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Where to Watch the Turkey Day Marathon

Thanks to our friends at Shout!Factory TV, you’ll be able to watch this year’s TURKEY DAY MARATHON on most every technological viewing-screen device known to mankind.

Watch the LIVE STREAM, starting at 12pm EST / 9am PST.

Watch ON DEMAND on Yahoo.

The details are here.

21 Replies to “Where to Watch the Turkey Day Marathon”

  1. PrezGAR says:

    If you have a Roku streaming stick, you may not be able to watch the marathon on Pluto TV. I have one, and I cant get Pluto up that high. I sent an email to Roku about it, but haven’t received a reply. Of course, you can get YouTube on it, so there’s that. And I’m sure if Shout Factory TV was carrying it, it would have been listed.


  2. hellokittee says:

    anyone else have a Samsung “smart” TV ? I’m wondering if I can watch on the Yahoo app on there? It would not seem so based on the handy grid but I just thought I would see what any of my tech savvy friends on here thought…


  3. goalieboy82 says:



  4. crowschmo says:

    First up: Cabbot! Cabbot! CABBOT!!!


  5. CHF01 says:

    Watching the MST3K marathon on the Pluto TV app for Amazon Fire TV. :-D


  6. Captain Cab says:

    I’m watching the YouTube stream using my Wii U’s HTML5 web browser, still works great like it did the first few years. Currently reliving some seriously questionable Toobular Boobular joy with Outlaw of Gor, great pick for 1st episode. CABOT!!!


  7. ServoTron3000 says:

    YouTube stream working fine through my LG blu-ray player.


  8. Murdock Hauser says:

    Watch out for snakes!


  9. Doug Glassman says:

    Just putting it out into the universe: Riding With Death Riding With Death Riding With Death Riding With Death


  10. David J says:

    I’m enjoying the marathon. I’m not really sure what the point is of these host segments with the Kickstarter employees who don’t understand what Mystery Science Theater 3000 is. It’s cute, but not in a particularly funny way. The skits just kind of lay there until the episode starts.


  11. Hookemhorns says:

    Watching on YouTube. Just like the old days … Thanks, Joel and Shout Factory!


  12. Feyd Rautha says:

    Anybody else having problems streaming on a PS3? I navigate to YouTube to select the stream and it doesn’t start. It actually seems to skip it.


  13. David J says:

    Sounds like Shout Factory has the rights to those old “super marionette” shows Gerry and Sylvia Anderson did. So between those and the Sandy Frank movies, I guess it wouldn’t be too complicated for Shout Factory to release the missing four KTMA episodes.


  14. Christmas says:

    Feyd Rautha:
    Anybody else having problems streaming on a PS3?I navigate to YouTube to select the stream and it doesn’t start.It actually seems to skip it.

    I have a PS3 and it works for me! I can remember recent history when Youtube DIDN’T work for streaming stuff, so maybe you just need to check for and run updates?


  15. Farmland says:

    Did the Pluto channel on Roku ever start playing it? I was tuned in to watch at starting time and the screen went from the BringBackMST3K screen to black. I just went ahead and switched it to YouTube…


  16. ready4sumfootball says:

    Looking back at my suggestions for the marathon (conveniently placed right in a WDT we had), Joel must have been paying attention because he used a lot of my picks! I suggested Outlaw and Eegah, and Danger!! Death Ray I mentioned as barely not making it on my list. I also suggested Santa Claus being the last one because a Thanksgiving Day parade always ends with Santa. He went with SCCTM, but the sentiment seems to have been felt. Okay, it’s probably just a coincidence. Still, pretty cool.


  17. Mibbitmaker says:

    I watched on Yahoo, on my laptop, as I got home from family just before 5PM Eastern and wanted to watch from the beginning. Seemed there was less content on Joel’s segments there than elsewhere. Hope YouTube will have those host segments on their own vids available soon, like they did with the last 2 marathon’s segments.


  18. hellokittee says:

    So I started watching this morning on the YouTube stream on my computer but then had to go do family stuff. When I came home I decided to try checking the Yahoo app on my smart TV and all the episodes were on there! However it seems like the introductions are different from the YouTube stream??? They are just Joel with a plain blue with stars background talking about the kickstarter basically and saying a few words about the movie. Not really sure why they would be different.


  19. jjk says:

    What movies did the do on Thanksgiving? I only saw some of the first 3 (Gor, Eegah and Gorgo) What were the others?


  20. Prime Minister Jm J. Bullock says:

    Isn’t that odd that Yahoo has different host segments? It’s kinda cool, like getting a two-for-one. I just hope the “live” segments show up archived on YouTube soon.


  21. GersonK says:

    Prime Minister Jm J. Bullock:
    Isn’t that odd that Yahoo has different host segments? It’s kinda cool, like getting a two-for-one.

    So, is all this a sign that Yahoo! is interested in picking up the new episodes?



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