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Episode guide: 607- Bloodlust! (with short: ‘Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm’)

Short: (1960) Two city kids learn the what their country cousins do on their dairy farm.
Movie: (1959) When their boat has mechanical trouble, a quartet of college kids seek help on an island, where a big game hunter lives.

First shown: 9/3/94
Opening: Tom is Crow’s therapist
Intro: Dr. F. redecorates Deep 13 for his mother’s visit, but she’s more pleased to see Frank
Host segment 1: Crow’s veg’able stand gets creamed
Host segment 2: M&tB try some square dancing
Host segment 3: Crow ruins Mystery Murder Dinner Theater
End: The bots think Mike is hunting them, Mike reads some letters, Dr. F.’s mom and Frank go out on the town
Stinger: Guy gets an arrow in the stomach
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (209 votes, average: 4.16 out of 5)


• The short gets us off to a great start. One of their funniest. But, for me, the movie has so many slow points that it’s hard to stay engaged, even though the riffing is pretty good. Robert Reed’s continual wryness begins to rankle after a while, too. The introduction of Pearl is auspicious, but we wouldn’t see her again for a long time.
• This episode appears in Rhino’s Vol. 1 collection.
• Several notables in this episode, include the first appearance of Mary Jo as Pearl and the redecoration of Deep 13.
• Gypsy says “bitch” supposedly accidentally. The bots want to say it too and Mike surprisingly is opposed to the idea.
• Crow apparently thought it was important to wear his nice dress slacks to therapy. I wonder what that means…
• In segment 1, Mike excuses himself to go “be” Kenny G — one of the first times Mike just sort of “becomes” somebody. This strange ability will help him in later episodes.
• The mayhem in segment 1 is an extension of the running gag begun in 604, which, as I explained, was lost on a lot of people when episode 604 was removed from the lineup for a while.
• I recall after this episode there was much chatter about the fact that they only made one Brady Bunch riff. Some wanted more, others were pleased with the riffers’ restraint.
• Later-to-be-disgraced, now-deceased TV chef Jeff Smith gets a reference and it won’t be the last.
• In segment 2, I like how they go from square dancing to slam dancing in two seconds. Note: Servo loses his head. Also note: The fiddle music is being supplied by the now-somewhat-famous Maria Bamford.
• Callbacks: “MANOS!” “He didn’t steal no bike neither” (Teenage Strangler)
• In the theater, as the bad guy goes on for a while, Mike gets sleepy and leans on Tom’s shoulder.
• Segment 3 is your basic one-joke segment. (see: “Waffles!”) I like the costumes, though.
• Then-current reference: Crow attempts to explain the surprise in the movie “The Crying Game” — then a popular topic of conversation.
• In one riff, they posit the idea of “Scooby Doo, the motion picture.” What a preposterous idea.
• Cast and crew roundup: Costumer Marge Corso also worked on “Earth Vs. The Spider,” “Teenage Caveman,” “Tormented” and “The She-Creature.” Assistant director Leonard Shapiro also worked on “Project Moon Base” and “The Amazing Transparent Man.” Props guy Richard Rubin also worked on “Attack of the Giant Leeches.” Sound mixer Philip Mitchell also worked on “Teenage Caveman” and “The Unearthly.” Score composer Mischa Terralso worked on “The Unearthly,” “King Dinosaur,” “The Violent Years” and “The Sinister Urge.” In front of the camera, June Kenney was also in “Earth vs. the Spider” and “Viking Women.” Walter Brooke was also in “Space Travelers” and “San Francisco International.” Gene Persson was also in “Earth Vs. the Spider.” Troy Patterson was also in “Earth Vs. the Spider.” Bobby Hall was also in “High School Big Shot.” Bill Coontz was a “High School Big Shot” and “The Girl in Lovers Lane.” Robert Reed also appeared in “SST Death Flight.”
• CreditsWatch: Host segments directed by Trace Beaulieu. Brad Keely drops off the lighting credit after this episode. Andrea DuCane is back doing hair and makeup for three episodes.
• Fave riff from the short: “All the commotion provokes a bull snake.” Honorable mention: “I remember ringing a bell…”
• Fave riff from the movie: “He shot the bear in mid-standing ovation.” Honorable mention: “No cookies! Not now, not ever, never!”

137 Replies to “Episode guide: 607- Bloodlust! (with short: ‘Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm’)”

  1. lpydmblb says:

    I can see both sides on this, but ultimately I do like this episode. The odd presence of Maria Bamford certainly helps, as does the apologetically dark short, but what makes it for me is the random crazy guy wandering around and chewing scenery. As far as irritating supporting characters go, he’s right up there with the Yosemite Sam wannabe from “The Final Sacrifice.”


  2. crow-I-Did-It-schmo says:

    This one was kind of dull. Had it’s moments. Crow’s confession, of course. But, eh.

    I didn’t like Pearl in the CC eps. I didn’t like her that much better in the Sci-Fi eps, either. She was just all wrong. (Nothing against Mary Jo).

    Nothing overly memorable about this one.

    “Favorite” (for lack of a better term) lines:

    From the short: (Both from Crow)

    “I’m Dairy Council Intolerant.”
    “Why, it’s a wonder cities even exist.”

    From the movie:

    (When the guy in the glasses – Pete? – sees an island, and he’s squinting like it’s in the distance, and then they show it and they’re practically right on top of it :roll: ): “Yeah, large land masses are easy to miss.” – Mike

    “There’s a two drunk minimum in this film.” – Servo

    “I threw up on your water buffalo, I hope that’s okay.” – Servo

    “There’s a-whole-nother room in there!” – Crow

    “We are NOT staying for dinner.” – Crow

    “Would you finish your sentences!” – Crow
    (Then he makes fun of them – “Well-you don’t think that…” “You’re not saying that…” “It’s not true that…) :mrgreen:

    And Mike’s – “They found the Tree of Interminable Dialogue.”

    Now that this little assignment is over, I think I’ll refrain from watching this one for a couple of years. :neutral:


  3. H says:

    I really enjoy this episode. Short’s just ridiculous. Movie’s good, I like that kind of stuff. Host segments are all around great, I especially love the opening and the murder mystery.


  4. MikeK says:

    I just checked my ACEG. Next week it’s Codename: Diamondhead! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  5. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    I guess I just don’t get host segment 3. I’m surprised that it’s so popular. A simple premise can be brilliant, but this one just does nothing for me. I much prefer the segment in Creeping Terror with Mike and his new sound system. The dinner party skit has a lot of setup just to wizz the whole thing down their leg…


  6. Mischu says:

    “So long, you corn-shuckin’ suckers!” LOL!

    I remember watching this short, and when Mike said that I just about fell out of my chair!

    Those of us from the midwest appreciated this short. It’s sort of like documentary of Iowa life in the mid-20th century.


  7. WouldntYouLikeToKnow says:

    Excellent episode

    “Frankly, I’m steamed…”


  8. fireballil says:

    I voted 3 stars because I agree with Sampo that the movie drags this episode down. A few more thoughts:

    In the short, after the credit of National Dairy Council and Affiliated Units, Mike asks if Velveeta is a member of the National Dairy Council and Tom says, ‘No, Velveeta’s a splinter group.’ I thought it would be funnier to say, ‘No, it’s an affilliated unit.’ Maybe that’s just me…

    The whole short with the undercurrent of repressed feelings and vigilante groups was so funny…much better than the movie.

    Put me in the camp that liked that there were not too many Brady Bunch riffs, though I do think there could have been a few more. I’ve always appreciated the restraint shown where the Brains could have really overkilled some bits, ala Get Smart riffs in The Rebel Set, or Leave it to Beaver riffs in The Human Duplicators(I haven’t seen the other Hugh Beaumont ep to judge that one).

    Sampo: Re: the Scooby-Doo movie: It is so hard to read sarcasm online. :wink:

    Another Christmas carol sneaks in: When the music in the short starts sounding like ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,’ Crow sings along.

    Fave movie riff: When the bear is seen the second time, Tom does a ‘Wacka wacka wacka!’ ala Fozzie Bear.

    Fave short riff: Tom mentioning the Posse Comitatas(sp?).


  9. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    fireballil #60. Right on, the velveeta riff could have been better, affiliated unit would be the right joke but other answers might have been ” well, half and half “, ” they were, but they seperated “, “No, but Nuveena is”, ” ( some joke about the Kurds )”. etc

    hmmm Maybe I should stick to being an actuary downtown.


  10. So many of you seem to be pretty ho-hum about the movie, but I think it’s quite good. Robert Reed is supposed to be in mortal danger and yet all he can do is get more and more wry about it? Pretty damn hilarious if you ask me. Plus the whole “judo instructor” obvious setup thing – quite funny to me.

    Second #52, I love the “tree of interminable dialogue” line and one I don’t think any of you mentioned, “fifty monologues for male actors.” I used to work in a bookstore and saw those books all the time, and I don’t think anyone ever actually bought one.

    “In college I was an Ursa Major.”


  11. BSBrian says:

    I love this episode– watching RR suck in his gut for 90 minutes cracks me up even w/o the riffs! and UJDF is full of good ones like “just throw out the winter clothes and floor it”!!


  12. Miqel says:

    This experiment isn’t one of my favorites, but it’s so-so. Ok riffing, somewhat boring movie – the villan comes across as a low-budget Vincent Price type character.
    However, I must agree with the other people who mentioned the Mystery Murder Dinner Theater host segment. Super funny!
    I’ve been to one of those (practically dragged there by a ‘friend’ despite my protests) and IT SUCKED! If only it had been more like the SOL version …


  13. Cornjob says:

    This episode is better than the impression it leaves afterwards I think.


  14. big61al says:

    I think this is a good episode. I love watching Mary jo whenever she is on screen. I don’t think she gets enough credit when it is clearly due. Love ya Baby!


  15. crowschmo says:

    PS – The villain seemed like he would have been pretty damn easy to kill, on more than one occasion. Many missed opportunities. :???:


  16. Yipe Striper says:


    i agree… this is one of my favorite episodes.

    the short and the movie… on my desert island list…


  17. The Bolem says:

    Say, about the “Crying Game” ending reference:
    Was the incredible twist ending really so noteworthy, or was it because of that fiasco where Gene Siskel revealed it when discussing TCG on TV, but asked anyone who hadn’t seen it to mute it, leading Ebert to start an epic feud with him over whether anyone in the audience would actually do that?

    I think “spoiler alert” and even “spoiler” itself, as a noun, really became a part of our lexicon shortly thereafter. I’m typing this half-asleep, so someone please correct me if you know better.

    And Servo did raise a good question at the end: Why crucify the villian? Maybe it was supposed to look like he was put on display with his trophies, but it did seem to carry more overtones of religious symbolism than poetic justice.


  18. The movie is so-so for me, but the short is one of the best, and the Murder Mystery Dinner is one of my favorite 2 or 3 host segments ever.


  19. DamonD says:

    I agree with Sampo, after a fun start (“Can do!”) Bloodlust gets very draggy.

    Crow is adorably idiotic in segment 3.
    “I did it!”


  20. Rotten As British Teeth says:

    I can’t believe how much negative response this episode is getting. I think its pretty good, between the great short and the well-done (by MST standards) yet somehow goofy William Castle-wannabe of a picture. The riffing is strong and lasts long enough to hold interest, the short is relentlessly funny as hell, and the host segments are simple but humorous. My best friend, a more casual fan of the show, didn’t care much for Mike until he saw “Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm” and the “Kenny G-vegable stand” host segment.

    I, too, would have liked to hear more Brady Bunch jokes. Watching this over again, I would swear Robert Reed’s shirt is a part of his skin, its so tight!

    Fav riff from short: as Betty is finishing her milk and goes to talk, you hear Crow say: “And that’s why I’m burning my bra!”

    Fav riffs from movie:

    – “It’s ‘Indiana Nerd and the Temple of Dork!'”
    – “He’s in a scene with Robert Reed and he’s the wheeny!”
    – When the four of them are hiding from Belleau in his trophy room, and Belleau is trying to draw them out, Crow says “He does this twice a day, and every now and then he finds someone!”
    – “Finally, Pete is the AV geek he’s always wanted to be.”

    Has anyone else noticed that the music used in this movie was also in “The Unearthly”?

    I never noticed Pearl’s moustache until now. I don’t think it’s all that distracting, to be honest.

    Besides June Kenny and Gene Persson, Troy Patterson (boat captain/drunk #1 Tony) was also from “Earth vs. The Spider”, as rock ‘n’roll’s first band conductor! :razz: I wondered if director Ralph Brooke saw Bert I Gordon’s movie and was just dying to reunite the cast! :roll: I’d like to include a better-late-than-never “hottie” vote for June Kenney; very gorgeous!


  21. ThorneSherman says:

    Love this episode, and the short is perfect. Servo’s riffing on Robert Reed’s sucking it in “Can we just end this scene please?” slays me. The mystery murder segement is hilarious….i was nearly sucked into one of those myself, thankfully got out of it.


  22. Saint Rude says:

    @ #57 and #60:

    Exactly. It’s so wildly skewed that the “teens” merely react with mild irritation when confronted with the prospect of being hunted down and murdered in a jungle populated with insane criminals. I always have to laugh just at how inappropriate the whole thing is; it never fails to amuse me.


  23. I'm evil says:

    I like this one quite a bit (although i think season 6 is pretty infallible to begin with).

    The riffing is solid through this one, but it’s the bizarrely uninterested young teens that really amuse me. And as Crowschmo pointed out, they had plenty of opportunities to take control. After they learn that they were held prisoner by a gun with no bullets they stand around acting offended rather than trying to beat the old man who doesn’t even have the bulletless weapon in his hand.

    I take umbrage to the comparison of the murder mystery host segment to the “waffles” host segment. I think Crow blowing it for everybody is hysterical, and true to form for the character. “Waffles” is, IMO, about the worst bit they ever did.

    Slightly naughty riff: “Member”


  24. erasmus hall says:

    Remember not liking this episode when I first purchased Rhino volume-later went back to give it a second look and the disc was gone-
    Thought it was no big loss until I read these
    comments-also would like to compare Kenney’s work here and in Spider episode!


  25. Oxbowisamstie says:

    I loved the chemistry between Frank, Trace and Mary Jo. Not my favorite Pearl moment (i loved her short stint as “Arnie’s Wife” in 517 Beginning Of The End) but she really nailed this role the first time.
    The movie, amazingly bad but amazingly funny as well.
    The short, one of the best. :cool:
    Oh and I want that “Crow of Diamonds” prop!


  26. John Seavey says:

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the pitch-perfect readings of the “spontaneous” speeches everyone delivers. Mike, in particular, absolutely nails it with the disinterested read and the pauses at the end of every line, whether appropriate or not. And then, of course, Gypsy’s uncharacteristic utter meltdown is the perfect punchline.

    After that, everything else is an anti-climax to me. :)


  27. Oxbowisamstie says:

    nvm, i was getting episodes mixed up :oops:
    (still want it :grin:)


  28. John says:

    I agree that Dr.F, Tv’s Frank, and Mary Jo are great in the homecoming segment. Mrs. Forester’s impatience with her son is one of my favorite Mary Jo moments.


  29. bobhoncho says:

    #37, actually, when Bellow puts down the bottle and it fades to the GORGEOUS Sandra picking that bottle up, the riff was “Later, that same drink…”, but then the riff that got most of my classmates laughing when my high school short story teacher let me bring this ep right after we finished reading “The Most Dangerous Game,” came right after that. Mike sees that it’s Sandra, and he says, “Wow! That stuff really works!” By the way, I just couldn’t get enough of Sandra. Why did she have to die so early in the film?! (Sniff!) To whoever played her, great job, baby! If you can look that good in a one-piece swimsuit, you really have got something going for ya. And your accent in this film added the perfect touch to the rest of your charm.


  30. Darthdemona says:

    You know, I was watching this episode a few months back and I realized that, while this is not a good movie by any means, the character of Betty is actually a positive portrayal strong female character. I mean, she can think independently and protect herself, she takes initiative, and she doesn’t faint at the first sign of trouble. So I say, let’s give the filmmakers credit where it’s due.


  31. Eric says:

    Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm is one of the all-time great shorts. I love the subtext of misery and despair M&tB weave into this seemingly wholesome and innocent story.

    I think the episode itself is great. Not a 10/10 by any stretch of the imagination, but eminently rewatchable. The villain is great at hamming it up. My favorite riffs are the ones pointing out how nonchalant Mike Brady is in the face of this life-or-death situation. “Frankly, I’m steamed.”

    Also, I have a thing for cute fifties-era girls and the squeaky-voiced, dark-haired Joan Lora (name swiped from IMDB) is definitely one of those.


  32. One of my favorite little moments in all of the material MST ever did appears in this short. When touring the dairy barn, one of the city kids remarks, “My, it’s clean in here.” Like that would be the first thing an eight-year-old would notice.


  33. robot rump! says:

    love this ep!
    the short for me makes the whole thing work. tom and mike as the disgruntled cows kills me every time. while none of my uncle’s owned a farm my grand father did have a beef cattle farm. and no, he was not an edgy man by most standards. however, looking back, i’m real sure my sister and i did provoke him more than once. as far as the movie, it is nice to see the hapless couple from ‘Earth v. soup..err i mean Spider’ playing..basically..the same role. anyway! I have to agree that Papa Brady does grate on the nerves real quick in this one. and speaking for myself, i have to give the ‘Hoedown Mayhem’ segment a ‘huh?’ not as much as Servo’s Babs impersonation in ‘the Violent Years,’ it just seems out of place. just me i know.


  34. Dan in WI says:

    While we here a clock ticking during the therapy opening, the hands on the clock on the desk never move.

    Seeing Crow with his brown sensible slacks during the therapy makes me think Mike has seen so much more of those pants since than guy who actually gave Crow those pants. To tie this back into the therapy scene I think this shows some sort of abandonment issue.

    Favorite Riffs:
    Tom “Tonight on ESPN2: hayloft rope swinging.” [Definitely a dated riff. Back at that time the stuff on the “deuce” was pretty lame.]

    During a kissing scene Tom “your lips taste like crisp delicious bacon.” [How did this line get assigned to Tom?!?!?]

    Betty “Even this window is locked.” Crow: “even this spittoon is locked.”

    Tom as weakling Pete “I wish they’d invent computers so I’d have somewhere to belong.”

    Jeane “Be careful.” Mike “I want you alive when I break up with you.”

    The hunter is impaled: Mike “The Johnson coat rack company issued a recall today.”


  35. I’ve said it before and will say it again. The square dancing scene is my single favorite Trace moment of the entire show. His delivery and sudden switch into hysteria had me in tears. It was brilliance. Pure T. brilliance.


  36. Tom Carberry says:

    For viewers my age it is hard to watch Bloodlust and not think of Robert Reed as Mike Brady. For good or bad, the BBI writing staff didn’t overwhelm us with Brady Bunch references, but enough. John Robert Reitz was born on October 19, 1932 in Highland Park, Illinois and died on May 12, 1992 in Pasadena, California (of intestinal cancer and complications of AIDS). The 6’3” actor’s professional name was chosen for him, and he is quoted as saying “I can’t stand the name ‘Reed’. It always reminds me of vanilla or tapioca pudding”. In one of his last interviews, he revealed that he actually detested The Brady Bunch, and that his role as Mike Brady embarrassed him. Well, what can I say, but, hey John Robert Reitz, take a number and get in line.
    Favorite lines (Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm):

    Is Velveeta a member of the National Dairy Council? No, Velveeta is a splinter group.
    Yes, the Farm of Secrets and Lies
    The kids feign interest so as not to rile Uncle Jim.
    See, we dump this stuff in the creek and the government pays us for it.
    All the commotion provokes a bull snake.
    “Betty helped Jane take care of the baby lambs”. And prepare a mint sauce.
    [Pigs at the trough] Ah, the lunch counter at Tom and Rosie’s diner.
    [family at the dinner table] Ah yes, now is the time for Uncle Jim’s fundamentalist dogma…repressed emotions help the evening pass without incident.
    Good white hearty white bread for white, white people.

    Favorite lines (Bloodlust!):

    The cruise of wine and roses.
    Eva Braun’s Bed and Breakfast.
    He shot the bear in mid-standing ovation.
    “You ever shoot a man?” I slapped Ann B. Davis once.
    Bob Packwood [former Senator from Oregon] goes a courtin’.
    It amuses me that someone is chewing the scenery.
    The Johnson Coatrack Company issued a recall today.

    Final Thought: This is another episode where the short seems to outshine the main feature. I give this one 4 out of 5 stars.


  37. Sitting Duck says:

    I must respectfully disagree with you Sampo. I thought that the host segments were rather meh, though I’ll concede that the Mystery Murder Dinner Theater costumes were neat.

    fireballil #58: Put me in the camp that liked that there were not too many Brady Bunch riffs, though I do think there could have been a few more. I’ve always appreciated the restraint shown where the Brains could have really overkilled some bits, ala Get Smart riffs in The Rebel Set, or Leave it to Beaver riffs in The Human Duplicators (I haven’t seen the other Hugh Beaumont ep to judge that one).

    Or Robot Monster and the Billion Bubble Machine having only one Lawrence Welk riff.

    For that matter, in spite of a character in this film named Dean, there were no Martin and Lewis-based riffs.

    Regarding previous comments on how Balleau come comes across as a bargain basement Vincent Price knock-off, I was watching it yesterday when my dad walked in the room and asked if it was indeed Vincent Price.

    Favorite riffs:

    “But he’s more than a pet. He also protects the family.”
    From rival farm gangs.

    Well he’s dead. Why didn’t he just say so?

    On his resume, Robert Reed listed this as The Tempest.

    Welcome to Death Island.

    “There’s nothing to be scared about. I mean, I’ll be with you.”
    My point exactly.

    This would be really suspensful but for the fact that it isn’t.


  38. Of no account says:

    Just goes to show you how easily a square dance can turn into a mosh pit.


  39. schippers says:

    While I haven’t read it in many years, I recall “The Most Dangerous Game” being a tight, taut little story. THIS movie, on the other hand, is a textbook argument against the Hollywood dictum that stories make better material for movies than novels. The film has too many characters, too much talk, too much blah, that it never fails to completely lose my attention. I am that kind of MSTie that if I can’t get engaged in the movie, then the episode means nothing to me, and as such this is one season 6 ep that I have no fondness or respect for.


  40. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    #65: Well, most people who’ve never killed anyone before would probably find it difficult to get themselves to do it (even in self-defense). That was basically Tony’s argument for getting Robert Reed to give him the gun; pulling a trigger on a human being isn’t something most people find easy.

    So, what was the story with the woman in the tank in the boiled head room? They’re not going to have male and female prisoners at the SAME penal colony. Oh well.


  41. Jeyl says:

    Favorite Riff.

    Dr. Albert Balleau: May I present my wife.
    Everyone: SURE!


  42. sol-survivor says:

    I don’t watch this one a lot, but I don’t hate it. Love the short, possibly because I live in Wisconsin. I used to live practically next door to a dairy farm and used to work right across the road from a different one, and occasionally a cow would get loose and wander around, sometimes right through my front yard. We could hear plenty of mooing around the clock. The short didn’t cover those lovely smells that emanate from the barns, either, especially when the barns were being cleaned. I once lent my tape to a co-worker, and she said she and her husband got a real kick out of the “We’ll send you that arm if we find it!” line.

    I think if Robert Reed’s shirt was any tighter his bellybutton would be behind him. :-D

    Do you think they ever had that clambake once the bad guy was impaled?


  43. Cheapskate Crow says:

    Loved the opening therapy segment but didn’t care for any of the other host segments really, although hearing Crow launch into the Sex Pistols was funny but took too long to get there. The therapy opening of:

    Tom: “Did you see Cliffhanger?”
    Crow: “No”
    Tom: “Tell me about that.”
    Crow (confused): “I didn’t see Cliffhanger”

    had me LMAO, as the kids say. It reminded me of Eliza (one of the earliest interactive computer programs), that was supposed to be a psychologist but would just say things like “Tell me about that” or “How did make you feel?”

    I am surprised so many people like the murder mystery sketch, to me it’s an example of a season 6 long problem of phoned in lazy host segments.

    Despite my negative comments above, this episode was better than I remembered, the riffing through the short and film was good and the film was made competently enough that it wasn’t a chore to get through. It was ridiculous how many times the “teens” could have overpowered the villain and didn’t, plus the crucifying made no sense at all and seemed to me like the film makers wanted to make their movie appear deeper than it was.

    Favorite lines:
    “Despair was the bumper crop.”
    “On his resume, Robert Reed listed this as The Tempest.”

    Dated riffs:
    “Bob Packwood goes a courtin” – I remember about this time Senator Bob Packwood lost his job due to some sort of sexual harrasment charges.
    And there was a Menendez brothers reference.


  44. Mitchell "Rowsdower" Beardsley says:

    I’d put this in the top half of Season 6 eps, I guess, in that I watch it every once in a while. Always good to have a famous tv actor in a MST movie. It just makes it more fun, like Roscoe P. Coltrane in Killer Shrews.

    and June Kenney is cute as a button and has a nice caboose. The rest is kinda blah, but still makes it into the rotation.



  45. Tim S. Turner says:

    “When I went to college, I was an Ursa Major! Thank you!”


  46. snowdog says:

    Another favorite of mine from the early Mike years. It has a strong enough short to support two host segments. The movie only gets half of the end segment where the ‘bots were scared that Mike planned to hunt them down. I do think we could have done with a couple more Brady jokes. I’m not real sure about the Brains’ reasoning on that. It’s not like they haven’t been known to run a joke into the ground.

    The guys really seem to have it in for farm life, as if living in cities doesn’t have its downside. But a fun ep.

    4 Stars


  47. Blast Hardcheese says:

    I’m probably in the minority here, but the more I see this episode the less I like the short and the more I like the movie. I don’t know why, but a lot of the riffs in the short seem to repeat the same theme over and over, and the world the short itself depicts isn’t nearly as awful as the hygiene ones, or “Date With Your Parents” (which never gets tired for me). The movie, on the other hand, is drab, musty, and joyless–but for that reason the riffs seem to get stronger with repeated viewings. I love how they assign names to the otherwise faceless guards (“Whistling Pete,” and the like), and, basically, how M&TB simply roll with what is an utterly ridiculous setup for a movie–I know it’s another retread of “The Most Dangerous Game,” but c’mon–even the “Gilligan’s Island” version of that same plot was handled better than it is in “Bloodlust.” And yes, the restraint on the Brady Bunch refs is definitely a big point in the Brains’ favour. Sure, it’s not the goofy badness of “The Creeping Terror” or the nightmare world of Coleman Francis, but on its own terms I’d say this is a pretty strong Season 6-er–one I’ve definitely changed my mind about.


  48. Trilaan says:

    When I first saw this episode I had one of the biggest laughs of the entire series in response to the square dancing number. If only things could remain as funny as the very first time.


  49. Alex says:

    Though some of the riffing could have been better, this is a pretty funny episode and one of my favorite Mike episodes. The short is the best especially and it’s funny how they continued Servo’s car gag from Zombie Nightmare.


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