show Till Death Do Us Part and the spinoffs.


  2. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    He’s riding that giant sapphire to the great beyond…

    God speed, you comic-book villain


  3. Mibbitmaker says:

    Sorry to hear about it. It’s been awesome being able to discover the show that AiTF was based on, on YouTube. Warren Mitchell’s performances are a lot of fun to behold. Plus, while All in The Family is a favorite show, I really like the term “silly moo” even better than “dingbat”!


  4. Lee says:

    Let’s hear it for Archie Bunker’s inspiration!


  5. Troy says:

    Aww… He was one of those instantly recognizable British supporting actors, usually playing the “comic relief Russian” or “vaguely foreign bad guy.” I swear he was in roughly half of the early Cathy Gale/Emma Peel episodes of The Avengers


  6. Mark Honhorst says:

    Wait a second, wasn’t professor Crevett that older scientist with the Swedish accent in the movie? He looked like he was 60 years old even then. He was still alive up until yesterday? I figured he would have passed away decades ago. Very hard to believe he was only 32 in the movie.


  7. Pemmican says:

    I second Mark Honhorst; awesome aging effects that must have made him seem much older than reality during the 1956 filming. Somewhere, he and Forrest Tucker are still calling in airstrikes on themselves… godspeed.


  8. dropo221 says:

    R.I.P. Mr. Mitchell. In addition to “The Crawling Eye,” Mr.Mitchell has a very brief part in the Beatles movie “Help!” as Abdul at the Indian restaurant. He also appeared a couple of times in “The Avengers” TV show back in the 60s as Ambassador Brodny, an Eastern block diplomat who enjoyed life in the West. You will be missed.


  9. Tim Cook says:

    Warren Mitchell is the classic example of a ‘MST3K actor,’ known to its fans for a couple of small movie roles when in fact he had a huge career on British TV, cinema, and the stage. As Mark Honhurst said, Mitchell, thanks to his bald head, often played much older than he actually was, appearing in countless ITC shows thanks to his versatile acting. He’ll be much missed here in the UK.


  10. ck says:

    He could have made a great Dr. Evel.

    Anyway, you had a nasty habit of surviving, Mr. Mitchell.


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