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Weekend Discussion Thread: Darwin Awards–MST3K Edition

Another example of a WDT coming out of this week’s episode guide entry:

“Kansas” said:

?While Marvin wasn’t too bright, the dumbest character in the movie was the crook who thought he could take on a gunman (with two guys backing him up) with a blackjack. Give that man a Darwin Award.??

To which “Sitting Duck” replied:

?That would make a good Weekend Discussion. The Darwin Awards: MST3K Edition.?

Good idea!! I’d pick the various people who hurl themselves against Tor in “Bride of the Monster.” Don’t make me laugh.

What’s your pick?

61 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Darwin Awards–MST3K Edition”

  1. Jay says:

    Steve K:
    Billy from LaserBlast.
    … he does in fact die, which is a prerequisite for winning the Darwin Award.

    An excellent point. I immediately nominate every second banana in MSTdom who was ever told “You go in there and hold off (fill in the blank)” by the lead character and then did.


  2. Sitting Duck says:

    Just got back from a con, hence why I didn’t reply earlier. Concerning the hold up victim in WWWoB, what makes it even more sad is that there isn’t even the excuse of a girlfriend being present for him to impress.


  3. GodzillavsMegalon says:

    Everyone in “Boggy Creek II: The Legend Continues”.

    At what point don’t these fools think that being in the woods with an 8-foot 400 pound ape isn’t a good idea?

    And that’s just Crenshaw! Think of the Creature!


  4. goalieboy82 says:

    the person who thought, there was no monster was a good idea.


  5. Bat Masterson says:

    I don’t know if this is classified as stupidity or laziness but those icons in Manos who heard Mike shooting at the Master but abandoned the search because the shore could be over in Mexico. I mean I have a lot of respect for LEOs, but these dudes are just pathetic.

    Another choice would be Dr. Logan from Monster-A-Go-Go who keeps the monster(which may not exist) in a storeroom, and worse doesn’t inform anybody about it. What the heck was gong on in this dude’s brain? Good Grief! Also Dr. Brent who almost instantly forgives the lummox, Logan should’ve at least been fired.


  6. Torque the Dorque says:

    “the person who thought, there was no monster was a good idea.”

    “but there was no person…”

    (stop it)


  7. JeremyR says:

    Tempted to go with the classic Forrest Tucker “call in an airstrike on the building I am occupying,” from #101.

    Yeah,but he specifically called in an airstrike not using bombs, but napalm, essentially. Since fire generally doesn’t burn down stone buildings. Sort of the whole premise of fireplaces


  8. LA Dan says:

    I admit it’s kind of an easy route to take, but I’m going to say the entire population of the Battlest… oops!… sorry… the Southern Sun.
    Apparently most of them just stand around staring aimlessly into space unless someone yells at them in a high, scratchy voice to “MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!”. Or they get randomly thrown over a railing.
    The obvious exception here is “FlighT LieuTenanT LamonT”. (No, the T on my keyboard is not stuck. I was trying to recreate the way the actress in the film pronounced it. It’s always bugged me.)
    She pops out for a quick drink at the Presenting Mandrill Bar & Grill, gets blasted in the guts by Kalgan (“take me away!”) & is back at her post within minutes, no questions asked.
    If dying & coming back isn’t in total defiance of Darwin, I don’t know what is.


  9. Torgo the White says:

    Mike, the husband from Manos. Torgo warns him that The Master wouldn’t like them staying there, his wife doesn’t want to stay there, but he insists. So his whole family ends up being enslaved. Margaret, the wife, deserves a honorable mention for not being able to walk for more than 10 minutes before crying and asking them to go back.

    Suzy in The Skydivers. She’s rich and has no reason to do it other than stupid reasons, with Harry turning her down, so she damages Harry’s chute with acid in broad daylight with witnesses everywhere.


  10. Kenneth Morgan says:

    Okay, crew of Ironman One. You’re in space, just about the most hostile environment there is. You’re tired and overworked. You’re about to leave orbit and plunge back down to Earth like a meteorite. There are a hundred different ways this could go wrong, and the odds are NASA would be able to do little to help you.

    Of course it makes sense not to check your supplies. It’s perfectly reasonable not to top off everything just in case. Why should you waste time making sure your engines and thrusters work properly? I mean, what could possibly foul things up? Right?


  11. Joseph Klemm says:

    Tandra from Samson vs. the Vampire Women definitely needs a mention.

    She and her henchmen are supposed to complete a time-sensitive ritual of making Diane the new Queen of the Vampire Women. However, near the end of film, she finds that to be a lower priority in favor of finding out the true identity of El Santo.


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