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Long Weekend Discussion Thread: Unintentionally Funny Line Readings in MSTed Movies

Alert regular Smoothie of Great Power wonders about…

…movie lines that are meant to be serious but end up sounding unintentionally funny due to the poor delivery.
I recently re-watched “The Horror of Party Beach” and got a good laugh (as did Mike and the bots) at how Hank tried to reassure Elaine near the end about her father’s condition, but the delivery made it sound more like he was bored rather than concerned.
“I just saw your father and he’s been burned badly, but he’ll be fine.” There are several other examples. What are some of the group’s favorites?

One word: TORCHA!


123 Replies to “Long Weekend Discussion Thread: Unintentionally Funny Line Readings in MSTed Movies”

  1. Satoris says:

    Jay: I can’t either (see #12).

    Sorry Jay, stupid phone only loaded 50 replies. Didn’t see yours.


  2. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    judo range

    rock ‘n’ roll martian!


    feelthy peeg!

    every line uttered by the Paper Chase guy, Max Keller, Arch Hall Jr., Mike Pipper, Crenshaw…

    Mila: “But shouldn’t a man’s (pause) destiny coincide with the desires of his heart?”

    Capt Joe: “You’re stuck here!”

    You gonna be the worm face!


  3. Jack Perkins says:

    “Filthy Worrrmmm”


  4. snowdog says:

    Hobgoblins: “I go ALL THE WAY on the FIRST DATE!”.

    I don’t guess it was meant to be all that serious, but the delivery was so bad and over the top, I think it was funny for the wrong reason.


  5. JimCarp says:

    “Thank you!”
    — Maid in Radar Secret Service


  6. EricJ says:

    Mike Flugennock:
    All of Mickey’s dialogue in Screaming; Skull, if only because he sounds like Snagglepuss.

    Although the Snag might take offense at the comparison:


  7. “Whatsa matter don’tcha like it???”

    Rondo Hatton at his finest


  8. Ray Dunakin says:

    Cupcake’s cheesy fake southern accent made all her lines pretty ridiculous in “Riding With Death”.


  9. Jay says:

    Satoris: Sorry Jay, stupid phone only loaded 50replies. Didn’t see yours.

    Not a biggie. I just couldn’t resist the juvenile urge to have fun with the “I can’t imagine” part. Ha! Open a can of Planters and tell Mr. Peanut to put it on my tab. — Jay


  10. "70's run on car says:

    102 I agree except “You gonna be da worm face” I like that read.


  11. Gary Bowden says:

    When Elaine from Horror of Party Beach says,”They are the living dead”(believe that’s the correct line) And Crow says,”the living dubbed”


  12. Erich says:

    It’s gotta be Kathy from Track of the Moon Beast… “Moon rock? Oh wow!”


  13. littleaimishboy says:

    And how about –

    Paul’s complete and total lack of any reaction whatsoever during the epic Scary Mask scene at the beginning of Moon Beast.

    (Think of it as a wordless line reading.)


  14. Ryan says:

    “Potatoes are what we eat!”


  15. Gary Bowden says:


    Beat you to it…(#66) :-P :-P :-)


  16. Cornjob says:

    Help Me.


  17. staytogethercheeks says:

    Blake’s transmission to Kalgan “…I’m sorry the information is so scanty, but I’ll send up more as I get it”


  18. Oh, and btw, Sampo — that’s TAWRT’CHAAH!

    C’mon, man, get it right. (;^>


  19. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    Pretty much the entirety of MR. B NATURAL

    “Knew your father, I did!”
    “I’ve been visiting with an 8-year-old friend of mine!”
    “Not me, Jeanne… BA-YAAAAAAND PRACTICE!!!”
    “He said my face was practically made for a trumpet!”

    etc etc etc


  20. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    Ray Dunakin:
    Cupcake’s cheesy fake southern accent made all her lines pretty ridiculous in “Riding With Death”.

    “Now don’tchu go gettin’ the wrong idear about yer little ol’ Cupcake!” is one of my favorite lines

    and never forget “I’m trying to work on these patent papers and don’t want to be disturbed!” classic


  21. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    “Get out of here! You disGUSting WUUUUUURM!!”

    “You’re acting like a BITCH in HEAT… and NAAAAWWWWWT like a QUEEN!!!”


  22. Bat Masterson says:

    I have to agree with the completely bored reading of “This is absolutely fascinating.” I laugh every time I hear that line. I also like Yuri’s line a few minutes earlier, “Not to MENtion the person responsible for it’s discovery WOULD BE FAMOUS” while slipping into the Frito Bandito accent. The narrator’s line in The Beast of Yucca Flats, “Nothing bothers some people, not even flying saucers” also gives me a chuckle as does the narrator’s comments about Martin and Barney’s relationship in The Creeping Terror, and “Subject Homo-cidal” from It Lives By Night.


  23. divisible by zero says:



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