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Could the MST3K Logo Fit on the Moon?

Nerdist answers this burning question. Because Science…

15 comments to Could the MST3K Logo Fit on the Moon?

  • 1
    DarkGrandmaofDeath says:

    That was great! But my first thought was, “Well, it would take a scientist to explain it.”



  • 2
    Jay says:

    Either the image was reversed or the presenter is left handed and skillfully wrote all of the lettering in a backwards-to-him format. Now that is an impressive skill seldom seen outside the military!



  • 3
    John Hanna says:



  • 4
    Danzilla "Cornjob" McLargehuge, Student of Kaijuology says:


    We’ve just been blinded by it.

    This was awesome.



  • 5
    fatbarkeep says:

    I smell the next MST kickstarter!



  • 6
    Gary Bowden says:

    Logo on the did it get there??



  • 7
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Awesome! However, what sort of push would it take to spin the moon so that the logo would appear on it at the same interval as it does in the credits, and how fast would the logo be travelling through space?




  • 8
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Actually, I’ll just answer my own question.

    Circumference of the moon: 6786 miles
    Time for logo to make that distance: 16 seconds*
    *4 seconds for a quarter turn based on the opening credits.

    So, 6786mi / 16sec = 424.125mi/sec = 1,526,850 mi/hr

    The logo would have to travel the distance across Kansas (east to west) every second.




  • 9
    radioman970 says:

    I have magnetic letters/numbers on my fridge that spell out stuff. So I’m picturing this huge cannon that shoots giant magnetic letters… and then….. well, we’d need to shoot the giant fridge up there first! and then…



  • 10
    twiggins says:

    My head hurts.Frown



  • 11
    Trumpy's Dad says:

    Not to pull back the Wizard’s curtain, but he is right handed and wrote forward. Then they reverse the replay so the writing can be read normally.
    While the solutions seem like it would be impossible to implement in reality, it does give us a new goal to strive for.



  • 12
    Jay says:

    Awesome! However, what sort of push would it take to spin the moon so that the logo would appear on it at the same interval as it does in the credits, and how fast would the logo be travelling through space?


    Rather than imparting all that angular momentum to the Moon and thus disrupting the synchronous Earth-Moon revolutionary relationship why not have Tool Master Jeff Maynard build a gigantic led screen system to electronically imitate the rotational motion of the logo? A circumlunar solar panel setup could provide the power. How about it, Jeff?



  • 13
    Jeff McM says:

    This guy has some of the worst hair on the internet.



  • 14
    Jay says:

    Jeff McM:
    This guy has some of the worst hair on the Internet.

    My wife instantly declared her envy of his hair saying it just wasn’t fair “when men have hair like that”. I personally am no judge of male hair quality as evidenced by me being frequently mistaken for a dumpster diver.



  • 15
    Feyd Rautha says:

    Loved it until he left the “g” out of “recognize” at the end. My little pet peeve



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