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American Scary

American Scary, a documentary about late night TVĀ horror shows that includes an interview with Joel Hodgson, is finally being released on DVD on February 17. You can pre-order it now from Amazon for $17.99.

16 Replies to “American Scary”

  1. arch hall 3 says:

    THIS IS SOOOO COOOL!!! :wink: I cant wait to get it!


  2. trickymutha says:

    I saw this movie at a small town film fest a couple of years ago- the Joel interviews are outstanding and many of the small town movie hosts are in awe of MST3K- they pay major homage.

    Also- if anyone is ever near Chicago on a Saturday night they should watch svengoolie on WCIU, the last of the independent stations- last week they had on “Tarantula” with our old buddy John Agar.


  3. arch hall 3 says:

    Sven has always been cool! Any extra’s on this d.v.d.?


  4. thomas says:

    Does that air on WGN, too?

    We get that station in Texas and I caught something that looked like a locally hosted TV show. It was a man and a woman. I have no idea what movie was showing.


  5. Vicster says:

    I used to watch “Creature Features” on Saturday night on WGN….and there was a locally made Sci-Fi type show on UHF channel 60 or 64 out of Aurora…also on Sat nite


  6. Mike says:

    Is Joe Bob Briggs in this?


  7. The Bolem says:

    I’m in the Detroit area, and I’m assuming The Ghoul is in this…but how about Count Scary? Not that he’d be essential or anything.

    Regardless, I’ll definitely be picking this up.


  8. The Bolem says:

    Oh, wait, on second glance, The Ghoul’s right on the cover. Still want to know if Count Scary’s in it…

    And did Vampira die recently? I assume there’s quite a bit about her, regardless.


  9. FatherOfTears says:

    I wonder if this has the famous “Chiller Theater” claymation six fingered hand :twisted:


  10. SixStringer says:

    The Twin Cities used to have a show on Saturday night called “Horror Incorporated”; It would start with the old blue light + fog machine + the coffin with a hand coming out trick. That was actually 10 times scarier than the movies they showed. My giant jerk brothers loved watching me hide my head when it started.


  11. GregS says:

    Yes, I believe Vampira (M. Nurmi) passed away last year, or the year before.

    There’s a huge article on this DVD in the latest issue of Scary Monsters magazine.



  12. Graboidz says:

    Good to see Baltimore’s Count Gor DeVol made the cover of the DVD (the Dracula-like guy on the bottom left). Spent many a childhood Saturday Night fiddling with the rabbit ears trying to get the UHF channel in so I could watch his show.


  13. Devastation Bob says:

    Don’t forget Commander USA and his Groovie Movies! He’s in Blue on the top row. Oh Commander my commander!


  14. Sweet Sweetback says:

    Whenever I was perusing my Watchmen comics the Comedian reminded me of Commander USA. Maybe its the mustache and cigar or the red white and blue costume. He’s in the doc. There’s a review up at dvddrive-in.

    They didn’t have local hosts in my area but my rooftop antenna picked up Elvira in the 80’s and on summer vacations I got cable and Commander USA. Joe Bob on The Movie Channel and TNT was cool too.


  15. Chris Hanel says:

    I worked on this as a unit director, and had a blast. The first interview I got to work on was Vampira’s, which was an honor. She took us out for Italian food afterwards.


  16. Hey Chris! This is Michael Monahan, the chubby bearded guy who helped Sandy interview Maila. Yes, that was an absolutely amazing day – one I genuinely cherish. People throw around one-of-a-kind pretty freely, but Maila was the real deal.

    A nice little sidebar to the documentary: In advance of the Cinematic Titanic show in Cleveland, Joel called local host, The Son of Ghoul, and asked him to come down to the show. He’d seen SoG in American Scary, and since they were coming to town, wanted to introduce him in the audience. SoG was floored. Should be fun for everybody.

    Hope things are going well for you, Chris. Take care



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